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Holding a boot in hand, Dia returns the fancy piece of garment to its rightful owner, and together with Lee, bow in sincere apology for the trouble that the Lickilicky's mischief has caused her. The girl thanks him, and Dia proceeds to pull out the next item from his big sack, an umbrella this time, before telling Lee to lead the way to its original possessor. Having captured this wild Lickilicky, Dia has bestowed upon himself the task to return all the items it has snatched, and is finally close to accomplishing his mission by sunset.

The boy pulls out the last item from the sack, a Proteinman Omega robot, and reads from the bottom of its foot the address where it came from. Dia finds the designated house, and an amiable old lady soon answers the door. After learning of Dia's objectives, the old lady praises him for being so kind and considerable, but reveals that the robot is actually an old toy of her grandchild which she has disposed of, and believes that Lee must have taken it from their trash place.

With a smile, she tells Dia to keep the robot if he wants, which causes the boy to let out a gasp. The truth is, this Proteinman Omega robot is of the deluxe model, and Dia finds it hard to believe that he finally has one in his possession. Exhilarated about his new toy, Dia quickly taps the switch-on button on its back, and hopes that it can still move.

Dia: Electric lights gimmick on!! Walking gimmick on!!!
Robot: (starts to swing its arms and walk)
Dia: Great land dashers~ Hm~?
Robot: (begins to sway its limbs quicker and quicker)
Dia: Hm? Hm? Hm?
Robot: (goes berserk and out of control)
Dia: Wa~~ You're dashing too much, dashing too muuuch~!!

Dia chases after his Proteinman Omega robot as it speeds away, but then the robot trips over a rock and is sent flying into the air. It lands on a tree on the other side of the wall, and Dia comments that it really did dash across the land. He and Lee climb on top of Roo, and Lee tries to retrieve the robot with its extended tongue, but the distance proves to be slightly too far for it to reach, and the Lickilicky soon tumbles over the wall and lands on the other side, taking Dia along with it, also causing the robot to fall from the tree and smack on Dia's head.

Getting back on his feet, Dia looks out and sees that they have entered a huge and beautiful park. He sends out his full team for a nice walk, and marvels as they walk past the grand flower fields, lakes and bridges. As night falls, their little group travels along a winding pebble path, and keeps moving further and further into the place.

Dia: Following the little pebble path~
Group: (steer right)
Dia: Following...
Group: (steer left)
Dia: ...
Group: (steer right)
Dia: (exclaims) Where is the exit~!? How come there is a park so big that we can't even see the horizon~!?
Group: (begins to go frantic)
Dia: Well, no worries. (sits down and flips out the food basket) We'll eat something first. Let's have an evening picnic~!
Beh: (stuffs sandwich into mouth)
Roo, Pooh, Lee: (collapses)

Dia takes a bite of his sandwich, and believes that this must be some kind of enormous public park. Just then, a powerful beam of light shines on the group, and they turn to see an old-fashioned carriage pulled along by two Rapidashes. On top of the carriage, two Chinchous rest on a cushion, and are using their antennae tips as headlights to guide the way.

An old man dressed up as a butler exits from the carriage, and coldly states that he has never seen Dia's face before. Introducing himself as Sebastian, he remarks that he has been working in Sandgem for 60 years and can recognize every single person living in town, implying that Dia is without a doubt an outsider, one who is intruding. With that, he points at Dia with an accusatory tone, but Dia remains nonchalant, and upon hearing the word Sandgem, seems amused to know that they have unknowingly walked into the next town while trying to return Lee's snatched items.

Sebastian takes Dia's fearless expression as a kind of contempt, and says he will not allow the presence of intruders as the master is away and he is bestowed upon the responsibility to look after the place. He declares that he will chase the boy out no matter what, and sends out a Weepinbell from a Pokeball, who quickly unleashes a blast of thick fluid onto Dia and Lee.

Sebastian laughs that it is the Gastro Acid attack, and Dia moans that he feels sticky and glued. The old butler grins that he shall help him clean up if the sticky sensation is troubling him, and commands a Water Pulse from the Chinchous. Two jets of water rapidly wash against Dia and Lee, leaving them drenched on the ground, and Sebastian wonders if they feel neater and tidier now. He adds that he has also granted them the confused status, and Dia turns around to discover that Lee is indeed inflicted with the condition, causing it to see little Torchics running around in circles around its head.

Without warning, the Lickilicky lashes out its tongue to wrap around Dia, Beh, Roo and Pooh, and begin lifting them off the ground. Dia lets out an exclamation and tells Lee to take a closer look at who it is really attacking, but Sebastian laughs that a confused Pokemon has trouble listening. He remarks that Weepinbell's Gastro Acid has sealed the Own Tempo ability of Lickilicky, which made it susceptible to the confusion inducing Water Pulse.

The old butler than blows a whistle, and three Tyrogues instantly appear out of nowhere to surround Dia and his team. However, before they start taking action, Lee's tongue slips on its grip and causes everyone to crash onto the ground. Sebastian fixes his bowtie with a proud grin, and states that it will be impossible for anyone to break into their mansion with their strong security system.

Still feeling dizzy from his fall, Dia is surprised to hear that they are at some mansion, and says he thought they were at a park. Sebastian tells him to stop making excuses, and is certain that they have intentionally intruded because it is the prestigious Berlitz's Mansion. Dia bolts a little at the name Berlitz, and recalls that it is the family name of the Lady. Together with the fact that they are now in Sandgem, he hesitates for a moment, and requests to know if he is at the mansion of Lady Platinum.

Sebastian lets out a big exclamation upon hearing the name Platinum, and just as he is about to ask how Dia knew it, the boy explains that he has been travelling with the Lady until just recently, and that he is Dia, a companion of hers on her journey towards Mt. Coronet. The old butler begins to fret upon realizing that he has accidentally attacked a friend of the Lady, and after frantically stuttering out a few unfathomable words, drops to the ground on his knees with the Tyrogues, bowing in apology to the boy.

Later, inside the Berlitz's Mansion, Dia has been dressed up like an Arabian king and sits on big comfortable couch under a satin curtain. Next to him, Pooh, Beh, Roo and Lee feast on big plates of food as two Tyrogues fan them with big palm leaves. Dia feels a little uneasy at the grand treatment, and calls out to Sebastian, who quickly tends to the boy and addresses him as Sir Dia. Dia remarks that the sticky food tastes nice but would like to get some water. He begins to get up, but Sebastian hurriedly tells him to stay seated and frantically holds him back onto the couch, insisting that he will get it for him and that Dia make himself as comfortable as possible.

The old butler voices his apology again for his earlier behaviour, and says he honestly had no idea that Dia was a friend of the Lady. He has contacted Canalave City, and learnt all about Dia and Pearl, whom he now both addresses with the prefix Sir. He sighs that he feels so ashamed, especially knowing that they have taken up the task to protect the Lady after the bodyguards have been casted away by the evil hands of Team Galactic. He states that he owes his deepest gratitude to them for what they have done, and says he normally does not behave so aggressively towards outsiders, but their master has been attacked recently, and the incident encompassed an element of endangerment to the Lady's safety, which made him feel that something bad might happen any second, and he simply couldn't shake that troubled sensation off his chest.

Dia ponders on Sebastian's words for a moment, and says what the old butler feels might not be too far from the truth, for he is feeling the same, which causes Sebastian to jump with shock. Dia explains that there is only one day left before the foretold attack on the three lakes is going to take place, and if this forecast is really coming to pass, Team Galactic must be somewhere near now, perhaps just around the corner.

Sebastian sighs with a frown and says Dia is probably right, and Dia wonders where Prof. Rowan and Sir Berlitz are now. Sebastian reveals that they are still in Canalave since the injuries they have sustained when they were trapped into the cube made it difficult for them to move around, but he sure hopes that they could return soon.

The old butler then points out of the balcony towards the building next doors, and says it is the Science Lab of Prof. Rowan. Dia is surprised that it is side by side with the Berlitz's Mansion, and spots a silhouette through the building's glass windows. Knowing that both Prof. Rowan and his assistant Sir Berlitz are not in town, he wonders who it might be. Sebastian explains that it is the second assistant of the professor, Roseanne, and she is responsible for looking after the Science Lab while the two are gone.

Next doors, inside Prof. Rowan's Science Lab, Roseanne throws a tantrum as she flips over piles and piles of paper files with her Dunsparce. She is upset that the item she is looking for is nowhere to be found, and says it was certainly there about two or three days ago. Confident that she has not taken it out of the lab since she last saw it, she is sure that it must be somewhere in the lab.

Stealing a glance at the mess around her, she decides to take a break and calm her mind for a while, and heads out of the front door. As soon as she does so, she feels the chill of the evening air creeping down her spine, and gazes up into the sky to see that it has begun to snow. She remarks that it feels poetic somehow, and after enjoying the night's tranquility for a few moments, starts to head back into the lab. However, just as she steps through the front door, she hears a loud buzz coming from behind, and spins around to find the Science Lab surrounded by a swarm of Yanmegas...

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