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Gold continues to give chase as Whitney speeds ahead on her Miracle Cycle bike. Mary and her co-host brief the audience on the current status of the competition, and comment that both contestants seem determined to win. Whitney arrives at the road junction to route 37, and is shocked to see that a giant odd-looking tree is blocking the way. She yells angrily at the radio staff stationed in the van there for not setting the path clear for the race, and gets even more upset when Gold catches up with her.

Whitney decides to take care of the tree herself, and orders a rollout from Miltank. To her surprise, the tree barely sways from the attack and remains solid. Gold commands Typhlo to unleash its flames, but though fire normally burns down trees, the giant tree stands still. Not willing to be looked down by Whitney and Smeargle, Gold calls out his full party to deliver their combined assaults on the tree. While Aitro's scratch and Sunflo's tackle seem to do little, he notices that the tree fidgets a little when Politro attempts a watergun. Suddenly, a tremble echoes across the area, and Gold and Whitney gasp in shock when a giant Rhydon emerges from the trees behind them. It appears to be searching for something, but Whitney considers it a threat and quickly orders Miltank to fight.

The pink milk cow charges towards Rhydon with a tackle, but Rhydon counteracts with a seismic toss and throws it down. It then snatches up Whitney, and starts to make its way back into the woods. Mary and her co-host arrive just in time to see Whitney taken away, and quickly tells all the broadcast vans to give chase while keeping the audience informed about the newest situation. Gold decides to follow, but finds himself still intrigued by the odd-looking tree. He turns back to give it one last try, and orders Politro to fire another watergun. This time, the tree gradually shrinks into a smaller size, and Gold gasps in surprise when his Pokédex recognizes it as the imitation Pokémon, Sudowoodo. He learns from the dex that Sudowoodo often disguises itself as a tree to avoid attacks, and realizes that it must be hiding from the Rhydon earlier.

Gold tries to reason with Sudowoodo that running is not the solution to things, and that it has to beat Rhydon with its own strength before Rhydon will stop its pursuits. Sudowoodo seems unsure about it, but Gold points out that if Whitney's lousy Miltank can stand up against Rhydon, it could definitely do much better. Sudowoodo decides to give it a shot, and Gold takes out an empty Pokéball to let it in. He then proceeds to speed after the radio station vans on his scooter, and tells Sudowoodo that they have only one chance to make things right.

Once Rhydon comes into view, Gold positions Sudowoodo's Pokéball in front of his billiard cue, and strikes it straight towards the ground behind the giant drill Pokémon. Sudowoodo pops out, which momentarily stuns Rhydon, and delivers a powerful punch on its foe's chest, instantly knocking it out. Gold and his Pokémon cheer as Rhydon tumbles over, unfortunately taking Whitney with it.

Later, back at the Radio Tower recording studio, Gold rejoices over his moments of pride while Whitney, who has a broken arm, grits her teeth in anger at the shame she's showed during the live broadcast. Gold snickers that Smeargle should learn to show some respect to him from now on, and pinches hard on its cheeks. Smeargle retaliates by dabbing paint on Gold again, and the two immediately get into a big fight. Mary sweatdrops at the two's mutual hostility, and continues to slave through the huge pile of autographs Gold requested her to do. Whitney tells Gold not to be snide about his temporary victory, and swears to beat him the next time they meet, but Gold is far too consumed in his fight with Smeargle to hear her words.

After collecting his payment for doing the radio show, Gold leaves the studio and decides to take a stroll in the prosperous city. He suddenly notices that Sudowoodo is following him, and realizes it wishes to join his team. After a moment's thought, he decides to call it Sudro, and warmly welcomes it as his newest partner on the team…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

106: VS. Sudowoodo!

Volume 09