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Standing in the rubbles of the fallen Tin Tower, Gold hollers with disgust when he recognizes the dark-attired men as the same gang that he encountered at the Ruins of Alph and the Slowpoke's Well. The subleaders of the gang, Cart and Shum, put on evil grins and say they didn't expect anyone to still be in the city after it was evacuated when the earthquake struck. Cart snickers that Gold and Silver have involved themselves in a business that they should have stayed out of, and orders a gang of Drowsees, Ledians, Cubones, together with a Ninetales to attack.

Struggling hard to evade the deadly assaults, Gold wonders how will the two of them can handle that much enemies and continues to dodge. Silver hollers that Team Rocket must have been the culprits inducing the earthquake, and Gold is surprised hear that the disaster was man-made. Cart is impressed by Silver's insight, and suddenly realizes that he must be the red-hair boy who was reported to have spoiled their plans both in New Bark and Azalea. He commands his Pokémon to focus their attacks on Silver, but Gold cuts in with Typhlo and quickly knocks out a Drowsee, Ledian and Cubone. Yet instead of thanking Gold, Silver tells him not to butt into his business, and watch out for himself instead.

Cart grins that Gold and Silver must be desperate to see their powerful Pokémon causing the earthquake, and the ground the two boys are standing on start to tremble and shake. A giant Piloswine then emerges from the rubbles of the Tin Tower and begins to chase after them. Gold gets taken aback by the size of the creature, and Silver remarks that it possesses both ground and ice abilities. Gold decides to go on the offensive, and orders a watergun from Politoed, but the green frog ignores his command, and Gold realizes that he still hasn't trade it back from Silver. The TR Pokémon start to close in on Gold, and Silver tells him to take care of them while he handles Piloswine.

The giant ice Pokémon crumbles the ground with rocksmash and take down, and Silver has no choice but to cling onto his Murkrow and keep himself in the air. Cart laughs at the troubled looks he sees on the boy's face, and Silver thinks hard to come up with a strategy. He notices that the cold air emanating from Piloswine's body freezes any water that comes into contact with it, and decides that he will make the Pokémon turn this special ability back on itself. Still in possession of Gold's Politro, he orders a whirlpool from the green frog, and a blasts a water begins to swirl around the area. This quickly stirs up the surrounding rubbles to create an outflow of liquid cement, and the freezing cold air Piloswine gives out gets it trapped in the swirl and soon has it engulfed completely.

Cart hollers in shock when he sees Piloswine getting knocked out, and quickly calls over the other TR Pokémon. To his surprise, Gold has taken out all of them with his team, and is grinning victoriously at him. Cart grits his teeth in annoyance, and commands the other team members to release their full parties, but then Shum stops him, and says they shouldn't waste time bothering about unnecessary people as they have completed their mission. She remarks that they should have attracted the attention of Ho-Oh now that Tin Tower is destroyed, and the two boys both hesitate a little upon hearing the name Ho-Oh. Cart agrees that Shum is right, and quickly orders the team to retreat.

Gold tries to stop them, but the men are already gone before he could give chase. He turns around to see that Silver seems to be lost in thought about something, and demands to get his Politro back. The two boys reclaim their traded Pokémon from one another, and Gold welcomes Politro back to his team. He then decides that it is time for him to learn the truth of the recent happenings, and requests that Silver tell him about Ho-Oh. Silver keeps his mouth shut as usual, but Gold remarks that he saw the boy's momentary hesitation when the Team Rocket subleader mentioned the name, and presses Silver to unveil the secrets.

Gold goes on to say that he also wishes to know Silver's true intention behind his actions, as well as the so called 'missions' Silver is undertaking. Silver hisses that it is none of Gold's business, but Gold grins that they are both trainers possessing a Pokédex from Oak and a starter Pokémon from Elm, and says they ought to know each other better. He proposes a battle challenge, and remarks that Silver can choose not to answer if he wins. Silver thinks for a moment, and snickers that it could be fun.

That night, at the temporary refugee camp outside Ecuteak, Jasmine slowly wakes up to find herself in a room full of medics tending to the injured. The doctor informs her that she is suffering from minor injuries only, and tells her to rest for a few days. Ampharos looks on worried, and Jasmine gently pats its face. She then remembers being rescued by two boys the Tin Tower, and wonders where they are. One of the man remarks that Ampharos was the one who carried her out of the rubbles, and that everyone has been evacuated from the area around the ancient pagoda since the earthquake shook the city. Jasmine gets confused, and wonders if she has been dreaming all along.

Back in the city center of Ecruteak, Gold and Silver manage to find the remains of the PokémonCenter, and are pleasantly surprised when they discover that the HP restore machine has miraculously been left intact…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

110: VS. Piloswine!

Volume 09