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At Violet City, Gold presses the Donphan owner to tell him about Silver, but the young man says he doesn't know the boy. Gold remarks that he should at least have heard of him since they're both thieves, but the young man replies that he honestly knows nothing. Just then, a young lady walking by notices the montage of Silver, and tells Gold that she has seen the boy heading towards the Sprout Tower earlier.

Meanwhile, in the Sprout Tower, Silver is communicating with the person he's working under via his Pokégear. The man on the other side of the line states that Silver's current mission is to evolve Totodile with his own ways as soon as possible, and Silver coldly accepts the order before hanging up.

Later, Gold has arrived in front of the Sprout Tower. He learns from a writing next to the front door that a 30-meter tall Bellsprout acts as the central pillar to support the tower, and wonders if it is true. To avoid alarming Silver, he decides to get in secretly, and climbs onto the second floor with the help of a rope. He makes his way through an open window and is wondering where to go when a group of monks each with a Bellsprout suddenly appears to stop him. They welcome him as the new member to participate in their intense training, and start introducing themselves. Before Gold could say anything, they state that Gold will need to shave his head bald to join them, and a Bellsprout starts to move forward with its sharp and gleaming leaves. Gold immediately stops them, and says his hair is his life and he wouldn't let anyone mess with it. He introduces himself and says he isn't there to train, but the monks suddenly put on cold looks and say those who enter and are not preparing to join their group must fight them.

The monks order a swords dance from their Bellsprouts and Gold narrowly avoids when their sharp leaves crush the wooden floor beneath him. The Bellsprouts then arrange themselves into a circle and start unleashing a combined cut. Part of Gold's hair gets chopped off, and Gold angrily glares at the monks. He orders Aitro forward but the Bellsprouts form themselves into a pyramid and knock the little monkey back with reflect. Gold checks on his Pokédex to learn that Bellsprouts are very high speed, and knows that he will need a special tactic to overcome their teamwork. The monks grin and offer to let Gold decide on the Bellsprouts' final team formation to finish him off, and Gold tricks them into arranging themselves one on top of another.

Gold grins and says the Bellsprouts should look where they stand, and the monks holler in shock when they see Gold's Cyndaquil, Typhlo, hiding underneath the cracked wooden plank beneath the Bellsprouts. Typhlo charges up a powerful ember from its back and instantly chars all the Bellsprouts above it. Gold warns that Typhlo is able to turn the Sprout Tower into Charred Tower any instant, and demands the monks to cooperate with him and take him to Silver. Though unwilling, the monks let Gold has his way, and lead him to the staircase to the third floor. Gold wonders why Silver has come into the Sprout Tower, and asks the monks if there are treasues on the third floor, but the monks reply that while the first floor of the tower is for studying and the second for trainer battles, the third floor contains the ultimate challenge to personal training.

Gold reconfirms with the monks that the boy they saw entering the third floor earlier has long red hair, evil looks and a Totodile, and one monk points out that the boy happens to be standing right on top of the staircases at the moment. Gold looks up to see Silver, and prepares to fight. He is halfway up the staircases when Silver orders a slash from Totodile to destroy them. Aitro quickly grabs Gold with its tail and clings onto the remains of the stairs. Gold struggles to climb back on his feet, and swears not to let Silver get away this time…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

097: VS. Bellsprout!

Volume 08