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Outside the Viridian Gym, Silver and Yellow begin their 2 on 2 tag battle with Storc and Oca. Without warning, Storc's Banette delivers a double-edge, and rams its body hard into the face of Silver's Gyarados, causing the sea dragon to wince in pain. Silver grits his teeth in frustration, and orders Gyarados to repeat a fireblast.

A star-shaped ball of flame instantly bursts out from Gyarados's mouth, but Banette adeptly jumps out of the way, and the attack surges towards Storc instead. However, the tall woman remains calm, and compliments the powerful strike while lifting her hand to stroke her slightly charred right cheek. She remarks that the deep red tone of the alternately coloured Gyarados is truly a precious beauty, and says Silver seems to share the same interests as Giovanni.

Standing a few feet away, Yellow sees that Silver is having a hard time against their opponent, and wonders what she should do. But her thought is quickly interrupted by Oca, who tells her to focus on their side of the battle. The big man grins that tag battles are all about cooperation between two trainers, and says he shall disrupt the tie between Silver and her right away to give them no chance to win.

With that, his Jumpluff sends out a blast of cottonspore, and immediately shrouds the entire area with floating white cotton bundles. Yellow gasps in shock that she is unable to see her surroundings, and calls out for Silver. Fortunately, Silver quickly finds her and tells her to stay close. The red haired boy grunts that their visual range has been greatly reduced, and warns that the enemy may ambush them from any direction.

Oca smirks that there is more to it, and takes out his copy of the Black Pokédex created by Jagura based on the ones Prof. Oak made. He reads that Jumpluffs are Pokémon that catch the wind to float around the world, and says his Jumpluff is of no exception, and has circled the entire world once. As a result, it has encountered various kinds of spores, be it poison powder, stun spore, or sleep powder, and carries all of them in its cotton puffs. This means ones will get inflicted with any status condition upon contact with the particular kind of spore attached to the cotton the Pokémon fires out.

Just then, one of the cotton bunddles parachutes down onto Chuchu's head, and the electric rat instantly gets paralyzed by the stun spore on it. While Yellow rushes over to tend to Chuchu, Silver discovers that his Gyarados has been put to sleep by a sleep powder containing cotton as well. Silver knows that with all the cotton still floating around, it will be pointless to restore the condition, as the Pokémon are bound to be inflicted with another one again right away.

Storc applauds Oca for making such a wise move, and grins that he indeed understands her meaning when she said they are going to battle without getting the boy hurt. By making the two young trainers' Pokémon unable to fight, they would have no choice but to surrender.

Silver thinks hard to come up with a plan, but to his surprise, Yellow tells him to leave it to her. The girl takes out her fishing rod, and attaches a Pokéball to the free end of the line. She then closes her eyes, and Silver sees that the Pokéball is rolling on its own on the ground. He recalls what Blue told him about Yellow being a unique trainer with the ability to make inanimate objects like Pokéballs move, and for the first time witnesses it himself.

Still with her eyes closed, Yellow states that she is trying to get the Pokéball outside the flock of cotton without the enemy's notice, and through her telepathic skills, sees that the Pokéball is now right at the foot of Storc and Oca. The two TR secret agents are completely oblivious to the Pokéball until it pops open, and Yellow's Omastar, Omask, quickly charges out to deliver a blizzard.

The powerful attack instantly turns Jumpluff into a block of ice, and freezes the floating cotton bundles altogether. Watching the frozen spores falling onto the ground, Storc finds it hard to believe that a single attack manages to do that, and wonders how well trained the Omastar is. Oca hurriedly flips out the Black Pokédex again, and accesses its function which could quantify a Pokémon's strength into numerical value, an additional feature not in Prof. Oak's original Pokédexes.

The Black Pokédex displays a number 42 for Omask, and Oca giggles that it is nothing to be worried about. He then points the device towards the other Pokéballs in Yellow's waist pouch, and finds a Butterfree at 20, a Golem at 39, a Dodrio at 33, and a Raticate at 25. The big man couldn't help but let out a laugh when he sees how weak Yellow's other party members are, and says the Omastar probably just managed to take down his Jumpluff by luck and by the type advantage earlier.

However, his laughter is soon cut short by Yellow, who puts on a serious look and states that the Viridian Forest has been turned into a battle ground for too many times in the past. She will certainly not allow that to happen again, and vows to take down those who disturbs that peace of the forest. She squeezes her fists in anger and shoots Storc and Oca an angry stare, and Oca's Black Pokédex begins to beep rapidly. The big man puts on a bewildered look as he looks at the device, and Storc wonders what is going on. Oca shows her the dex screen, and gasps that the numerical values for Yellow's Pokémon are for some reason quickly climbing to the 80s.

Meanwhile, on the giant TR battle airship up in the air above, Giovanni remains on his knees as he pants to regain his breath. He looks up to the monitor screen, and to his dismay, sees Red, Charizard, and Mewtwo giving chase from the Sevii Islands. He finds it amusing how with 'r', the tower which has a mind on its own; the M2 Bind, a special device designed to restrain Mewtwo's deadly powers; and the Deoxys-Divides, clones of Deoxys which are numerous in number, all failed to hold back the boy from coming after him.

He wonders if it is fate that he must fight Red again, and after a moment of thought, believes that true victory cannot be obtained without a formal battle afterall. He pulls on a handle on the computer, and the ceiling of the room gradually opens up. Giovanni hopes that Deoxys is up for the idea as well, and the DNA Pokémon responds by moving close to its trainer. Looking up into the open sky, Giovanni hopes that his son won't mind waiting a bit longer for their reunion, for he must seek redemption for his defeat 5 years ago, at that very same place, Viridian.

Outside, Red continues his flight on Charizard with Mewtwo, and soon spots Team Rocket's giant battle airship hovering right above the Viridian Forest ahead of them. But as they begin to edge closer, the middle portion of the aircraft suddenly opens up while its head and tail elongate to either end. A battle platform is soon set up in between, and Red gasps that the TR battle airship has changed into a battle stadium in mid air…

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290: Midair Battle Stadium

Volume 25