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Pearl and Platinum gasp in surprise when they see Dr. Footstep kneeling next to the colossal Pokemon which popped out from Platinum's bagpack, and wonder why he has come to the Spear Pillar. The chubby little man remarks that he has no idea, and recalls walking out from the Sinnoh Police Headquarters right before he ended up where he is now. Yet, he is extremely excited that this happened, because it has given him the chance to obtain such a marvelous footprint.

Pearl sweatdrops that he could have been crushed by the gigantic Pokemon, but also recalls that Dr. Footstep's interpretation of footprints has never been flawed, which implies that this giant being is no doubt a friend. He shares an excited look with Platinum, who agrees with a nod, while Cynthia remains in awe at the Pokemon's surprise appearance, having recognizing it as the legendary Regigigas.

Wasting no time, Regigigas charges forward towards Dialga and Palkia, and grabs each of them by their necks with its gigantic hands. Cynthia, Pearl and Platinum exclaim that the giant has managed to subdue the two deities, and now that the temporal and spatial dragons are held immobile, the void focus seems to have stopped expanding.

Dia cheers at Regigigas's extraordinary strength, but Honchkrow suddenly ambushes him from behind, and knocks him off the colossal Pokemon. The boy crashes hard against the ground, and just as he is struggling to get up, finds Cyrus looming over him.

With tears running down his face, the Team Galactic Boss doesn't understand why they are thwarting him, and wonders if they realize how sacred it is to have a complete spirit, and how noble it is to have a complete world. He doubts that they could comprehend the great achievement he is trying to accomplish, for after all, concepts as perplexed as Time and Space are too complicated for kids like them to grasp. He relents that his questions to Dia have perhaps been pointless and redundant, and gives the boy a look of pity.

However, despite an initial moment of astonishment, Dia gradually puts on a pensive look, and states that he actually understands it, much to Pearl and Platinum's shock. With a cautious tone, Dia mutters that he is might not be able to put sophisticated words to it, but he believes that he understands it.

For as long as he could remember, Dia knows that he is slow, and on the contrary, Pearl is hasty. To complete the same task, Pearl will always be ahead, and he himself will always be late. More than occasionally, the same amount of time will feel long to Pearl, while it feels short to him. But, they are still the same time. To Dia, this is the 'Time' that he felt.

Together with Pearl and the Lady, Dia has set out on a journey. The three of them used to know nothing but things near and around their hometown, but as they travelled far and wide, all the places, people and Pokemon they met for the first time, made him realize just how big the world they are living in is. To Dia, that is the 'Space' that he felt.

Hearing Dia's words, Cyrus's tears stop flowing, and he begins to frown. He mumbles that he has heard enough, and mocks that people with such inferior understanding are hopeless in trying to thwart his scheme. He shakes his head in disgust, and says this shall all be rid of soon, along with the incomplete world.

The Team Galactic Leader's statement sparks anger in Dia, and the boy's hands slowly tremble with rage. He questions why it is up to Cyrus's decision to determine the fate of the world, and states that the 'Time' that he has spent with Pearl and the Lady and the 'Space' that they have travelled together mean more than anything to him. Taking a glance at Cynthia and all the fallen Gymleaders, Dia states that he is not alone, and there are many more people and Pokemon who treasure and cherish this 'Time' and 'Space', which was why they have all come to join this fight. The boy puts on a determined look, and declares that it is not alright for Cyrus to take it all away for his twisted and convenient logic.

Cyrus stares down at Dia with disdain, but suddenly realizes that Dialga and Palkia are no longer fighting. He bolts around in bewilderment, and sees that they have stopped their clash even though they are still under his control and the colossal Pokemon isn't even seizing them anymore. He refuses to believe that these legendary Pokemon who possess immense power have actually paid heed and listened to a boy's words, and even acknowledged such naive thoughts.

Roaring in fury, the man sets a single Red Chain spinning again, and almost immediately, the eyes of Dialga and Palkia turn hollow once more, causing the two to resume lashing out at one another with savageness. Regigigas quickly throws itself forward to stop their fight, but the collision between the two creates such an intense force that the colossal Pokemon gets blasted backwards and down.

Cyrus hollers that Dialga and Palkia must keep on clashing, and shows Dia the other Red Chain which has been broken. He grunts that thanks to Dia and his companions setting free Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, they were unable to harvest the second set of crystals, giving him no choice but to replicate another with technological means. Yet, such an artificial item is incomplete in its existence, which was why the Gymleaders were able to shatter it, resulting in making his scheme incomplete. Passing blames on the boy, the TG Leader hurls the broken chain towards Dia, and smacks him square on the face, knocking him back.

Pearl and Platinum hurriedly dash forward to help Dia up, but the boy simply grins and holds a hand over his swollen cheek. Pearl calls Dia a fool for what he did, but nevertheless feels proud of his courage. Platinum too, compliments on Dia's words, and says it made her delighted, for she considers the journey they spent together a true blessing as well. With that, the three young trainers share a heartfelt smile, and feel once again connected with each another.

Dia then steals a glance at Dialga and Palkia, and feels dejected that they have not been able to stop the deities from clashing. He sees that Regigigas has also sustained massive damage from the collision between the legendary Pokemon, and wonders what else they could do. Pearl suddenly recalls that Platinum has been deciphering a scripture, and wants to know if she has succeeded in decoding it.

The Lady responds with an affirmative answer, and says she has already fully interpreted it. According to what was written, the two beings are an impeccable pair: 'Time' and 'Space'; the 'Adamant Orb' and the 'Lustrous Orb'; Dialga's strongest attack, 'Roar of Time', which is able to blow off time, and Palkia's strongest attack, 'Spacial Rend', which is able to slice through space; they all complement and balance out one another. Clearly, everything about the two comes in pairs. However, right now, only one single Red Chain remains, and it will not be fully capable of controlling the two beings. There will certainly come a moment when the tug-o-war balance of power breaks, which is the instant that they must catch.

Dia and Pearl nod in understanding, and quickly get all their team members to standby for that split second, that one fleeting moment when they would fire off their strongest attacks to exacerbate the imbalance. Ahead of them, Dialga and Palkia continue to claw at each other, but the spatial deity all of a sudden loses the hollowness in its eyes, and freezes in its motions. The temporal deity quickly grabs the chance to slam its opponent down to the ground, and pounces on it forcefully.

Cyrus roars in anguish at the imbalanced power control, and cries for Palkia to fight back. Platinum hollers that the moment has come, and Dia and Pearl's teams immediately unleash their attacks on Dialga, with Roo, Moo, Chatlord, Raylord, Zellord and Diglord firing distant energy blasts, and Chimlord, Taulord, Beh, Pooh and Lee hurling themselves forward physically.

The powerful array of strikes manages to snap Dialga out from its hollowed state, and the two deities share a nod with each other, both finally freed from the restraints of the Red Chain. Channeling their energy into the dark void in the sky, Dialga and Palkia combine their powers to cease the time and space distortion, and cause pulses of blinding light to radiate in and out of the dimensional portal.

Cyrus feels himself torn between the waves of energy as he gets lifted off his feet. As everything gets swallowed in an intense flash, the man steals a glance at the three young trainers who have come to oppose him. In that instant, he finally sees it, an undeniable fact that he was oblivious to all this time: the calm and thoughtful 'Emotion' of the red-hat boy; the tough and strong 'Willpower' of the blonde boy; and the 'Knowledge' of the girl. Perhaps the three are incomplete on their own, but having formed a team in support of each other, they have managed to achieve a complete spirit, and that was the reason they were able to thwart him.

As the light surrounding the dark purple focus gradually fades out, the portal itself begins to slowly close up. Pearl is glad that the void is finally disappearing, and Dia notices that the effects of the time and space distortion have all been reversed. Lying on the ground ahead of them, Cyrus remains motionless as Cynthia crouches next to him to check on his vitals. The Champion remarks that the man is still alive, but his body and soul have sustained considerable damage. She believes that the evil scheme of Team Galactic has finally been put to an end, and knows that it will only be a matter of time before the rest of the organization gets cracked down.

Cynthia then turns to look up at Dialga and Palkia, and feels glad that the two deities have regained their poise and calmness. She states that after this terrible thing which Cyrus has done to them, it would logically have been an extremely difficult task to befriend them, but apparently, Dia, Pearl and Platinum have done it. Putting on grins of relief, the three young trainers share their moment of victory by bumping their fists against one another, while Cynthia and the two legendary dragons stand to watch from behind, each wearing a smile on their face.

Dia suddenly thinks of something, and grins that it is perhaps time for the Lady to look for her special material. Platinum gets baffled as to what he is talking about, and Dia reminds her of where they currently are. The girl soon bolts in realization that they are now at the summit of Mt. Coronet, and exclaims that she has almost forgotten that it was the destination they originally set out for, where she would obtain the accessory that bears her family crest.

Dia and Pearl offer to help out and ask how the material looks like. Platinum describes its size and shape to them, and before long, the boys discover several pieces that fit the bill. Making a careful selection, Platinum eventually makes her pick, and lets out a sigh of relief as she holds the sparkling item in her hands, shaped like a shining star with a jeweled core in the center.

Pearl cheers that they have finally achieved their goal, but Platinum's smile slowly fades from her face, and she confesses that there is actually one more thing that she hopes to do. She remarks that in their struggle against Team Galactic, there were people who have sacrificed themselves in the fight. These men were sent to another place, even before she managed to meet them, and she feels obliged to find a way to help them.

Dia realizes that the Lady is talking about her original bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, and Platinum states that the two men gave all they could to protect her, just like what Dia and Pearl did. Her guilt has compelled her to find them, and she believes that it is the one thing she could do to repay them for their heroic act. Pearl recalls that Phool and Ignor were sent to an alternate dimension created by a machine of Team Galactic's, and thinks there would be no better option than to ask people from the organization directly. However, he takes a look at Cyrus, who remains unconscious, and relents that the man doesn't seem to be a good candidate right now.

Cynthia suggests taking Cyrus along with the Gymleaders to the hospital, and the three young trainers agree to help. Dia orders Regigigas to carry Roark and Gardenia in its hands, while Pearl puts Crasher Wake on top of Roo. Platinum lifts Maylene and Candice onto the back of Rapidash, and Drifblim hoists Fantina up with its long arms just as Garchomp picks Cyrus up. The group then starts departing from the scene, completely oblivious to a pair of watchful eyes on them.

Nearby, hiding behind the rubbles, the purple-haired old Scientist of Team Galactic spies on the ensemble, and has his gaze fixed on Regigigas. He knows well that it is yet another legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh, and desperately wants to have it for himself. He wonders if he should ambush the group and snatch it away, but on a second thought, decides against it as he still has yet to achieve what he came to the Spear Pillar for.

Staring up into the dark purple void that is gradually closing up, the old man mumbles that he must take a measure of its readings before it disappears. He muses that everybody seems to conveniently think that the portal really paves the path to a new universe, and mocks them for his naďve thought. Little do they know that they have been terribly wrong.

The old Scientist takes out a device with a pair of antennae, and starts picking up signals from the void. However, the low buzzing sound of the machine catches Dia's attention, and from his high-up position on Regigigas, the boy spots the man's hiding place behind the rubbles. He quickly alerts Pearl about it, and the old man immediately bolts to his feet, grunting in frustration that he has been busted. He decides to flee the scene despite not having collected the data he needs, but a voice demands to know what kind of data he is seeking, and a spade suddenly breaks out from the ground in front of him to stop his tracks.

Popping out from the Underground, Byron, Prof. Rowan, Sir Berlitz and the Underground Man reveal themselves, and state that they are extremely interested to know what the purple-haired man is researching on. Dia, Pearl and Platinum gasp in bewilderment at the few men's unexpected appearance, and wonder why they have been staying underground.

Byron sends out his two Bronzongs to lock down the Team Galactic Scientist, and snatches the device away from his hands. The old man cries out in horror that the device must be handled with care, and says its surveillance radio-waves must not be allowed to synchronize with the signals of the dimensional portal. However, it is too late. As the Canalave Gymleader inadvertently faces the machine's antennae towards the closing void in the sky, a low shriek echoes throughout the area, and six black tentacles with blood-red claws all of a sudden materializes out from the dark purple opening.

Before anyone could react, the tentacles shoot down to wrap around Dialga, Palkia, and Cyrus, and forcefully yank the three into the opening. Pearl exclaims that the legendary deities and the Team Galactic Boss have been swallowed by the void, and right before it closes, a creature with metallic facial features and a long serpentine-like tail shows itself to the three young trainers for a split second before disappearing altogether with the portal.

The purple-haired Scientist giggles that he has given them his warnings, and Platinum demands to know whether the creature within the void is a Pokemon. The old man wonders if the young Lady knows of the reverse side of the world, and the girl puts on a look of confusion upon hearing the term. The Scientist suggests her find out what is before asking her question, and introduces himself as Charon. He grins that they might meet again someday, and bids her goodbye as he tosses out a smoke ball to stun the Bronzongs and loosen their grip on him.

Using the cloud of smoke to shield himself, Charon makes his escape, but Lee spots him with its sharp eyes, and strikes out its long tongue towards him. Unfortunately, the man still manages to get away, and Dia sulks that they have lost him. Yet, as Lee retrieves its tongue, the boy finds that the Lickilicky has snatched what appears to be a notebook of Charon, and wonders what it contains.

Meanwhile, on the Spring Path which leads to the Sendoff Spring, Volkner stares at the dark purple void that has formed in front of him and makes a call to his companion, Flint. The Sunyshore Gymleader states that the opening has materialized all of a sudden out of thin air, and says it seems to exude an eerie atmosphere about it.

Flint, sporting a red afro hairdo, laughs and wants to know what Volkner feels after seeing the portal, and is curious as to whether it thrills him. Volkner admits being thrilled, and gets pushed by his friend for the reason why. Pausing to think for a moment, the man puts on a grin and states that it feels as if he is on the trail of facing ridiculously powerful trainers like Flint.

Volkner's answer delights Flint, and the afro-haired man is grateful that something finally sparks interest in the Sunyshore Gymleader again. He proposes to investigate upon this thing right away, and wonders if Volkner is able to meet him. Volkner replies the affirmative, and asks where Flint is. Stealing a glance at the exotic trees around him, Flint senses a rush of excitement over himself, and states that he is currently at the Battle Zone.

And so, things start to move and proceed respectively, taking each of them to their respective places... Two weeks later, on board a luxurious liner, the captain announces their departure from the port, and the giant ship begins sailing out. Standing on the deck, a young woman wearing a lab coat gazes out to the open seas, and feels the gentle breeze stroke her shoulder-length hair, an ornament shaped like shining star with a jeweled core in the center glistening in front of her collar.

Her associate, a middle-aged man in suits, addresses her as professor, and wonders how many years it has been. The young woman grins that it has been too long, and she has honestly lost count of it. The man states that her accessory looks truly marvelous, and queries if it acts like a symbol of identity that allows people in her family who haven't met for a long time to recognize each other. The young woman giggles that it might serve the purpose as well, but more so, it is a ritual, a kind of formality. Passed on as a tradition, everyone in their family personally climbs to the summit of Mt. Coronet to obtain a special mineral, in order to create an accessory that bears the family crest, something that she did herself in her much younger days.

The man is curious as to whether the professor's daughter did the same, and the young woman nods that the girl made the challenge rather early at the mere age of 12, during which she became involved in something much bigger and complicated.

Just then, her Pokegear beeps, and she picks up find no other than her daughter calling. The girl hopes that she is not intruding, and the young woman laughs that a mother always has time for her child. She remarks that she has had some success in her investigation, and the girl replies that she has already received the email. The young woman recalls what she was told about the fate of the two bodyguards, how they were sent into an alternate dimension, and believes that the place she identified is the most likely answer. She informs her daughter that alliance with the International Police Force has already been established, and tells her not to worry and simply go to the agreed meeting place.

At that moment, a sailor walks up to the professor and apologizes for interfering. He hopes that she would do him a favour by signing her name on the passengers' list, and the young woman takes a pause from the call to scribble her full name, Willow Berlitz, on the clipboard handed to her. She then resumes conversation on the Pokegear, and reiterates that it is the Distortion World that her daughter should be looking for, the Distortion World that her daughter, Platinum, should be looking for...

--Fin. The Seventh Chapter--

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