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Sitting amongst the rubbles of the collapsed Trainer Tower on Seven Island, Brinca holds up the mysterious map which she called the Old Sea Chart, and tells Lorelei that it shows the location of a place known as the Faraway Island. She explains that an old acquaintance of hers has been searching for the item for years, and she's grateful that she finally found it inside the tower. She grins that she can't wait to tell her friend the good news, and starts fumbling through the other items she stored in her sleeve for a phone.

Behind them, Dragonite stands around to stretch itself out, while Blue's parents take a seat on a cement block right next to each other. The Sea Gallop sailor climbs into the entrance of the lower half of the Trainer Tower to yell out Green and Blue's names, hoping that his voice will reach the young trainers somehow.

Suddenly, Brinca's left sleeve rips from the heavy weight of the items inside, and everything instantly pours out onto the floor. Lorelei sweatdrops at the amount of materials Brinca has snatched from Team Rocket, and watches as the old woman stuffs everything back into her right sleeve, including an electronic book with the silhouette of a star-like Pokémon and the letter 'R' on the cover.

Having found her Pokégear, Brinca quickly makes contact with her acquaintance, which happens to be old Mr. Briney, and informs him about her discovery of the Old Sea Chart. However, to her disappointment, Briney doesn't sound too enthusiastic at all in his response, and Brinca demands to know why he sounds so indifferent when she's finally found the map he's been after for years.

Briney sighs that he just finds it depressing how the two of them always having bad timings between them, and states that he and his crew of the S.S. Tidal are now currently at no other than the Faraway Island itself. Brinca hollers in shock at the unexpected news, and Briney explains that he has managed to find the mysterious island after much hard work, and would probably have responded the way Brinca wanted if her phone call arrived ten days earlier.

Brinca quickly inquires if he is still on the island, but Briney says he has already returned from the expedition and is back on his ship. Brinca gasps that he must have encountered the phantom Pokémon Mew in that case, and Briney admits that he has, the creature which Brinca told him about that many years ago.

However, when asked if he managed to capture it, Briney sighs that phantom Pokémon aren't easy to catch, and Mew has fled from the island when it sensed their approach. While Briney continues his inform Brinca of the details, his Peeko, now a Pelipper, flaps its wings joyfully next to him while a sailor tries to persuade Briney to change into the captain's uniform, though to no avail.

Back on Seven Island, Lorelei is starting to get confused from the bits and pieces she is overhearing from the phone conversation, and wants to clarify that Brinca's old acquaintance is a man named Briney, and that he is currently searching for a wild Mew on the Faraway Island. Brinca nods that it is the case, and explains that Briney hails from Hoenn, and is very gifted in sailing ships. She adds that although the man has retired years ago due to old age, fate called upon his talent, and he became the captain of a speedy liner recently. Briney overhears Brinca calling him old via the Pokégear, and angrily yells that the two of them are of the same age, while Peeko and his sailor sweatdrop from behind.

Brinca then wants to know if it's possible to have another attempt at capturing Mew, and Briney believes that they have a chance. He states that the radar system on his ship has recorded the wave length of the special energy emitted by Mew during their brief encounter, and this enables them to track the phantom Pokémon's whereabouts. Quickly scanning the area with the S.S. Tidal's radar, Briney soon locates Mew, and finds that it is actually heading towards the direction of Kanto, and is currently passing through the Sevii Islands region where Brinca is.

Brinca and Lorelei gasp with surprise when they hear that, and the old woman wonders why Mew is going to Kanto. Just then, the Sea Gallop sailor shouts that he has found Green and Blue, and everyone turns around to see the two young trainers exitting the Trainer Tower with Saur, Turtley and Prof. Oak.

Meanwhile, on the TR battle airship's mid-air battle stadium, Mewtwo is still sprawled across the floor, struggling to recover from the stabbing of Deoxys's tentacles into its back earlier. Red kneels next to Mewtwo and urges it to stay strong, while Deoxys's charges up its deadly psychoboost in its attack form, a state which greatly raises its attack power. Red hollers that taking on the attack from such a short distance will be devastating, and tries his best to make Mewtwo get up.

However, it is too late. Deoxys hurls the blinding orb of light between its tentacles forward, and strikes Mewtwo square-chested, sending ripple after ripple of psychic energy coursing through its body before slamming it against the wall, all the while knocking Red off to the side, ripping off some of the garments from his jeans and sleeveless pullover.

Mewtwo literally feels the air being punched out of its lungs as it collapses to the ground after the impact, and Red calls out its name in desperation. The boy then shoots an angry glare at Deoxys, and prepares to send out Pika, Lax, Poli, Gyara, Aero and Charizard. But Mewtwo stops him with a mental voice, and mutters that the battle was set to be a one-on-one challenge right from the start. If Red calls forward other Pokémon, it would be no different from admitting defeat.

The battered psychic mutant struggles to get back on its feet, and assures Red that it is still capable of fighting while the boy watches on with a worried look. Mewtwo walks up to Deoxys again, and attempts to deliver a punch at its opponent's crystalline organ on the chest, but Deoxys slams its right knee into Mewtwo's stomach before it makes contact, and follows up with a series of brutal whipping with its tentacles.

Giovanni grins that the outcome seems obvious now, and says the Red's only choice is to surrender. However, Red isn't ready to give up just yet. He admits that Deoxys is really powerful, and it has become even more so ever since it teamed up with Giovanni, which he wouldn't deny gave him a chill down his spine. But seeing the unflinching attitude of Mewtwo through its injuries, it made it impossible for him to give up.

Deep inside him, he still holds the determination to stop Team Rocket from its evil schemes. More importantly, he is still determined to find out the reason behind the odd feelings stirred up inside him whenever he encounters Deoxys. Until all of these are fulfilled, he will not step away, and surrendering will be the last thing on his mind. With that, Red gathers himself and begins charging forward.

Back in the open seas of the Sevii Islands, the luxurious liner Sea Gallop sails at its maximum speed back towards Kanto, while Brinca, Green, Lorelei, Prof. Oak, Blue and her parents stand on the front deck with determined looks.

Ahead of them, a shimmering globe casts a gentle shadow on the water as it speeds towards the direction of Kanto. Inside the globe, the phantom Pokémon Mew focuses its gaze forward as it continues to move at an incredible swiftness…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

294: The Phantom is at Faraway!

Volume 25