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Standing next to the Lake of Rage on the far north side of Mahogany Town, Silver checks on the map on his Pokégear to ensure that he's in the right place, and silently waits until it's time to execute his mission. A few moments later, Gold arrives at the lake as well, and starts looking around for Silver with Typhlo. Just then, something bubbles in the lake, and numerous Gyaradoses suddenly charge out from the water. Gold jumps back in shock at the sight, and the tourists begin to scream and flee. Gold catches up with a middle-aged man, and inquires if the water serpents are one of the attractions at the Lake of Rage, but the man hollers that it's the first time such a large number of Gyaradoses appear, and that someone has to stop them before they start rampaging into town.

A shadow speeds towards the opposite direction from where the people are running, and Gold manages to see that it is Silver. He quickly gives chase, and soon finds the other boy preparing to attack next to the fences surrounding the lake. He grabs Silver's wrists, and grins that he has prepared to involve himself in whatever mission Silver is undertaking, and wants to know what they are working for this time. But then a Gyarados thrashes its large tail onshore and Silver quickly pushes Gold out of the way, narrowing avoiding the hit. Silver barks that Gold should first learn how to look out for himself, and try to observe closely the happenings around him. Gold wonders what he is talking about, and Silver points towards the lake. Gold turns around to see a Magikarp splashing out of the water, and much to his surprise, it trembles in pain and all of a sudden evolves into another Gyarados.

Silver points out that the whole area seems to be infested by a strange radio wave, and holds up his Pokégear to show the signal intereference it picked up. He then calls out Murkrow and lifts off into the air, while Gold wonders what he is doing. Silver explains that he will hover closer to the Gyaradoses for a better inspection, and tells Gold to ensure that they don't leave the lake. Another Gyarados thrashes its tail towards the shore, and Gold quickly has Politro knock it back with a doubleslap. Politro continues to deliver its attacks on the charging water serpents, and Gold notices two Magikarps evolving into yet another two Gyaradoses.

Silver watches more Magikarps evolving, and rationalizes that a source must be constantly emitting the evolution-inducing waves. Gold starts to falter from the continual attacks of the numerous Gyaradoses, and knows that they will have to find a way to stop the waves from being generated quick, but neither of them seem to have luck tracking down the elusive source. Meanwhile, at the science lab in New Bark, Prof. Elm is trying to contact Gold but he visual phone system fails to receive any signals from the boy's Pokégear. Joey wonders if the computer is malfunctioning, but Elm reasons that it is more likely to be signal interference by a third-party wave. He gets worried about Gold, and prays that the boy has not mingled himself into something dangerous.

Back at the Lake of Rage, a red Gyarados emerges from the water, and Gold gasps in shock at its unusual colour. Almost immediately, the Pokégears of Gold and Silver pick up an increased fold of signal interference, and both boys realize that the strangely coloured Pokémon must be the source of the evolution-inducing waves. The red Gyarados fires a hydropump towards the shore, and Gold quickly jumps out of the way with Politro. Silver notices that the atrocious Pokémon appears to be wild, and hollers that the quickest way to stop it from generating waves will be to capture it. Gold hurriedly orders a whirlpool from Politro, and the swirl of water manages to immobolize Gyarados temporarily. Flying low on his Murkrow, Silver commands a pursuit from the black bird, and tosses out a Pokéball. The surprised red water serpent gets caught, and the radio waves instantly die out. Free from the constraints of the strange waves, the lake of Gyaradoses start to calm down, and slowly retreat into the water.

Silver then decides to store the wave signals picked up by his Pokégear previously just in case he needs it in the future. Gold remarks that someone must have manipulated the whole event from behind, and wonders if it was the Team Rocket gang back in Tin Tower again. Not exactly pleased by the other boy's involvement in his work, Silver coldly states that he is warning Gold one last time to mind his own business. He points out that the real enemy he's fighting against is far stronger than the TR members they faced in Ecruteak, and that he can't afford to waste time watching out for Gold during his missions. Gold snickers that it's too late to withdraw himself from the whole TR business now, since he has wrecked their plans far too many times to remain unnoticed. Silver holds up a Pokéball, and hisses that Gold is choosing a path of no return. Knowing that Silver is trying to sway his decision with a rematch, Gold hollers that he has a choice of his own as well, and that it is none of Silver's business to interfere with it.

Suddenly, a mysterious mist starts to shroud over the area, and Gold bolts with a start when a nostalgic creepy atmosphere arises. Both boys quickly turn around, and gasp in shock as the mysterious masked man, Mask of Ice, materializes out from the mist…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

112: VS. Red Gyarados!

Volume 09