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Gawking at his Black Pokédex with a bewildered look on his face, Oca gasps in disbelief as he watches the numerical values, which quantify the power of Yellow's Pokémon, skyrocket to the high 80s. In a flash of light, Yellow calls out the remaining four members of her team, Freesk the Butterfree, Golosk the Golem, Dodosk the Dodrio and Ratty the Raticate, and glares at her foes who are threatening to disrupt the peace of the Viridian Forest once again.

Oca rationalizes that the young trainer's emotions must somehow be in synchrony with the strength of her Pokémon, and its sudden surge is now enabling them to unleash powers that they normally don't display. Silver listens with utter surprise, and is clearly shocked about this special power Yellow possesses.

Storc, on the other hand, keeps her calm look, and states that while she thinks this makes their battle even more interesting, they have some important business to tend to first. She motions Oca to look upwards, and the big man notices with a start that their giant battle airship has transformed into its stadium mode, signifying that a battle is taking place.

Storc reveals that Mewtwo has managed to trail them all the way from the Sevii Islands afterall, and Silver quickly pulls out his own scope to see the happenings in mid-air. To his shock, he sees the psychic mutant, Mewtwo, engaging in a fierce battle against an aqua green and orange creature which he has never seen before.

Storc remarks that it is the Pokémon Deoxys which embodies the powers of space, and that the man giving commands is their boss, Giovanni. She then narrows her eyes, and with a wicked smirk, addresses Silver by his name, before stating that the man is also his very own father.

Silver instantly feels as if the air has been knocked out of his lungs. His body begins to tremble, and his immediately response is denial. He refuses to believe that the evil Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket which he has been fighting for so long, is actually his father, someone he has been searching for all these years. His steps become unsteady, and he slowly tumbles backwards, all the while telling himself that it is all a lie.

After getting over her initial shock, Yellow notices that Silver is starting to lose his mind, and worriedly call out to him. The red haired boy's vision gradually blurs out, and the only thing that captures his eyes is the expanding dark body of Storc's Banette and its glaring red eyes. Storc smirks that in the shaken state, even those who seal their hearts strong will show a crack in their mind. Yellow realizes that the evil woman is trying to hypnotize Silver, and screams for Silver not to look into Banette's eyes.

However, it is too late. The ghost Pokémon swings a pointed finger towards's Silver's face, and he instantly buckles at his knees. Storc dashes over to scoop the boy up into her arms before Yellow could reach out, and quickly returns to the shuttle together with Oca. The two Beast Warriors swiftly take off after shooting a grin of mockery to Yellow, and the enraged young trainer immediately gives chase on Freesk.

On the shuttle, Oca wonders why they are suddenly having this change of plan. Storc steals a glance out of the window at Yellow, and states that they have just escaped a dangerous situation. Her statement clearly catches Oca by surprise, and Storc explains that she is referring to the straw hat trainer.

She explains that it is the first time she has ever met someone whose emotions are in synchrony with the Pokémon, and it is crucial that they finish their task and bring their boss's boy back to him before they engage in another battle with the straw hat trainer, because one thing is for sure, whether the straw hat trainer takes on Oca or her, or even both of them together, they will most certainly lose. Resting his head of Storc's lap, Silver remains in a trance with a blank look on his face.

Back on the TR battle airship's mid-air battle stadium, Red hollers that the one point they must target is the crystalline organ on Deoxys's chest, and Mewtwo quickly sends out a powerful blast of energy towards where Red pinpoints.

However, Deoxys curls its tentacles in front of its chest and morphs them into its hands to deflect the attack, thrusting it away and upwards into the sky instead. Giovanni demands to know what kind of strategy it is, and states that he is utterly disappointed in Red's very unthoughtful tactics. He hopes Red understands that Deoxys isn't the kind of opponent to simply go down from brutal forces, and says he expects a well planned counter attack from him and not some no-brainer moves.

With that, Giovanni calls Deoxys forward to attack, and the DNA Pokémon stabs its tentacles furiously at Mewtwo, who has a hard time dodging them. Mewtwo then returns the favour by striking out its left fist, but Deoxys swiftly morphs into its defense form to protect itself, and just as immediately changes into the attack form to swat Mewtwo back with its deadly tentacles.

Watching the two psychic Pokémon battle it out, Giovanni smirks that Deoxys's crystalline organ is actually not a bad place to target, and wonders how Red came to know that. Red remarks that in his previous battle with Deoxys, Pika has struck the same place with a thunder which managed to immobilize the Pokémon for a while, indicating that it bears some sort of life force. Giovanni grins that Red's guess is correct, and reveals that the crystalline organ on Deoxys's chest is in fact its core.

The DNA Pokémon changes back into its normal form briefly, but morphs into its speed form again to escape one of Mewtwo's strike. It then lashes out its two solitary tentacles to strangle Mewtwo, before turning them into hands as it returns into its normal form.

Just when it seems that Mewtwo has no means to fight back, the psychic blast Mewtwo sent off which Deoxys deflected towards the sky earlier comes charging back, and stabs right through the crystalline organ on Deoxys's chest in the form of Mewtwo's signature psychic spoon.

Meanwhile, on Seven Island, Brinca breaks free from rubbles of the collapsed top half of the Trainer Tower, and is upset that everyone else has forgotten that she is still in the building. She kneels on one of the cement blocks to catch her breath, and thinks that the young trainers must have succeeded to escaping from the tower already.

Suddenly, the cement block she's resting on begins to tilt over, and Brinca realizes with a start that she is next to a cliff and quickly falling off it. Not far away on Brinca's Dragonite, the Sea Gallop sailor and Lorelei notice the old woman, and Lorelei quickly orders an iciclespear from her Shellder. The clamp Pokémon sends off a barrage of frozen needles to skillfully pin Brinca against the cliff wall without hurting her, and everyone hurry over on Dragonite to help Brinca.

Brinca is glad that Lorelei and the sailor are both alright, and sees that Blue's parents are also with them on Dragonite. She wants to know what happened to the battle inside the Trainer Tower, and the Sea Gallop sailor explains that Red and Mewtwo have both taken off to give chase, while Green and Blue are most probably still inside the lower half of the building. Brinca grins that they ought to regroup with the others now that everyone is safe, and Blue's parents are more than happy to hear that.

As Dragonite slowly hovers towards the remaining part of the Trainer Tower, Lorelei wants to know if Brinca has achieved her goal inside the tower. Brinca seems taken by surprise, and wonders what Lorelei is talking about. The young woman puts on a knowing grin, and says she has heard that Brinca is a very smart-headed old woman, and it is clear that she stayed behind in the tower not to assist Red and the others.

Brinca lets out a whole hearted laugh, and compliments Lorelei for her wit, saying that she indeed lives up to the name of being an Elite 4 member. She explains that she was actually fumbling through the various items and possessions of Team Rocket in the Trainer Tower, in hopes of finding something useful or precious, which she in fact did. She proceeds to reach into her sleeve, and pulls out a ragged sheet of paper.

Lorelei watches with curiousity as Brinca slowly unfolds something similar to a map, and the old woman explains that it is the Old Sea Chart, which shows the location of a mysterious place known as the Faraway Island…

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292: Father's Name is Giovanni!

Volume 25