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Wandering around in slumberland, Pearl once again sees himself and Dia at the New Generation Funny Grand Prix. This time, they manage to claim championship, and stand proudly on stage as the audience cheers and applauds for them. However, TV Jubilife's producer Denis soon appears, and announces that their prize is to act as bodyguards for the Lady and protect her on a voyage towards the far-off Mt. Coronet, essentially the same outcome as what they have right now.

Pearl bolts awake with horror in his hotel room, and realizes that he was just dreaming. Dia greets him good morning, and says he seems to have had quite a fitful night. Pearl takes a big yawn, and notices that their Pokedexes are beeping, which could only mean one thing. Indeed, Dia states that Lady Berlitz has already risen, and is waiting for them outside.

A few moments later, the trio gets ready to resume their journey, and Lady Berlitz says they will be passing through the flower town of Floaroma today. With Piplup, Chimlord and Roo leading the way in front as usual, the Lady sits back on her Ponyta, and Dia starts munching on the riceballs that he carries with him.

Pearl takes another yawn, and finds it odd that his energy is feeling low that morning, making him wake after Dia did even. Dia agrees that Pearl has always been the one to rise earlier, and grins that he has in fact tried to shake him awake several times but to no avail. Pearl grunts with an embarrassed look that he was just feeling exhausted, and starts yelling that Dia has nothing to be proud of for waking up one single time before he does. However, he quickly notices that Dia has dozed off while still walking and chewing on his food, and jumps with fury. He grabs the boy by his shoulders to shake him brutally, and hollers that he will be charged with a 1 million dollar fine if he ever does that again.

Next to them, Lady Berlitz grins that it is far too early in the morning for such kind of fuzz, and says their noise is spoiling the beauty of their surroundings. Pearl gets further aggravated and starts to argue back, but soon sees a vast and colourful flowerbed lying ahead of them, and instantly gets captured by its magnificence. Lady Berlitz states that they have arrived at the entrance of Floaroma Town, and Pearl exclaims that the place truly lives up to its fame, with an endless field of vividly scented flowers that extend all the way to the horizon.

The Lady pulls out her guidebook on Sinnoh, and says there is also a lovely flower shop in town with the name of Pick a Peck of Color. She decides to pay a visit there, and tells the boys to take a stroll around on their own.

Pearl watches Lady Berlitz gallop off on Ponyta, and wonders what they should do. Getting no response from his companion, he turns around and sees that Dia, Beh and Roo are all sniffing the air, as if trying to locate something. Suddenly, Dia barks that he has found it, and the three immediately dash across the flowerbed towards a nearby tree. Pearl bolts in surprise at their unexpected move, and hurriedly gives chase. Unfortunately, he is a split second too late to stop the three from knocking the tree over, causing it to break into half right at the middle.

Yet, that is not all there is to it. To Pearl's horror, Dia, Beh and Roo start licking at the tree bark, and Dia mumbles that he knew the tree would be covered with tasty honey the moment he smelt its sweet scent. Pearl storms over to grab Dia by the collar, and tells him to take a good look around. It is only then that Dia realizes the tree was originally surrounded by a fence, which he unknowingly destroyed when he threw himself against the tree.

Pearl hollers that it clearly means the tree serves some kind of important purpose to someone, and Dia will be in great trouble once that person returns. Just as he says that, the boys hear a sobbing sound from behind, and turn around to see a young girl whose eyes are starting to well up with tears.

The girl snivels that her special tree is now no more, the special tree which she has coated with layers of Sweet Honey for the sake of all the Combees living in the flower field. With that, she lets out a scream, and a swarm of Combees appears out of nowhere to charge towards Dia and Pearl.

Several minutes later, Beh, Chimlord, and the two boys have beestings all over their bodies, while Roo has withdrawn itself into its shell, and Chatlord has flew off to evade the assault. Pearl remains furious for what Dia has done, and once again yells at him for his reckless acts. He could imagine Lady Berlitz's sarcastic comments once she sees them in their current situation, and knows that he will have to keep her away for the moment. He quickly teaches Chatlord the phrase 'stay at the flower shop', and sends it off to stall the Lady.

He then tries hard to comfort the little girl, and offers to play a Manzai verse to cheer her up. The girl stops crying upon hearing that, and looks up with a baffled look, clearly not knowing what he means. Pearl assures her that they are professional performers of the act who have won prizes in competitions, and roughly yanks Dia up from the floor.

Pearl: Speaking of Pokemooon~!!
Dia: Speaking of Pokemooon!!
Pearl: Speaking of Pokemon, we have what we call a Pokeball!
Dia: A Pokeball~
Pearl: We capture a monster with it and put it into our pocket, which is where the name 'Pokemon' comes from! Can you name me some of the many kinds of Pokeball?
Dia: I can't name even one.
Pearl: Huh? You don't even know a ball of any kind?
Dia: That's true! Isn't that appalling~
Pearl: (faints and blasts off)

Pearl: Hey you shouldn't have said that coz it is foundation knowledge of capturing!
Dia: Is thaaat so~
Pearl: See, what I long for is the Masterball!
Dia: Oh, the kind that can capture any kind of Pokemon...
Pearl: Hey, you do know about something about the Masterball then, don't you?
Dia: Yes, but my memory will not master-all.
Pearl: (collapses)

The little girl's face remains void of emotions at first, but soon breaks into a laugh, and the two boys rejoice that they have succeeded. However, the girl says she has still not forgiven them, and Pearl instantly shoots her a glare and calls her an annoying little brat in his mind. Unfortunately, the girl knows the expression well, and quickly verbalizes his thought, causing Pearl to stutter in denial. The girl states that her father will be arriving soon, and shall punish them for destroying the special tree for the Combees.

Dia crosses his arms and contemplates on a solution, but just when Pearl thinks that he has managed to come up with a good plan, Dia simply suggests performing another Manzai act for the girl's father. Pearl instantly fumes with rage again, and tackles Dia with his butt, hollering that it hardly sounds like a convincing method of redemption.

Just then, a silhouette appears in the sky from a distance, and the little girl exclaims that it is her father's Drifloon. Pearl and Dia start to get anxious, but all three of them soon gasp with shock in unison when they see Drifloon's badly battered body, and the ragged and torn white coat which it carries in its hands.

Dia rushes up to catch the balloon Pokemon as it falls, and the little girl cries that the white coat belongs to her father. Pearl wants her to be really sure of it, and the girl vigorously nods while putting on a worried look. She tells Pearl that her father runs a power plant known as the Valley Windworks, and always wears his white coat when he is there.

Pearl turns around to look at Dia, and says they should go check it out together. Dia agrees, and the three of them promptly speed towards the direction of the power plant. As they move through the town center, they bump into Lady Berlitz who happens to be searching for them, and the Lady immediately realizes that something is wrong upon seeing their urgent looks. She notices the little girl in their company who has started to sob again, and wants to know what has happened as she kneels down to wipe the tears off her face with a handkerchief.

Pearl explains that the child's father might have encountered trouble at his work place, and they are heading over to make sure he is all right. Hearing Pearl's reply, Lady Berlitz feels glad that her bodyguards do not solely focus on protecting her but also render help to others who are in need. She secretly praises them for their nobleness, and remarks that she shall come along with them.

Making their way towards the eastern border of Floaroma Town, the power plant gradually comes into sight, but the young trainers are finding it increasingly difficult to walk with the strong winds whipping at them. Dia carries Drifloon in his arms, and states that there seems to be lots of windmills constructed in the area. Lady Berlitz explains that they serve to capture the valley winds, and generate electricity by converting kinetic energy into electric energy. However, she admits that she has never encountered such powerful winds before, and there is certainly something abnormal about the wind speed.

The group soon arrives at the building's entrance, and the little girl bangs rapidly on the door to call for her father. Pearl says they must get in to investigate, but the door refuses to budge no matter how hard Lady Berlitz tries to push or pull. She mourns that a key seems to be required, but Pearl knows they have no time to waste in their current situation. He orders Chimlord to burn down the door instead, and the little monkey swiftly unleashes an Ember onto the doorknob, melting the metal case and successfully breaking off the lock.

Everyone rushes into the building once the door is open, but they quickly find themselves face to face with a floating bronze mirror which seems to be generating a psychic field around its body...

(Original Japanese Jokes)

  1. In the first half of the Manzai dialogue that plays on Pokeballs, when Dia cannot name any kind of Pokeball and is asked whether he knows none of them, he says 'Hai! Oboeruno wo saboru', which means 'Yes! I have slacked on my knowledge'. The pun is on the term 'Saboru', which actually contains the word 'Bohru' (ball) in it.
  2. In the second half, in response to Pearl's compliment that he seems to know something after all, Dia says 'Hai, sore dake ha oboemasuta', which means 'Yes, that is the only thing I know of'. The 'pun' is on the final word 'Oboemasuta', which contains the word 'Masuta' (master).

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343: VS Combee

Volume 30