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While Diamond, Pearl and Lady Berlitz have officially embarked on their journey towards the far-off Mt. Coronet despite their mutual misunderstanding in between, the Lady's real bodyguards are left deeply troubled in their current situation. After a night of futile waiting at the Sandgem Park, it is clear that something has gone wrong.

The man with a green scarf, named Phool, remarks that they are highly trained professionals in their field, and his partner Ignor, who wears a red scarf, agrees that there is no coincidence that the prestigious Berlitz family has turned to them for bodyguard work. However, their most pressing problem at the moment is that, they have yet to meet up with their mission's core client, Lady Berlitz.

The two men speed around in their bicycles frantically, and wonder what could have happened. Phool believes that certain conditions they have failed to anticipate must have cut in somewhere along the way, and Ignor states that it is their responsibility to find out what it is. Ditching their bicycles, the two bodyguards declare that they shall take the active role in fulfilling their mission, and the first step is to seek out their client, Lady Berlitz.

Meanwhile, Dia, Pearl and the Lady have rested fully at Hotel Jubilife, and are ready to set out once again. With Piplup, Chimlord and Roo leading the way as usual, Pearl places himself between the three little Pokemon and Lady Berlitz's Ponyta, and walks right next to Dia, who is busy eating fishballs with Beh.

Lady Berlitz sits comfortably on Ponyta as the fire pony steadily gallops forward, and begins to recall the Bidoof's attack back at the hotel. Stealing a glance at the two boys walking in front of her, she admits that she has been biased about their age at first, but having seen their wit and skills herself, she is now fully convinced that they are competent professional bodyguards.

Suddenly, the ominous shadow which spied on the trio last night emerges on top of a nearby tree, and without warning charges down towards the group, revealing itself to be a Luxio. Everyone bolts in astonishment, and Chimlord quickly throws itself back into Pearl's arms. Pearl fights to regain his composure, and demands to know what the Luxio wants, while Dia glares at the wild Pokemon, and warns it not to go near his fishballs. Yet, to everyone's surprise, the Luxio simply holds its gaze on the group for another moment, then turns around and disappears into the bushes.

Pearl breathes out a sigh of relief, and Dia wonders if it hates fishball after all. Lady Berlitz remembers what Sebastian said about danger being everywhere once she steps out of the mansion, and for the first time starts to appreciate his nagging, realizing that the old butler is actually not exaggerating things at all.

As the trio move along, Dia keeps turning around to ask Lady Berlitz random questions, addressing her as 'the Lady' each time. Pearl slowly becomes more and more irritated as he repeatedly hears the term, and finally explodes in a fury, demanding to know why Dia calls the girl that way. Dia shrugs that he learnt it from Chatlord, and starts imitating the way Chatlord flaps its wings and chatters the words 'the Lady' and 'protect'.

Pearl agrees that his Chatot must have picked up those phrases somehow at the girl's room last night, but clearly, Dia is making it out of context. He asks what Dia thinks of the word 'the Lady', and as expected, Dia cheerfully replies that it is the girl's full name. Pearl grins that 'the' certainly sounds like a possible first name while 'Lady' is a wonderful last name, then gets into another frantic rage again as he calls Dia an idiot and hurls him off his feet.

Pearl turns around and clutches his fists, certain that as long as they stay together, he shall one day unveil the girl's secret. Dia wonders what he plans to do with the information then, and Pearl evilly smirks that he shall sell it back to TV Jubilife for a special coverage.

Pearl: Right then! At the meantime, let's practice Manzai as we walk!
Dia: What~!! (startled)
Pearl: Come on, let me butt-in! Act dopey now! (towers over Dia)
Dia: Whaaa~~~~~!! (jumps back)
Pearl: Here, dump your food! (throws away Dia's fishballs)
Dia: Whaa~~~~~!! (tries to save his food)

Back at the Science Lab in Sandgem Town, Sir Berlitz welcomes Prof. Rowan back, and the professor is grateful that they can resume their research again now that they have moved away from the terrible uproar surrounding TV Jubilife's unnerving event. Rowan wonders if their processed data on the project 'External appearance differences between male and female Pokemon', which they shall present at the academic conference tomorrow, is ready, and Sir Berlitz quickly hands him the file, adding that it also contains their research information on 'External appearance differences caused by the Sinnoh region's western and eastern geography'.

Rowan compliments on Sir Berlitz's efficiency, and says there is still one more important topic which he plans to discuss. Pulling out another thick pile of research notes from his file-case, the professor puts on a contemplative look as he stares at the title, which writes '90% of Pokemon are evolutionary related'.

Meanwhile, Dia and Pearl are still practicing their Manzai verses.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemooon!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon~
Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon, don't they have different types~?
Dia: They have different types~
Pearl: Fire type, water type, grass type...
Dia: Electric type...V Pearl: Rock type, poison type, ground type...
Dia: Eating type, full-up eating type...
Pearl: (smacks Dia on the face) You're talking about food again!!

Pearl: Each type is strong against some and weak against some, making attacks more effective or less. Can you tell me more about this?
Dia: Um... type... type... (sulks)
Pearl: Hey look! Just think of food as an analogy again if you must! But don't cry even if you cannot answer! Got it?
Dia: Uh huh. That's very well saaad.
Pearl: Now that's a good... hey! You're twisting the words again, stupid! (smacks Dia on the face)

Pearl puts on a frown as he folds his arms, and feels that their second verse is sounding a bit awkward. Lady Berlitz wears a look of curiosity as she watches the boys exchange quick words and punches, and believes that it must be a special kind of training between bodyguards. However, seeing Dia's swollen cheek, she decides to stop the two, and ask whether such kind of smack training hurts at all.

It takes Pearl a minute to realize that Lady Berlitz is referring to the butting-in act of their Manzai practice, and laughs that it actually barely hurts even though the slaps sound really loud, while Dia sweatdrops from behind and wonders if he should have been the more appropriate one to answer the question. Pearl goes on to explain that the slapping sound creates a rhythm, and by repeating smacks of the same force, it intensifies the rhythm and conveys a positive emotion on the partner, in the form of a cheer or an encouragement. That is the reason why when one butts-in, he must do it from the heart.

In that instant, Chimlord breaks into a giggle, and Pearl's face darkens with anger. He hollers that he is being serious and there is nothing funny about it, but soon discovers that the little monkey is laughing because it got tickled by the long grasses that are hanging out from the bushes behind it.

However, on a closer look, Pearl notices something else within the bushes. Before he can react, it charges out to reveal itself to be the same Luxio that ambushed them in front of Hotel Jubilife earlier. Pearl pulls out his Pokedex to check on the wild Pokemon's information, but it swiftly hops towards Lady Berlitz, and yanks her off Ponyta by her scarf, dragging her into the bushes along with Piplup.

Dia, Pearl and their Pokemon bolt with horror at the sudden turn of events, and hurriedly give chase. Moving past the bushes, they soon find themselves at a rock ground where the Luxio towers over Lady Berlitz and Piplup, while a whole herd of other Shinxes and Luxios gather in a circle from a distance.

Dia wonders if Luxio captured the Lady as a prey for its companions, but Pearl believes that it isn't the case. He points out that Luxio is the only Pokemon that shows aggressiveness, and the others almost seem as if they are just spectators at the scene. If his guess is correct, Luxio is trying to show its strength in front of the herd by challenging them. Dia gets upset that the Lady is being held hostage for such a reason, and charges forward with Beh and Roo.

However, the three of them are barely moving beyond the pace of normal walking, and Luxio effortlessly swipes them off their feet with a single kick. Pearl sweatdrops at his fallen companion, and believes that certain battling techniques are clearly not suitable for slow movers. Luxio lets out a roar as it turns around to look at its companions, and Pearl realizes that it is telling them to acknowledge its ability to knock out its foes in one hit. However, the herd appears to be less than impressed, and Dia is baffled as to why Luxio is treated just like an outcast.

Just then, Luxio shifts its target to Pearl, and delivers another swipe. Pearl quickly jumps out of the way, and orders Chatlord and Chimlord to take on a defensive strategy. He believes that there must be some way to get Luxio back into the herd, and is determined to help it out. Dia grins and says he feels the same way, but wonders what they should do. Pearl fishes out his Pokedex to search for hints from the device, while Chatlord and Chimlord struggle to hold down Luxio, eventually causing the spark Pokemon to strain its front paws and expose its broken claws within. The revelation of the injured claws causes Pearl to jump in realization, and he finally understands where the problem lies.

According to the Pokedex, Luxios rest their forelegs on others to communicate with rhythmic electric pulses from their claws, very much like how butting-in with slaps in Manzai creates a rhythm to convey positive emotions. Since Luxio's claws are broken, it lacks the means to communicate with its companions, and has thus been considered an outcast.

Knowing the root of the problem, Pearl yells for everyone to stop, and Luxio becomes dizzy momentarily from the boy's deafening roar. Pearl places his hands on Luxio's shoulders to address it by its full name, his act of being serious, and remarks that it is still possible to convey messages with broken claws, as long as it is done from the heart. The boy walks up to the herd together with Luxio, and explains that Luxio felt like an outcast to them simply because its claws have been injured and its touch might have been different from before. However, he will show them that it is still the same Luxio they know, and it is time that they stop mistaking it for an outcast.

With that, Pearl holds Luxio's front paw, and smacks it on a Shinx just like he would butt-in on Dia. A surge of electric impulse instantly courses through Shinx's body, and proceeds to spread to the entire herd. Looks of recognition soon appear one by one on their faces, and the herd starts sending electric responses back to Luxio, finally accepting it as one of them again. Luxio breaks into tears of joy as it rejoins its companions, and rushes over to cuddle with them.

As the wild herd begins to leave the scene, Luxio turns around and gives a nod of gratitude to Pearl before dashing off with the group. Dia is grateful that Luxio eventually managed to convey its message, and Pearl grins that it's because it has learnt to butt-in from the heart. At that moment, Pearl hears a swooshing sound from behind, and spins around to see Lady Berlitz facing her back to him, and thrashing her hand as if to imitate the act of butting-in. Next to her, Piplup has black lines running down its face as it watches in disbelief. As if knowing that Pearl is watching, the Lady suddenly halts her movement, and acts as if nothing ever happened.

Pearl: (sweatdrops) You practiced butt-in just now, didn't you?
Lady Berlitz: (nonchalant expression) I did not.
Pearl: You definitely did!!
Lady Berlitz: I definitely did not. I insist.

Climbing onto Ponyta, Lady Berlitz states that it is time to get going again, and Pearl knows better than to argue further. The Lady pulls Piplup onto her lap, and secretly voices to Sebastian that the outside world is truly interesting. For each step she takes, she has managed to learn something new, something that she never knew of before.

Having taken a shortcut through the grass patches, the group soon makes it to the end of Route 203, and Dia states that they have finally arrived at the entrance of the next city, the Oreburgh Gate which leads to the Oreburgh City.

At the meantime, Lady Berlitz's real bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, have made it to Hotel Jubilife where they believe the Lady has stayed the previous night in. Looking at the battered golden statue of Staraptor on the rooftop, Ignor wonders what could have happened there...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai dialogue that plays on Pokemon types, Dia mentions 'Tabe-type' (eating type), 'Onaka-ippai-tabe-type' (stomach-full eating type), essentially the same as the translated version.
  2. In the second half, when Pearl tells Dia not to cry even if he can't think of an answer, Dia replies 'Ai-ai, shouchi-shimashita', which means 'Yes, yes, I understand'. However, the 'Ai-shou' portion of the sentence is stressed as he speaks, which actually means 'sadness'.

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340: VS Luxio

Volume 30