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At the entrance of Prof. Rowan's Science Lab, Roseanne gasps in horror when she turns around to see a huge swarm of Yanmegas buzzing around her with their wings. She shrieks that bug Pokemon has always been her terror, and is horrified that there are such a big number of them. She hurries back through the front door of the lab and attempts to slam it shut, but the Yanmegas manage to stick their legs through and hold it back from closing.

Roseanne cries that their body segments' appalling movement and prickly legs make them such an unbearable sight, and uses all her might to press against the door. However, she soon loses her ground, and the Yanmegas instantly swarm into the lab as she screams for help. Yet, she quickly discovers that she is unable to hear her own voice, and gasps that the beating sound of the gigantic dragonflies' wings have drowned out her voice, making it impossible for her to call for assistance. She looks around to find another way, and gets an idea when she sees the light switch. Rapidly turning the lights on and off over and over again, she braces herself against the menacing appearance of her intruders, and could only hope that someone will soon notice the signal she is sending out.

Next doors, at the Berlitz's Mansion, Dia looks out from the window and sees how the light goes on and off strangely at the Science Lab. He tells Sebastian about it, and the old butler exclaims that it has never happened before. Sebastian fears that something must have happened to Roseanne, and quickly grabs his Chinchou to flash a reply signal with its antennae.

Dia watches silently as the old man performs that act, but soon realizes that they seem to be doing something silly. He cries that they should have simply headed over to the Science Lab instead, and both of them immediately bolt up in action with a frantic look, Sebastian praising Dia for having great wisdom.

Just as the two are about to step out of the room however, Lee yanks them back with its tongue, and gestures towards the open window. Dia wonders if it is suggesting that they leave through it, and the Lickilicky nods with a grin. It lashes out its tongue to fasten on a tree branch right outside the window, and begins to lift Dia and Sebastian up into its arms, one on each side. It then hops off the window aisle and swings itself from branch to branch while doing somersaults, finally landing right in front of the Science Lab.

Dia cheers that they have arrived, and Sebastian once again praises Dia as well as his strong Lickilicky. Looking through the lab's windows, they spot the huge swarm of Yanmegas inside, and exclaim that it must be the trouble Roseanne has encountered. Sebastian and Dia quickly rush through the front door, and find Roseanne hiding underneath a table with her Dunsparce.

The young woman feels thankful that the old butler has come, but due to the buzzing of the Yanmegas, they both have to raise their voices before they could hear each other. Sebastian wonders what has happened, and Roseanne explains that she has no idea either. The swarm of creatures just appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden, and although she has been bestowed upon the task to look after the lab in Rowan's absence, she really cannot deal with bug types.

Just then, two Yanmegas dive straight towards them, and strikes Lee on the back while knocking Dia over at the same time. Wincing in pain, Dia spots a familiar device floating amongst the gigantic dragonflies, and after a moment of thought, states that the ominous feeling Sebastian had was probably due to these Yanmegas. He is quite certain that they are not just simple wild Pokemon, but were dispatched by Team Galactic instead, the evil people who have ambushed Prof. Rowan and the Lady's father, and are currently scheming to target the three lakes.

Calling Roo, Beh, and Pooh out of their Pokeballs to join Lee and Sebastian's Weepinbell, Dia announces that he shall defeat and take down the entire swarm. Roseanne feels doubtful about this stranger's ability however, and wants to know who he is. Dia grins as he introduces himself, but Roseanne gets annoyed and says she didn't just mean his name. Sebastian tells Roseanne to just sit back and watch, and the young woman gets the impression that the boy must be some kind of special trainer to have earned Sebastian's trust.

In that instant, the swarm of Yanmegas gather in a circle, and begin beating their wings rapidly, sending out a powerful wave of vibration to course through the bodies of Dia, Beh and Weepinbell, knocking them over.

Roseanne: Are...are you alright!?
Dia: (gets into his One-shot Gag pose) I'm perfectly okeeay~
Roseanne: (blacklines running down her forehead)

Fumbling through his bagpack, Dia flips out his battle diary and starts to read, which causes Roseanne to gasp and wonder if it is too late to resort to strategy books. The truth is, this battle diary used to be Dia and Pearl's Manzai scriptbook, and has only had its function changed since the boys learnt of the Lady's true identity and decided to protect her at Veilstone. Before Pearl headed off to Lake Acuity, he gave the battle diary to Dia, and insisted that he writes an entry every day, which is exactly what Dia has done.

Before long, the Yanmegas start to attack again, and once again give off the buzzing sound as they edge towards Roseanne, causing the young woman to scream for help. Fortunately, Lee lashes his tongue out, and delivers a Power Whip to fend them off just in time. Dia then states that the buzz isn't really a sound, but are in fact shock waves created by the churning of their four wings.

Roseanne is astonished at how Dia managed to figure that out, but Dia grins that he was simply reading it from its Dex entry. Seeing the blue-coloured device in Dia's hands, Roseanne gets even more shocked as it is no doubt one of the three Pokedexes co-developed by Prof. Rowan and Kanto's Prof. Oak. She wants to know if Dia received it from Prof. Rowan, and the boy nods with a grin, causing the young woman to gasp as Pokedex Holders have always been specially chosen trainers.

Dia then asks where the entrance and exit of the lab are, and Roseanne states that they only have one single front door, which implies that they must get past the swarm of Yanmegas in order to escape. Dia wonders where Roseanne's Dunsparce has gone to, and soon notices that it is digging a hole on the ground with its tails. He finds that really clever, and tells Roseanne to hide in there with it since the hole should be big enough.

With Roseanne safely hidden in the hole, Dia gets ready to face the Yanmegas, the ogre darner Pokemon. Although there are a huge number of them, he believes that they are all controlled by one single device, the floating intercom that has an internal speaker as well as a remote control camera. Spotting the device hovering between the Yanmegas, Dia gestures to Roo, and orders it to fire off the Dia-special-mach-one-and-only Razor Leaf ...

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393: VS Yanmega I

Volume 35