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At the Lake of Rage, Gold and Silver charge towards Mask of Ice, and command a combined attack from Typhlo and Sneasel. Mask of Ice giggles that they are underestimating his skills, and calls out Hounder and Ariados to deal with them. But Typhlo quickly unleashes a flamewheel on Ariados, while Sneasel knocks Hounder back with an icy wind. Mask of Ice compliments on their team work, but laughs that it is still not enough to beat him. He shrouds himself and the area with a mist again, and Gold starts to lose sight of Hounder and Ariados. Without warning, Gastly attacks him from behind, and Mask of Ice takes the chance to sneak up to Silver.

The masked man wonders what has become of the long-haired girl Silver ran away with, and laughs that her foolish attempt to escape ought to cost her life. Silver gets ticked off, and orders a quickattack from Sneasel. Delibird fends it off with its ice fork, and Sneasel follows up by unleashing a rocksmash. Gold grabs Silver by the arm and tells him to keep his cool. He remarks that the enemy is trying to lower his guard by provoking him, and says it is important to remain composed during battles. However, Silver is far too aggravated to listen. As Mask of Ice lifts off on Delibird, Silver freezes Gold's feet with Sneasel's icy wind to stop him from interfering, and quickly gives chase on his Murkrow. Hounder and Ariados reappear to close in on Gold, and Gold thinks hard to come up with a plan.

Up in the air, Silver catches up with Mask of Ice right above the Lake of Rage, and orders Murkrow to deliver a wing attack. But Delibird retaliates with a headbutt, and Mask of Ice giggles that Silver has foolishly fallen into his trick to separate him from Gold. The man laughs that Silver cannot win by himself, and commands Delibird to blast him down with another blizzard. Silver manages to stay airborne, and states that Mask of Ice has underestimated him as well. He hollers that it is time for Mask of Ice to pay for all the evil kidnappings he's done, and reveals that he has deliberately lured him to the center of the lake.

The ferocious Gyaradoses that rampaged earlier all of a sudden charge out from the water, and Mask of Ice jumps with surprise when he finds himself quickly surrounded by a dozen of the water serpents. Silver remarks that one should suffer from his own evil doings, and calls out his red Gyarados. He smirks that he now possesses the source emitting the special radio waves that is able to exert control over the whole lake of Gyaradoses, and commands a combined hyperbeam from all of them.

Meanwhile, Gold has defrosted the ice around his feet, and is still being chased by Hounder and Ariados. Knowing that he can't run forever, he calls out Aitro to battle. The little purple monkey skillfully dodges the assaults of both attacking Pokémon, and eventually manages to get them to crash into each another by using a double team. Hounder and Ariados both get knocked out from the head-on collision, and Gold quickly heads over to assist Silver. To his shock, all the Gyaradoses are frozen solid along with the whole lake. He spots Silver lying motionless next to his Sneasel and red Gyarados, and hurries over to check on him.

However, before he could come close, ice stalactites start plunging down from above and hit the frozen lake surface. The ice below Silver gives way, and Gold hollers in shock as the boy sinks into the lake. Mask of Ice reappears on one of the frozen Gyaradoses, and giggles that Gold will be the next one. Another barrage of ice stalactites come blasting down, and Gold struggles hard to evade them. Gold demands to know why Mask of Ice had to torture Silver that way, and the masked man laughs that it's his punishment for running away. Gold begins to argue that no one has the right to decide the destiny of another person, but before he could finish, a giant ice boulder crashes into him from above, and sends him plunging into the frozen lake as well…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

114: VS. Delibird (Part 2)!

Volume 09