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While Red and Green are occupied on Two Island with Brinca's tough training, something else is stirring on Three Island. A gang of bikers have just set foot on the place, and are determined to cause havoc to the peaceful island. One punky biker who has rings pierced all over his face informs their leader that Three Island is also known as the kin island, consisting of a smaller islet connected to a bigger one which they're standing on, just like a child attaches to its parent. He points towards a bridge not far from them, and says the smaller islet houses the famous Berry Forest where rare berries blossom throughout the year.

The gang leader grins that they shall head over to claim all the berries and burn down the forest afterwards, and beckons his mates to move along on their big and fancy motorcycles. Not far ahead, a little girl named Lostelle is playing with her Dunsparce in the bushes. Being entirely caught up in chasing her Pokémon around, she is totally oblivious to the noisy vehicles approaching, and unknowingly steps out onto the main road just when the biker gang is about to pass through. The horrified men holler in shock upon seeing someone on their track, and immediately pull hard on the brakes, making the bike tires screech against the rough ground as they come to a complete halt a split second before hitting the girl.

Narrowly escaping death, Lostelle sits on the ground with a terrified look and clutches tight to her Dunsparce. The bikers dislodge from their vehicles with a Marowak, Lickitung and Gastly, and start marching angrily towards her. The gang leader picks her up by the collar, and vows to teach her a good lesson for getting in their way. Lostelle bursts into tears and pleads for mercy, but the man states that he shall crush her into pieces, and raises his arm to prepare to strike.

Suddenly, something speeds across the island towards the scene, and an aqua green and orange being without warning leaps out from the bushes behind the biker gang. Before the bikers have time to react, the creature thrashes its four long tentacles around to tear their motorcycles into pieces, and sends all the men and their Pokémon flying into the air.

Back at the Network Centre on One Island, Bill and his Farfetch'd have just retrieved two boxes of tools from the store room, and are on their way to join Celio in fixing the Pokémon transfer system. The young inventor thinks to himself if it is a good idea afterall to let Red and Green follow the peculiar old lady, and wonders if Brinca is really who she claims to be. He then walks by the first aid booth, and peeks in the curtains to see that Blue still hasn't regained consciousness. He takes a look at the Fame Checker placed next to Oak's envelope to her on the bedside table, and recalls his conversation with Red and Green earlier.

Right before the two boys parted ways with him at the island's seaport, Bill has pointed out the possibility of Blue's envelope and Fame Checker holding important clues to all the happenings so far. He rationalized that since the girl already had a Tri Pass when they met her, and in her diary clearly stated that she has returned her Pokédex to Oak, the content in the her envelope from the professor as well as the recorded message in her checker would logically be different from those of Red and Green's. However, while Red also supported his point of view, the boy felt that Blue was the person the items were meant for, and they should leave it to her to discover their contents.

Just then, Bill hears a call from Celio, and turns around to see his colleague running towards to him with a troubled look on his face. The man informs him that the transfer system's dysfunctioning doesn't seem to be an intrinsic problem, but eerily due to the effect of a powerful energy field building up at the Sevii Islands instead. Gasping in surprise, Bill picks up his box of equipment, and hurries over to check on the system himself.

Meanwhile, on Three Island, the gang of bikers and their Pokémon are laying motionless amid the rubbles of their demolished motorcycles. The aqua green and orange creature grips the gang leader by his neck with a tentacle, and lifts him off the ground while the man struggles to free himself. Without warning, the creature delivers another blow to swat him down, and shoots itself up into the sky with the speed of a jet, vanishing in a blink of eye.

The gang leader pants to catch his breath on the ground as he continues to tremble from the terror of their assailant's merciless assaults, and suddenly notices a middle-aged man in black suits approaching from behind. Thankful that someone has come to their rescue, he hysterically pleads for the man's help, and says the alien-like monster nearly killed them. To his surprise, the man puts on a cold look, and smacks him across the face with the back of his hand.

The gang leader realizes that the man is on the alien's side, and angrily sends out a Magmar to fight. But the black-suited man releases a Nidoking and Nidoqueen, and the two giant poison Pokémon instantly unleash a combined rocktomb to knock their opponents down.

Lostelle watches all of this with horror in the bushes, and sees the black-suited man walk over to the fallen biker gang leader. The man mocks them for being bullies while not really living up to the name of evil when faced with greater forces, and remarks that the creature who attacked them is no ordinary monster. Originating from space and with skills and abilities that surpass anything on earth, it is easily the most powerful Pokémon alive and bears the name Deoxys.

Shooting a final look of contempt at the bikers, the black-suited man turns around to walk away as a familiar big red R glares like a symbol of terror in front of his chest…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

275: Action Terminated!

Volume 23