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It is another nice day in Kanto. Out in the fields surrounding the southern little town known as Pallet, several young kids are attempting to capture a wild Nidorino. A blond lad who wears his shirt open on top of his sweater takes his turn, and brags that the poison pin Pokémon is meant for him. With a confident look, he tosses the Pokéball out, but to his dismay, the Nidorino knocks it off nonchalently with the horn on its forehead. A soft chuckle then comes from behind, and comments that captures should be made when the wild Pokémon least expects it.

The kids turn around to see two teenagers standing next to a Venusaur and a Charizard, and the boy with a red cap who spoke to them earlier remarks that weakening the opponent will be a good move to start with. He notices a Pokéball containing a decent-looking Gengar on the blond lad's belt, and tells him to use it against the Nidorino. The blond lab quickly does as he was told, and is soon engaged in a heated battle against the wild Pokémon.

The red-capped teenager voices words of encouragement as he watches intently, but his companion who has spiked hair gets impatient after a while, and urges him to hurry. Upon a closer look, a young girl in the group gasps in shock, and recognizes the teenagers as two of the most reknown trainers across the land who have solved big crisis in both Kanto and Johto.

The boy with the red cap is Red, a Pokedex holder who has claimed the champion title in the Pokemon League Tournament held at the Indigo Plateau every 3 years. Travelling alongside with him is his long-time friend and rival Green, who is also a Pokedex holder, as well as the grandson of the famous authority in the Pokémon world, Professor Oak. The two are currently on their way to Oak's science lab after having received a message from the professor.

Red drapes his new red jacket with black sleeves over his shoulder, and resumes his journey with Green. He comments that Pallet Town hasn't changed much since they've been gone, and that the kids whom they saw a moment ago were just like themselves before they set out on their adventures with the Pokedexes. Green grins in agreement as their two starter Pokémon trail after them, and Red says Prof. Oak must have returned from his inspection in Hoenn following the crisis there if he is telling them to meet him in Pallet.

Green then sighs that the message from Oak was technically an urgent one, but Red never changes his personality in being easily distracted, which always ends up causing them delays over and over again. Red quickly laughs it off with an embarrassed look on his face, and wishes that the professor hasn't lost his patience.

The two teenagers soon arrive at the science lab, and Green pushes open the unlocked door as Red greets the professor out loud. To their surprise, no one seems to be around, and Red instantly notices three separate envelopes entitled to Green, Blue and himself respectively on the table, each with a Fame Checker placed next to it. Green sees that the envelopes are produced by the Vermillion Cruisers' Association, and Red wonders if the thing Oak wants from them has anything to do with the Vermillion Seaport.

Red is just about to check what the professor has in store for him when a loud bang is heard from outside. The two boys quickly dash out from the lab to see Venusaur and Charizard being ambushed by a fast-moving creature, and are surprised that the being is so quick that it is essentially invisible.

Green immediately orders a flamethrower from Charizard, and Red has his Venusaur, Saur, unleash a solarbeam. However, their mysterious assailant shoots into the sky with the speed of a jet, and vanishes before the attacks could hit it. Trying to recollect what has just happened, the two boys and their starter Pokémon remain stunned for a moment and stare blankly at the patches of grassland in front of them which has been stripped barren from the quick and sudden action a moment ago.

Without a word, Red puts on a determined look and straps on his jacket, making Green curious of what he's planning to do. Red explains that he has no idea what Prof. Oak has in mind, but it seems odd that he would call for an urgent meeting with them and not show up himself. Pulling up the zipper on his jacket, he says there seems a need to investigate, and Green decides to go with him. Green then remarks that the Fame Checkers, which are recorders of short speeches, might contain a message from Oak, and tells Red that they should probably hear it first before setting out.

However, upon hitting the 'play' button on Red's Fame Checker, both boys listen in shock as the professor speaks of his decision to take back the Pokedexes from the two of them…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

269: The New Journey!

Volume 22