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Gold stares at the compact electronic machine Prof. Oak is holding, and wonders what it is. Oak explains that it is the new Pokédex, a device used to record the data of all Pokémon. Gold remembers seeing the Totodile thief possessing the same thing, and recalls that the boy seemed a little stealthy in his ways of handling the machine. Prof. Oak then believes that his assumption is correct, and explains that one of the three new Pokédexes he made has gone missing three days ago, not long before Prof. Elm's lab was ambushed. Joey seems to understand what the professor is hinting at, and Oak nods to state that he believes it was the same person who stole Totodile from Elm's lab and the Pokédex from him.

Joey wonders where the Pokédexes were when the burglary occurred, and Prof. Oak replies that he was keeping them with him at his second science lab out in the countryside of Cherrygrove, where he occasionally stays when he has radio sessions to attend in Johto. Joey explains to Gold that Prof. Oak originally resides in Pallet Town of Kanto, and that his granddaughter, Daisy, looks after the lab there when the professor is away. However, Gold doesn't seem to be interested in that piece of information, and walks over to ask Oak about the functions of the Pokédex instead. Oak explains that the device can detect the opponent's level, as well as arrange and manage the attacks of one's own Pokémon. Gold then realizes that the Totodile thief was earlier trying to analyze the level and abilities of Typhlo before coming up with appropriate attacks.

Prof. Oak thanks Gold for his help and turns to leave, but Gold thinks for a moment and suddenly stops him. Joey thinks that Gold must be trying to get the professor to take him to one of his recording sessions with the DJ singer Mary, but to his surprise, Gold mentions nothing about Mary and requests a Pokédex from Oak instead. Joey immediately freaks out at Gold's silly words, and apologizes to Oak for being inappropriate, but Gold hollers that he is serious and repeats his request. Oak gets momentarily stunned as well, then remarks that the Pokédexes were made for research purposes and not to be given away easily. Gold argues that he will need the device while fighting the Totodile thief to even out their advantages, but Oak persists in his stance despite Gold's peskiness and other ludicrous suggestions.

Prof. Oak soon gets impatient, and hollers that all the trainers whom have received Pokédexes from him were talented and skilled boys and girls, trustworthy young trainers whom he could depend on to help collect important Pokémon data for research. Gold snickers at the term skilled, and decides to prove his fighting abilities to Oak. Without warning, he orders a scratch from Aitro, and the little purple monkey delivers its strike on Oak's Stantler. Oak yells that he wasn't talking about brutal strength, but Aitro prepares another attack. Oak quickly orders a confuse ray from Stantler, and knocks Aitro into confusion in no time.

Gold rushes over to catch the falling Aitro, and glares angrily at Oak, who remarked that Gold's fighting skills didn't impress him in any way. The professor then points out that Gold is certainly not an appropriate candidate for receiving the Pokédex, as he fails to realize the heavy obligation associated with taking up the job as a Pokédex holder. All Gold sees is the superficial advantage of being able to manipulate levels and attacks, and that his attitude is no different from someone simply yearning for a piece of eye-catching treasure. Gold is left wordless, and turns to leave with an aggravated look on his face. He declares that he will prove himself strong and worthy to Oak one day, and speeds away with Aitro while Joey frantically runs after him and Oak silently watching the two boys go.

The next afternoon, Gold is busy training Aitro and Typhlo by having them run laps and do bunny hops at an insane amount of times. Joey watches worriedly with his Rattatta, and tells Gold to take it easy. But Gold is determined to impress Oak and keeps on with his harsh training. Just then, dark clouds start to gather in the sky above, and Joey looks up to notice rain starting to fall.

Later, Prof. Oak is hurrying back to his second science lab with Stantler and Ledyba while heavy rain pours. He comes across the mountainous region where Gold and Joey camp, and is shocked to see the two boys' tent torn and collapsed on the ground. He then hears a faint cry of help and rushes over to the cliff to find Aitro and Joey clinging onto a tree branch high above a fast-running stream. Oak quickly helps the two up and asks where Gold is. Joey explains that Gold and Typhlo dove into the stream to save his Rattatta, and were washed away together by the strong current. Prof. Oak immediately picks Joey up onto his Stantler, and speeds downhill to search for Gold.

Down in the fast-running stream, Gold manages to get Joey's Rattatta onto the shore with the help of several floating blocks. Struggling in the strong current, he notices that Typhlo is getting weak from all the water and the excessive training earlier that day, and quickly retrieves it into its Pokéball. He tells Typhlo that they might have to part ways there, and wishes it good luck in finding Totodile. He then strikes the Pokéball of Typhlo onshore with his billiard cue, and slowly loses grip on the wooden plank he's holding onto. Fortunately, just when Gold is about is get washed down the giant waterfall, Oak's Ledyba catches him in time and lifts him back to safe ground.

After the rain stops and everyone is safe, Oak yells at Gold for his maniacal behaviours and remarks that the excessive training Gold's Pokémon were having has eroded the ground greatly and thus made their campsite vulnerable to water flowing down from the mountain top. Joey defends Gold by saying that he risked his life to save Rattatta, and Gold all of a sudden fell on his hands and knees to beg Oak for a Pokédex. Seeing the determination Gold shows, Oak starts to give a second thought to his initial conclusion about the boy. He agrees to let Gold have a Pokédex, but requires an honest answer to a question. He remarks that the great trainers he has in Kanto treated their Pokémon as companions or friends, and wishes to know how Gold perceives his own Pokémon. Gold takes a glance at Aitro and Typhlo, and states that he wouldn't use companions or friends to describe them. He picks up Typhlo, and says while the two of them haven't met for long, they are both aiming to retrieve Totodile from the lab thief. Therefore, he would treat his Pokémon as his partners, partners who work towards the goal as he does.

Oak muses over the answer for a moment, and hands over the Pokédex to Gold with a grin, which Gold happily receives. Later, Gold decides to continue on his pursual of the Totodile thief, and Joey announces that he should return to New Bark Town to check on Prof. Elm. Gold thanks Joey for helping out, and says he wishes to retrieve Totodile and his bagpack as soon as possible. Hearing that, Oak stops the boys and quickly fumbles in his suitcase, and to Gold's surprise, pulls out the bagpack he lost. Oak explains that he picked the bag up somewhere near the stream, and was about to take it to the police station. Gold checks on the Pokéballs of his family Pokémon, and sighs in relief to see them safe. He then asks a favour from Joey, and requests that he brings them back to his mother at home. Just then, the Pokégear in his backpack rings, and Gold picks up to find his mother calling. He informs her that he will not be returning home right away, and after brushing off a few of her queries, hangs up.

Gold pulls out the montage of the Totodile thief Joey made, as well as the burnt glove he left behind, and notices the word 'Silver' sewed on the rim inside the glove. He rationalizes that it must be the name of the red haired boy, and is determined to catch up with him. He waves goodbye to Oak and Joey, puts on his equipments, and climbs onto his skateboard with his partners to depart on their journey…

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095: VS. Stantler!

Volume 08