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Morning has arrived in Johto again. Hiding herself behind a wall in the city streets of Violet, Crystal takes a peek at the Pokémon Academy, and overhears the children asking Earl about her. The children wants to know when Crys will be coming back, but Earl explains that he doesn't know the reason either, and has only received a written message from the girl that speaks of her possible prolonged absence from the academy. The chubby little man sighs that life is going to be difficult without Crys's help in the academy, and prays that she will return soon. Around the corner, Crys puts on a sad look after hearing the conversation, and silently apologizes to everyone for her sudden departure. She then decides that it's the best thing she could have done for the academy, and heads over to the PokémonCenter to send back Smoochon together with the Victreebell.

To her surprise, the lady behind the counter informs her that the Pokémon Transfer System is down. While the malfunctioning began in a few selected cities, the whole system in Johto has gone berserk recently due to unknown causes and stopped working altogether. Seeing from the status chart that all PokémonCenters across the land are affected, Crys wonders how will she be able to send back her new captures along her journey, and decides to contact Prof. Oak.

Back at Oak's second science lab, the two professors sigh in relief that they can finally get in touch with the girl. Oak remarks that Elm's Chicorita has run off from the lab earlier, and tells Crys to find and protect it. But then, Crys brings Megapon in front of the camera of the visual phone system, and grins that she has already found and even accepted Chicorita into her team. Oak and Elm are overjoyed to hear that, and start rejoicing among themselves, forgetting that Crys is still on the other side of the call…

Later, after hanging up, Oak embarrassedly grins that he has totally forgotten aboue the malfunctioned Pokémon Transfer System when he sent Crys out on her journey. Elm remarks that it will be difficult for Crys to bring back her new captures all the way back to Cherrygrove everytime, and suddenly wonders why is it that trainers cannot keep more than six Pokémon on their active party. Oak explains that technically one can carry around any number of Pokémon he or she wishes, but the problem is not every Pokémon will receive the same amount of love and care if that is the case. Therefore, the Pokémon League has set down the guidelines that a trainer should only have six active Pokémon, and that is why all official battles limit a maximum entry of six Pokémon. He adds that while not everyone complies to the guidelines, Crys must be one of those who realiz the importance of having an equally tended team, and thus wishes to send back her Smoochum after letting Chicorita join her team. Elm finally understands the reason behind the six-pokemon rule, and hopes that the Pokémon Transfer System will be fixed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, at the countryside of Violet, Crys and Megapon are starting to sweat from the hot weather. Megapon spots a stream behind the bushes, and Crys decides to take a water break for a moment. An abandoned motorboat soon comes floating slowly downstream, and Crys decides to head over for a look. To her shock, a Flaaffy and Dunsparce are struggling to cling on to the rim of the boat, and she quickly reaches out to save them. But Flaaffy accidentally switches on the engine, and the boat starts to speed away, throwing both Pokémon back into the craft.

Crys tells Megapon to wait on the shore, and hurriedly takes off her coat before taking a long leap towards the boat. She manages to land inside the fast-moving craft, but Flaaffy and Dunsparce suddenly turn around to attack her. Crys realizes they must be acting out of panic, and quickly calls out Naton to deliver a psychic. The attack stuns both Pokémon, and Crys takes out her Pokédex to check on Flaaffy. Learning that the woolen part stores most of its body's electricty, Crys figures that she should aim for the rubbery skin for a capture, and tosses out a Pokéball. Flaaffy gets caught instantly, and Crys turns around to deal with Dunsparce.

To her shock, the land snake Pokémon is drilling itself into the boat, and she learns from the Pokédex that Dunsparce has the habit of escaping backwards by burrowing with its tail. Crys fails to stop Dunsparce in time, and water starts gushing in from the drilled hole. She knows that the craft will sink soon, and looks around for the nearest shore to plan for an escape. But Dunsparce leaps off before she could, and the girl quickly jumps after it and kicks off a Pokéball, right at the moment when the boat crashes into the rocks. The ball strikes Dunsparce head-on and captures it, but the momentary collision steers the ball away from the shore and has it shooting straight into the water. Megapon hurriedly extends the leaf on its head and manages to grab the falling Pokéball, but loses its ground and plunges in the water itself. Lifting herself into the air with Naton's psyhic powers, Cry quickly hovers over to grab Megapon and bring it back on shore.

Crys is about to scold Megapon for subjecting itself to danger, but the little leaf Pokémon shows the Pokéball it caught triumphantly to her, and Crys knows it was simply trying to prove itself useful. She thanks Megapon, and heads back to check on the crashed boat. She soon hears a beeping sound, and searches in the broken craft to find a Pokégear. She is still wondering who the owner could have been when a man's holler suddenly comes out from the Pokégear phone, causing her to jump back and scream. Whoever it is on the other side of the call tries to get Crys to continue talking, and reveals that he is the owner of the Pokégear and the motorboat.

Still not sure what to do, Crys asks what the man wants, and learns that the other is hoping that she would send over a Pokémon to help him. Crys wonders what he means as the whole Pokémon Transfer System is down, and requests to know where he is. To her surprise, an answer comes from above and Crys looks up to see a man flying on his Farfetch'd…

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119: VS. Flaaffy!

Volume 10