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Yellow stares at the aqua green and orange creature fidgeting on the floor, and wants to know if it was the one who just spoke to her. Mewtwo recognizes the straw hair teenager as Yellow of the Viridian Forest, and remembers that the young trainer possesses the special ability to read Pokémon' minds and emotions.

Not far from them, pain suddenly surges through the body of Giovanni once again, and the man falls to his knees as he clutches tight onto the front of his chest, trying to suppress the agony. Yellow places her hand over the head of trembling Pokémon, and picks up that the creature is trying to tell her something since it knows it might not be able to last too much longer.

Red wonders what Deoxys wants to say, and Yellow realizes that Deoxys is the Pokémon's name. She clears her mind and focuses her attention on Deoxys, and hears that it is hoping to reveal its true identity. However, what she learns next causes her to bolt, and she turns around quickly to tell Red that Deoxys just claimed itself to be Red.

Red seems equally astonished and baffled by the statement, and urges Deoxys to tell them more. Giovanni opens his mouth and begins to speak, but just then, Storc appears on the stairs with Oca, and tells their boss not to bother as she shall do the explaning. The tall woman tells Oca to take their boss back inside first, and the big man quickly complies.

Red gets into a combative stance upon seeing the two TR secret agents, but Storc warns him to remain still, and reminds him that despite his seeming victory, he is still deep in the fortress of his enemy. With that, Red turns around and discovers that they are surrounded by Storc's Starmie and Persian, as well as Oca's Shuckle and Hoppip.

The boy grits his teeth in frustration as he watches Giovanni behind supported away by Oca, and Storc lets out a giggle before reiterating Deoxys's statement about being Red himself. She smirks that in order to answer the query, she must start by narrating the story of Deoxys's birth. Red snaps that there is nothing more to tell as he already knows that it is a Pokémon from space, mutated from a space virus which was showered by laser. Storc grins that while it is true, there are important details that have been missed out…

Everything turns out to be one big coincidence, and it all began when Hoenn's Mossdeep Space Centre sent its rocket into the outer space to investigate on the space virus they discovered. The virus, which underwent a sudden mutation, developed into two new life forms. Later, these life forms arrived on Earth by attaching themselves onto a comet, which was the famous Grand Meteor that landed in Hoenn.

The meteor eventually ended up in the hands of Prof. Cozmo, who kept the meteor for his own research, and returned the attached life forms back to the Mossdeep Space Center. There, the life forms were kept and nurtured in two separate cylinders, and given the code names Individual 1 and Individual 2.

Being the extensive underground organization it is, Team Rocket had its spies working in the Space Center, and it was through their spies that they learnt about the space mission and these new life forms, which they instinctively knew would one day become the most powerful Pokémon ever existed.

By a cross of fate, Hoenn was soon caught up in a catastrophe started by the legendary titans, and the Mossdeep Space Center was ambushed by a Team Magma lady and her Ninetales whose intentions were not certain. This incident gave Team Rocket the chance to break into the secret laboratory of the Space Center unnoticed, and smuggle the cylinders containing the two space life forms away on their giant battle airship.

Within the research lab of the TR battle airship, the new life forms continued to grow under close monitoring. From a simple circular crystalline organ, they slowly developed humanoid body parts, which were nothing more than energy waves, and remained ethereal in appearance. Yet, the two life forms demonstrated a marked difference in their growth. While Individual 1 developed a streamlined body with only one tentacle on both sides, Individual 2 had two coiled tentacles on each side, and its entire body appeared more balanced and rounded out.

The two had apparently diversed status as well, though both possessed the ability to see things far away, a trait which they named the psychic vision. Storc once assured Giovanni that after the life storms fully transformed into Pokémon, their psychic vision would definitely be able to locate his son.

Team Rocket didn't keep the life forms in Hoenn for long however. Soon after they smuggled them away from the Mossdeep Space Center, Storc bestowed a mission upon their subleaders, the TR Elite Trio, Ken, Ryu and Harry, to bring the creatures back to their headquarters in Kanto via their battle airship, while she, Giovanni, Oca and Jagura remained in Hoenn to handle other business.

During the flight from Hoenn to Kanto, the TR Elite Trio noticed that the life forms were starting to change in appearance, and quickly informed Storc via their communication devices. They explained that the moment they left Hoenn, the creatures began to adopt an unstable body form, and once they entered the borders of Kanto, they completely morphed into something else.

From their observation, the creatures demonstrated a total of four possible forms: Form A, with unmatched speed; Form B, with balanced attack, defense and speed; Form C, with supreme attack; and Form D, with a sturdy defence, the former two being exclusive to Hoenn, while the latter two being activated only in Kanto.

In order to match their names with their status, they eventually labelled the variations Speed, Normal, Attack and Defense, and discovered that the creatures lacked the stability to retain the forms of another region. The beings remained in their attack forms the whole time they stayed within the TR headquarters in Kanto, despite retaining the ethereal appearance.

After a bit of study, Storc concluded that the forms were under the direct effect of a region's climate and environment, and mused that the creatures were truly a mysterious species. Hoping to document their findings of this space Pokémon, Team Rocket compiled a report with electronic compatibilities which bore the creature's face on the cover next to a letter 'R'. At the same time, they also sought methods to let the creatures freely morph between the four forms within a single region.

Alas, things didn't go too smooth for Team Rocket. One day, Storc received an urgent call from the TR Elite Trio, informing her that Individual 2 has broken out of its cynlinder and escaped. Storc began to regret bestowing such an important duty on the three foolish subleaders, and as quick as she could, returned to Kanto with Giovanni and the others to check on the damage done to their headquarters by Individual 2's rampaging.

It turned out that their storage room has been severely wrecked, and the various cell samples and energy-bearing stones they kept there were totally destroyed, particularly one blood sample which caught Giovanni's immediate attention.

Tracking the whereabouts of Individual 2, Storc eventually located it on Birth Island, a solitary isle towards the south of the Sevii Islands' Six Island. At that time, both creatures had yet to develop past their ethereal body states, and Giovanni knew that they must get themselves ready to recapture the escaped individual, which they now name Deoxys, after it fully transformed into a Pokémon on Birth Island…

Listening to Storc's narration, Red and Yellow gasp in surprise that Deoxys has such a complicated background. Storc giggles that the creature they just defeated is Individual 2 who possesses a stronger and better developed psychic vision since it matured in the wild.

However, it also made it more difficult to recapture, which was why they utilized Individual 1. Making use of its retained ethereal and nearly invisible appearance due to the lack of exposure to the wild, they dispatched it to attack the Pallet Town Pokédex holders and kidnap their family, all for the sake of provoking Red.

Surprise and confusion immediately wash over Red's face, and he wonders if he has heard it wrong. Storc goes on to recall the ambush on Red and Green at Pallet, as well as the surprise attack on Blue and her parents on the Sea Gallop, and grins that they were all the work of Individual 1.

Unable to make any sense out of this, Red quickly stops the tall woman and demands to know what irritating him had anything to do with their scheme to recapture the escaped Deoxys. Storc grins that Red has always treasured his companions, and it was within their expectation that he would get infuriated over a threatful attack on his friends and loved ones, perhaps even more so than one on himself. The intense fury built up in him was exactly the emotion Individual 2 responded to, the only thing which would attract it.

Red just then remembers Deoxys's claim to be him, and though he still has no idea what it meant, he soon rationalizes the implication behind Storc's words. Apparently the lure has always been him, him alone, and Deoxys is attracted to not all the Pallet Pokédex holders, but him alone.

Storc puts on an evil smirk and ascertains Red's query, and reveals that aside from Giovanni and herself, everyone else within Team Rocket has been instructed to target all three Pallet Pokédex holders. Yet the truth was, Red was the only one that really mattered. As Red battled Individual 2 on Five Island, they observed their fight and collected detailed data with the Black Pokédexes, which enabled them to learn of the nature and attacking patterns of creature, and greatly facilitated its recapture.

Yellow then wants to know what happened to the other Deoxys, the one called Individual 1 who was used by them to provoke Red. Storc curls her lips into a mocking grin, and giggles that it has of course been abandoned, since its ethereal and unstable body state was the only thing that could be exploited, and it is now of no use to them anymore. Yellow's face grimaces at the cruel words and Red squeezes his fist in anger, while Individual 2, who remains weak on the ground, widens its eyes in despair and disbelief at the fate of its companion.

Yellow feels sorry for the Deoxys who was used and then abandoned for a stronger version of itself, and trembles with agony. However, at the same time, she knows that the Team Rocket secret agent still hasn't addressed the core issue, which is the real meaning behind Deoxys's claim to be Red himself.

Meanwhile, inside the TR battle airship, Silver slowly wakes up and wonders he is. In front of him, Giovanni lies with his eyes closed on the floor…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

296: Deoxys' Roots!

Volume 25