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On Route 205, Pearl struggles to climb up a rocky cliff as his Infernape, Chimlord helps him up the steeper parts while his Chatot, Chatlord hovers around him. Pearl finally manages to get to the top, and thanks Chimlord as he wipes a sweat off his forehead.

He looks back on the bumpy slope that he has just climbed, and is pleased with himself for the feat he has accomplished. He then takes a glance at the route down below, and remembers that it was the path they took when he was passing by this area with Dia and Platinum at the beginning of their journey. However, it would not be ideal to use that same path this time, even though this new mountainous route is more perilous and winding, simply because he must avoid attention, to prevent Team Galactic from realizing their objectives.

Voicing his encouragement to Chimlord and Chatlord, they get ready to resume their journey towards Lake Valor. As they walk along the periphery of the cliff's summit, they can see that the view is really spectacular, allowing them to see not only the Eterna Forest, but also Eterna City beyond it.

Pearl takes out a pair of binoculars from his bagpack, and spots the building with spikes sticking out from its side walls. He remembers what Dia said about the spikey building appearing powerful and intimidating, and soon notices that its rooftop is actually a helicopter port. Two helicopters slowly lift off into the air as he watches, and Pearl remarks that the people there seem to be busy with something.

Knowing that he has wasted too much time, the boy decides to head down the cliff facing the forest side, and begins to make his descent with Chimlord and Chatlord. However, Chatlord suddenly senses something from behind, and spins around to see two Wingulls diving towards them. The two seagulls swoop in to tackle Pearl, causing the boy to crash against the rocky slope, then perform a back-flip in mid-air and prepare to charge again.

Pearl grunts that they are being attacked by wild Wingulls, and sends Chatlord to fight. The Chatot delivers a series of Pluck, which deals a good amount of damage on the Wingulls, and the three birds begin to engage in an aerial battle. Pearl states that as fellow flying types, Chatlord has an advantage in speed and also the number of tricks up its sleeve. However, he soon sees that only one Wingull is keeping Chatlord busy at a time, and the other would land on the cliff to rest. Pearl exclaims that the Wingulls are using the recovery move Roost, and are taking turns to fight Chatot while healing themselves alternately.

Pearl knows that Chatlord will have its strength worn out soon, and tells it to be careful while asking Chimlord to help. The Infernape gives an assuring nod to its trainer, and chooses a right spot before delivering a Mach Punch onto the rocky slope, breaking up and sending a barrage of flying rocks and boulders towards the Wingulls.

Grabbing the chance, Pearl beckons Chimlord and Chatlord to quit the scene when their opponents are temporarily stumped, and says Chimlord's fire and fighting attacks do little damage to the Wingulls given their type, which is why it is a much wiser choice for them to escape instead of fighting on.

Just as Pearl is about to speed up their descent, Chimlord suddenly stops him and points towards a ledge just beneath them. It turns out that it is where the Wingulls' nest is, and a third Wingull lies injured in it. Pearl realizes with a start that the two wild Pokemon are trying to protect their wounded companion by warding off intruders, and puts on an understanding look. He calls out to the two flying Wingulls, and assures them that they mean no harm to the nest and are simply passing by.

All of a sudden, a powerful upward air current hits the area, and Pearl lets out a cry as he struggles to steady himself with Chimlord and Chatlord. To his horror, the strong winds pick up Wingull's nest and hurl it over the ledge. Without much thought, Pearl leaps into the air in hopes of saving the injured Wingull before it falls off the cliff, and in the nick of time, manages to catch the nest.

However, Pearl himself begins to plummet from losing his own ground, and Chimlord hurriedly bolts to its trainer's rescue, scaling down the cliff with its remarkable agility and catching the boy just in time down below. The two astonished Wingulls hover down to join the group, their hostility completely gone now, and Pearl bids them good luck and goodbye as he turns to leave with Chimlord and Chatlord.

Pearl: (walks)
Chimlord, Chatlord: (follows)
Pearl: (walks on)
Chimlord, Chatlord: (follows)
Pearl: (starts to slow down)
Chimlord, Chatlord: (follows)
Pearl: (bolts) Wait a second, where are we!? I did an impulsive act and don't know where I've landed now!!
Chimlord, Chatlord: (collapses)
Pearl: (runs around frantically) Gee which side is this!?
Chatlord: Which~ Which~
Pearl: It seems to be somewhere in the Eterna Forest, and this river flows... OUCH!

Pearl bumps his head onto a wall, and looks up to see a factory-like building with flames searing through its rooftop chimneys. He exclaims that the building is spewing fire, and reads from the name plate on the closed gates of the entrance that it is the Fuego Ironworks. He is surprised that such a facility exists inside the Eterna Forest, and peeks through its glass windows, wondering what goes on inside.

He immediately feels the intense heat coming from inside the building upon leaning close, and sees that the equipment and tools are eerily scattered in a mess, almost as if some kind of fight has been taking place there. Just then, Chatlord notices a document titled the 'Order Form' lying on a turned over desk, and quickly alerts Pearl to it. On a closer look, the boy bolts with a start upon seeing a familiar G symbol at its bottom, for he will never forget, in fact, it is impossible to forget that it is the emblem of Team Galactic, the organization that they're fighting.

Pearl wonders what could the evil gang be doing in this facility, and just then hears a faint cry for help coming from inside the building. He quickly looks around to find a way to enter the ironworks, but a silhouette suddenly crops up behind him. As soon as he spins around, both he and Chatlord let out a simultaneous gasp at the familiar face...

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383: VS Wingull

Volume 34