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Out in the countryside of Cherrygrove, Prof. Oak is facing three wild Slugmas with his Stantler and Ledyba. Ledyba confuses its foe with a supersonic, and Stantler quickly delivers a take-down to weaken them. Oak tosses out a Pokéball to attempt a capture, but to his surprise, the leading Slugma fends it off easily and puts on an arrogant look. It then turns to leave with its companions, leaving the professor to feel dejected by his own failure. Oak sighs that age really takes its toll on a trainer, and recalls the good old days when he still excels in both Pokémon battling and capture. Looking at the Pokédex in his hand, Oak couldn't help but wonder if he will ever get it filled. Of the three new Pokédexes he has made, one was stolen and another taken by a frivolous boy whom he even lost contact with recently. Holding onto the third of last of the special machines, the professor prays that a trainer who could complete it will appear soon.

Later, back at his second science lab to the north of Cherrygrove, Oak sits down in front of his computer and notices an incoming call from Bill. He quickly establishes connection through the visual phone system, and the young inventor's face appears on the screen with an excited look. Bill exclaims that he has finally found the suitable trainer to help fill the Pokédex, and Oak chokes on his tea upon hearing the news. The professor demands to know the details immediately, and Bill explains that he received an email from someone who claims to be a specialist in capturing Pokémon. The email did not specify the name and age of the person, but he or she has requested a sum of money as a reward for taking up the task to fill the Pokédex.

Bill adds that the person wishes to meet with Oak personally, and has included in the mail the map of a specified meeting place as well as the meeting time. He quickly faxes over the details to Oak, and the professor reads that the claimed to be capture specialist will meet him in Violet City at 3pm that afternoon, which is just 30 minutes away. Bill warns that the email might have just been a hoax, but Oak decides that he can't afford to pass up on the chance to meet a prospective Pokédex filler, and prepares to set off. Meanwhile, Bill's Vulpix and Exeggcute have ushered Bill's face away from the camera, and taken over the entire computer screen…

At the Pokémon Academy in Violet, with a skirt and apron on, Crystal continues to sweep away the fallen leaves as the children and their Pokémon play around merrily. The owner of the academy, Earl, walks over while doing his usual spinning, and sincerely thanks the girl for constantly helping them out. Crystal gets embarrassed and says she's only doing what she could, and remarks that it is really kind of Earl to set up such a nice and safe place where children can study and play with their Pokémon. Just then, part of the wooden fences surrounding the academy crumbles down, narrowing missing a young boy, and Earl sweatdrops that the place certainly cannot be called safe.

With the students' tuition fees as the only income, Earl explains that it is getting increasingly hard to sustain the academy, especially when they have taken in quite a number of orphans as well as abandoned Pokémon recently. The chubby little man sighs that he is certainly a bad propietor, and Crystal wishes there is something she could do. Suddenly, a ball of fire shoots in from the cracked fences towards a young girl and her Sentret, and the children yells in a frenzy when three Slugmas barge in through the opening to surround the two. Professor Oak happens to be right outside the academy at the time, and he quickly runs in to see what is going on when he hears the screams. He instantly recognizes the unique shape of the leading Slugma's head, and realizes they are the same Slugmas he faced in the countryside earlier.

Crystal tells Earl to direct the children to the basement immediately, and stays behind to face the wild Pokémon on her own. The leading Slugma unleashes another ball of flames to burn her skirt, and Oak runs over to put it out with his lab coat while telling her to stand back. He inform her of his identity, and remarks that he is actually there meet a trainer who claims to be a capture specialist. He says the trainer would be able to take care of the Slugmas once he or she arrives, and tells Crystal to bear with him a little longer. Hearing Oak's words, Crystal pauses for a moment, and suddenly walks up to release her full team of Pokémon, which causes the professor to jump with surprise.

Crystal orders an extremespeed from her Arcanine, named Arcanon, and a mach punch from her Hitmonchan, named Channon, and the two Pokémon instantly knock off the Slugmas surrounding the weeping young girl and her Sentret. Crystal hurries over to help the girl up, and tells her to join the others at the basement. Oak remarks that he has never seen such ferocious Slugmas before, and says he really wishes to capture them for study. Crystal puts on a grin when she hears the word 'capture', and all of a sudden pulls off her skirt and apron, which makes Oak jump again and cover his eyes, not knowing that the girl actually has a pair of biker shorts underneath.

Having removed the clumsy skirt, Crystal commands a meanlook from her Smoochum, named Smoochon, to disable the Slugmas from escaping. She then has her Parasect, named Paron, unleash a spore, and instantly puts the lava Pokémon to sleep. Positioning a whole stack of Kurt's speical Pokéballs in front of her, she picks the levelballs and kicks them towards the Slumgas, trapping all three in a flash of light. Oak watches in awe with his mouth wide opened, and Crystal grins that the capture was successful.

Oak wants to know why Crystal chose the levelballs which are only effective when the wild Pokémon is of a much lower level than that of the trainer's, and the girl explains that although the Slugmas are aggressive, the only attack they've used is ember, and she figured out that they couldn't be of very high levels. Then to Oak's surprise, Crystal gives him a proper greeting and thanks him for cominng to meet her. The professor realizes with a start that the girl standing in front of him is the capture specialist, and is stunned speechless. Crystal remarks that she is the sender of the email, and formerly introduces herself, telling Oak that she goes by the nickname Crys.

A few days later, at the Pokémon Academy, the children are marvelling over the newly refurbished buildings, and Earl still can't believe what he is seeing. He remembers how construction workers came in one day all of a sudden to rebuild the academy, and gave a total face lift to the place. Most surprising of all, the reconstruction has been prepaid, and he didn't have to spend a single dollar for it. Earl wonders who could have been the generous donor, and secretly thanks whoever it is.

Back at Oak's second science lab, the professor hands over his last Pokédex to Crys, and remarks that he has taken care of the Pokémon Academy's reconstruction as she requested. Crys thanks him, and puts on a confident look and she prepares to embark on her journey…

As the capture specialist Crystal sets out on the voyage to fill Prof. Oak's new Pokédex, three mythical creatures finally break free of their constraints at the basement of Ecruteak's Burnt Tower. Dashing off with the speed of light, the three part ways in mid-air as they each begin to go in search for what they must seek…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

117: VS. Slugma!

Volume 10