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At the Spear Pillar, Dia rides on top of his new Pokemon, Moo, and orders the Mamoswine to charge forward towards the legendary deities Dialga and Palkia. Pearl gets startled at his childhood companion's sudden action, and notices the intense cold air emanating from the massive tusks of this latest addition to Dia's team.

Throwing itself forward, Moo rams hard into the underside of Dialga, and knocks the temporal dragon off its feet. It then turns around to drive its tusks upwards against Palkia, causing the spatial dragon to tumble over. Pearl exclaims that the impact of the Mamoswine's ice-made tusks are inflicting substantial damage on the two deities, and rationalizes from their appearance that they must be at least part dragon, making them vulnerable to ice-type attacks.

Pearl yells out his observation to Dia, who acknowledges by ordering another round of assault. However, before Moo manages to make contact this time, Palkia raises its left arm and swings it forward to deliver a slash. As the move hits, Dia's immediate surroundings are ripped out like a separate dimension, and the boy finds himself losing orientation with his views skewed and distorted as his crashes hard onto the ground.

Pearl gasps in disbelief that Palkia's attack is able to split the dimension of the recipient, essentially cutting through space, and knows that they must find a way to stop the two deities from unleashing such powerful moves. Tossing out three Pokeballs, he calls forward Zellord, Diglord and Taulord, and orders them to pull off the continuous attack combo they have been working on.

The little Diglett quickly digs its way towards Dialga from underground, and destabilizes its stance by breaking up the floor beneath it. Taulord then grabs the moment that Dialga loses balance, and charges straight towards its belly, crashing it against Palkia and causing both dragons to fall flat on their backs. Zellord hurriedly showers them with a stream of spiraling water as they attempt to get up, and Dia orders Moo to deliver a Blizzard, freezing and immobilizing the two deities while they are still wet.

Pearl and Dia cheer over the success of their combo work, but Dialga soon opens its mouth and lets out a roar towards the sky. Instantly, the boys feel a tug at their heads, and the events that led to Dialga and Palkia's current state suddenly get undone one by one, bringing everything back to the moment right before Diglord ambushes them from underground. Pearl is bewildered that Dialga's move has the ability to turn back time, but before he could finish his words, the temporal dragon propels a giant globe of energy forward, and sends Dia and Pearl flying across the platform.

The two boys struggle to get back on their feet, and feel completely overwhelmed by the power of Dialga and Palkia. Pearl remarks that they indeed live up to the name of being legendary creatures, and remembers what Cynthia said about the time and space distortion being a result of the clash between the two. Dia states that in order to safeguard Sinnoh and prevent this distortion anomaly from extending to the rest of the region, they must find a way to subdue the deities. The two boys proceed to send out their full teams, and stand side by side each other as they contemplate on whether it is possible to defeat or capture the legendary deities.

Pearl believes that they will figure out something, and Dia agrees that to counter Dialga and Palkia's time and space combo, they shall face them with their own combo. Platinum, still riding on Garchomp with Cynthia, wonders what the boys plan to do, but Dia and Pearl have their eyes fixed on their opponents and become oblivious to her query. Wearing a look of determination, Dia's Lickilicky, Lee, grabs the boys under its arms, one under each, and takes center lead as the entire group charges forward. Lee lashes out its long tongue to secure it around a metallic horn on Dialga's crown, and uses it as a focal point to hurl itself and the boys towards it.

Dialga opens up its mouth to fire a Hyper Beam at them, but Lee manages to swing itself out of the way to evade the attack. Moo, Roo, Zellord and Raylord fire off a barrage of elemental attacks in an attempt to distract the temporal dragon, while Diglord delivers a Stealth Rock on Palkia to hinder its moves. Beh and Pooh then ram hard into the body of Dialga, and Taulord and Chimlord take the time to unleash their close up physical attacks on the spatial dragon.

Platinum hops off Garchomp with Cynthia, and prepares to join the fight as she fears that the boys may not be able to hold down Dialga and Palkia alone. However, her attention is soon drawn to what appears to be human bodies in the rubbles nearby, and lets out a gasp of horror when she rushes over to see the six fallen Gymleaders, Roark, Gardenia, Maylene, Wake, Fantina and Candice. Cynthia hurriedly checks on everyone, and sees that they have all sustained heavy injuries. Platinum wonders if they have been fighting Dialga and Palkia as well, and Cynthia believes that it is the case.

The Champion's answer makes Platinum even more worried about Dia and Pearl, as the boys are essentially doing the same thing but with much smaller force. Platinum keeps her gaze on the intense battle and is still pondering on what she should do when she suddenly hears her name called from behind. She quickly turns around and sees that Candice and several other fallen Gymleaders have opened their eyes. She hurries over to the Snowpoint Gymleader, who grins that Platinum arrived too late and missed her cool victory over Jupiter. She jokes that it is a pity Platinum only sees them in their ragged states, and says she really wishes they could have fought together in this battle.

Candice then takes out the Pokeball of Froslass, and gives it to Platinum, hoping that by adding the Pokemon to her team, it would feel as if they are fighting alongside each other. Gardenia also bestows upon a Cherrim to Platinum, and puts on a weak grin as she hands the Pokeball to the young Lady. Maylene, apologizing that she is too poor to offer anything, takes out a Pokeball as well, and says it is a Pachirisu Volkner told her to pass onto Platinum. The Sunyshore Gymleader wanted Platinum to add it to her party, and the man was sure that it would substantially power up her forces.

Candice remarks that everyone seems to have developed a liking to Platinum after they have fought with her, and Platinum feels herself deeply moved as she takes the three Pokeballs and thanks the Gymleaders. However, Candice's eyes suddenly widen with horror, and the Snowpoint Gymleader yells out for Platinum to watch out as she yanks the girl out of the way, narrowly evading a powerful Aura Sphere attack from Palkia.

Unfortunately, the three Pokeballs Platinum just received are caught up in the explosion, and their broken switches make them impossible to open. Platinum grits her teeth in anger, and cries that she would not allow her friends' blessings to be tarnished. She starts dashing towards Dialga and Palkia to join the fight, but Cynthia quickly stops her and says it is not safe to move so incautiously on open ground where the enemy could target. As soon as she says that, Palkia fires a Twister at them, and Cynthia hurriedly throws Platinum and herself out of the way, once again narrowly escaping the hit.

Their tumble causes the scroll of scripture in Cynthia's pocket to fall out, and Platinum curiously picks it up to find ancient writings all over it. To Cynthia's bewilderment, Platinum starts reading the words 'Roar of Time' and 'Spacial Rend' from the text, and the young Champion gasps in surprise that the girl is able to interpret the writing. Cynthia explains that it is a scripture given to her by her Grandma, which has been passed down in her hometown for generations, depicting the legendary deities Dialga and Palkia.

The word 'scripture' reminds Platinum of what Cyrus said inside the Celestic ruins when he was looking at the lake pixies' frescoes, and Cynthia confirms her suspicion that the man has indeed managed to get his hands on the contents of this scripture through some unknown means. Platinum keeps her gaze on the ancient writings, and wonders if she could decipher something out of it to form some kind of tactic against the two deities. On a deeper thought, she is actually certain that there must be something hidden in it, and makes a vow that she will not stop until she finds it.

Seeing the look of determination on Platinum's face, Cynthia feels that there is still hope to save Sinnoh after all. However, there is one thing that continues to bother her. The fact that Dialga and Palkia have appeared and clashed on Spear Pillar signifies that the Red Chains have successfully shackled them into this dimension. Yet, where is the man that wielded the Red Chains? Where has Cyrus gone...!?

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413: VS Dialga & Palkia III

Volume 38