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At the Snowbound Lodge, Platinum recognizes the girl on the poster, and exclaims that the person who rescued her is the Snowpoint City Gymleader, Candice, also known as the diamond dust girl. She recalls that during her semi-conscious state, she was not really aware of her surroundings, but is certain that she exchanged a few words with Candice.

Platinum then thinks of her important mission at Lake Acuity, where she must arrive before Team Galactic does in order to stop their evil scheme to snag the lake's legendary Pokemon. However, she also feels obliged to express her gratitude to Candice, and wonders if Snowpoint City is anywhere near her destination.

Checking against her Poketch, she is delighted to see that they are in fact in the same area, and decides to resume her journey right away. She removes the plastic seal from her new winter coat to put the garment on, and just as she does so, she looks out of the window and spots a familiar figure jogging past the Snowbound Lodge with a Riolu and Meditite.

The person happens to be no other than Maylene, the Veilstone City Gymleader, and Platinum soon manages to catch up with her on the snow land. Seeing the confused look on Maylene's face when she stops her, Platinum explains that she has made a challenge at the Veilstone Gym before, and almost immediately, Maylene bolts in recognition and even remembers how Platinum is addressed as 'the Lady'.

Both girls nod to each other in formality, and Maylene apologizes for her father's bad influence on the slot machines, but Platinum says she should thank him instead, for it has given her important inspiration in terms of battle tactics. Maylene then politely excuses herself and says she must rush, and Platinum wonders where she is going. The Veilstone Gymleader grins that she is heading over to Snowpoint city to meet up with her Gymleader companion, Candice, since they have agreed upon a training session together.

Upon hearing that, Platinum lets out an exclamation and her face instantly looms up against Maylene, causing the pink-haired girl to jump back in aghast. Platinum cries that they must travel together in that case, and states that she is also aiming for the direction of Snowpoint and Lake Acuity in hopes to meet Candice. Before Maylene could respond, Platinum drags her off by the arm, and marches forward with a fervent look.

A few moments later, Maylene and Platinum continue to jog northwards on Route 217 with their Pokemon, and Maylene's stomach soon starts to call. Platinum wonders if something is wrong, but Maylene tries to cover it up and says it was nothing. Stealing a glance at the wealthy Lady, the Veilstone Gymleader muses that she is really tougher than she looks, and sees that she has even taken off her winter coat despite the cold.

Maylene asks if Platinum is alright with the thin outfit, and Platinum grins that she is, partly because of the body heat generated from jogging, but mostly because she has seen how both Candice and Maylene wear really thin clothes, and has come to the conclusion that it is a signature of heroines who do battles. Maylene sweatdrops and nearly tumbles over at the remark, as she knows that Candice dresses thin just for the sake of fashion, and for herself, it is simply a matter of affordability.

Platinum wants to know if Maylene has been acquainted with Candice for a long time, and the Veilstone Gymleader nods with a grin. She explains that their current training session is in truth for Candice, because her expert type, ice, is weak against fighting and steel moves. With her Riolu and Meditite, she can help Candice overcome this weakness of type disadvantage.

Platinum is surprised to hear how diligent Candice is, and Maylene giggles that she is not only a great gymleader but also holds a special authority as well. Just then, the two girls approach the end of Route 217, and Maylene gestures forward, stating that they have made it to Snowpoint City, the northernmost part of Sinnoh.

In the next instant, both girls take a sneeze from the cold, and Maylene starts introducing to Platinum the various spotlights in the city: the port where icebreakers ferry people across the ocean to the Battle Zone; the Snowpoint Temple on top of a small hill; and towards the northwest, the Acuity Lakefront.

Platinum lets out a small gasp upon hearing that, and starts to head off to the direction when Maylene stops her and asks if she wants to go to Lake Acuity. Platinum explains that it is actually her true destination, and Maylene, after a moment of thought, believes it will be better if she meets Candice first. Platinum is baffled about the suggestion, and Maylene explains that as a Gymleader, Candice watches over the entire area, which is the special authority she mentioned she earlier. To enter the Snowpoint Temple, one must gain the permission from Candice. Although there is no such rule for Lake Acuity, she thinks it will be to Platinum's benefit if she notifies Candice first.

Platinum ponders on Maylene's words, and agrees with her idea. After all, she still owes Candice her thanks for taking her back to Snowbound Lodge, and decides to pay a visit to the gym before going off to Lake Acuity. Platinum then thanks Maylene for her company, and politely excuses herself with another bow. Maylene watches the girl go off, and wonders what has happened to the two boys she used to travel with.

Later, at the Snowpoint Gym, Platinum calls out loud in the big empty room to make a request meeting Candice. However, she gets greeted by the gym's dragon-like talking statue instead, who instantly recognizes her and congratulates her for conquering the Canalave Gym as well. Before Platinum could respond, it welcomes her for the seventh gym challenge, and instantly registers her name as the challenger. Platinum tries to explain that she hasn't exactly come for that purpose, but she slips on the icy slope and tumbles onto the rink below.

Taking a look around her, Platinum realizes that she will have to go through the official gym challenge in order to meet Candice, and pulls out her Pokeballs in preparation. The statue sees that she has added a new member on top of Empoleon and Rapidash, and commences the challenge after Platinum chooses the battle format of 3 vs 3 switch-in matches.

Sliding along the rinks and slopes, Platinum breaks up the balls of snow blocking her way, and beats the other trainers in the gym like cutting through butter. The statue comments that the challenger is tackling down the gimmicks and trainers menacingly, and before long, Platinum reaches the interior of the gym, the staircase leading to Candice's stand. As the girl climbs up the stairs, she spots crowds of Sneasels, Snorunts, Snovers, Swinubs, Piloswines and Delibirds sitting around the edges, and wonders if they all belong to Candice.

At that moment, Candice appears on the stand, and answers that they are actually wild Pokemon who have gathered to watch the battle. Just then, she sees the face of Platinum, and instantly recognizes her with pleasant surprise. She wants to know if she is doing better, and Platinum says she is, attributing it to Candice saving her and taking her back to the Snowbound Lodge. She couldn't imagine what would have become of her if it wasn't for Candice, and bows forward to expresses her gratitude.

Candice laughs that she just did what she could, but reminds Platinum that her kindness does not extend into gym battles. She declares that she never holds back against challengers, and warns that she can be a tough one when she focuses. Platinum acknowledges her remark with a determined look, and the statue proceeds to commence this battle which has the Icicle Badge as the reward.

Platinum sends out Empoleon as her first Pokemon, while Candice calls forward a Snover. Platinum remembers what Maylene said about Candice's expert type being ice, and feels confident since her team includes the advantageous steel and fire types. She orders s Metal Claw from Empoleon, and the king penguin charges forward to deliver the attack, which manages to knock out its opponent right away.

Candice gasps in surprise that Platinum is much stronger than she expected, and grins that she has already earned her respect. However, she is always prepared to face strong people, which is why she has Pokemon specially reserved for them.

Meanwhile, Maylene peeks through the gym's side windows near the ceiling with Riolu and Meditite from outside, and fails to understand why it has ended up being a gym challenge all of a sudden...

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387: VS Snover

Volume 35