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The sun is beginning to rise. In a small village in Johto, Morty is standing on top of a clock tower with his eyes closed while his Gastly and Misdreavus hover around him. His right index and middle fingers are pressed firmly on his forehead, and he appears to be trying to locate something with his psychic powers. Down in the streets, the village chief and his daughter waits intently as the other villagers continue to gossip among themselves. An old farmer wonders if Morty is really reliable, and the village chief says the young man is famous for being able to see things other people can't. He is said to possess a special ability known as distant vision, and has been helping people to locate their lost items outside his gymleader responsibilities. The farmer takes another look at Morty, and says he has doubts as it's been one whole night since the young man climbed up to the tower top.

Just then, Morty snaps open his eyes, and announces that he has seen it. He quickly climbs down to inform the village chief's daughter that the Girafarig she lost during childhood is currently in the woods of a nearby mountain, and motions her to follow him. The village chief quickly trails after them, and some villagers decide to go along. After walking through winding paths and dense bushes, the group spots a Girafarig in the middle of the forest, and the Pokémon stops immediately upon seeing them. Tears begin to well up in the village chief's daughter's eyes, and to everyone's surprise, she throws herself forward and the Girafarig rushes over to hug her. The young lady cries in joy that she recognizes the scar under the Pokémon's left eye, and says she never thought she'd be able to see it again after all these years. The villagers gap their mouth wide open at the sight, and finally believe that Morty is really able to see things.

Later, back in the village, the village chief hands over to Morty his payment for helping them out. His daughter thanks the young man, and wonders if he can see anything he wishes. Morty laughs that there exist things that he couldn't see either, and reveals that there have been two particular ones so far. Ever since he discovered his ability during childhood, he has always wanted to see the mythical rainbow Pokémon that is said to fly the skies of the world. However, no matter how hard he tried, his visions have never succeeded in reaching out to it. The other thing that he has failed to see is the Pokémon Suicune, which a close friend of his called Eusine is actually after. He remarks that both of these creatures are legendary, and says seeing legendary is probably out of his ability's scope.

Upon hearing the name Suicune, the villager's daugher suddenly thinks of something, and quickly borrows a radio from a villager. A news coverage about Suicune happens to come on, and talks about the Pokémon's first appearance near Burnt Tower, followed by its subsequent visits to the Blackthorn and Cianwood gyms. Morty jumps with a start at the report, and realizes Suicune must have awakened and left Ecruteak while he was away from his gym. He quickly turns around to leave with Gastly and Misdreavus, and the villagers wonder curiously what the young man has in mind.

Passing through a mountainous region on his way back to Ecruteak, Morty notices that a mist is starting to shroud over the trees and bushes, and knows that Suicune could very possibly be around. He sends Gastly off to patrol the place, and closes his eyes to try catching a vision of the mythical beast. Amid the swirling energy waves that project into his mind, a four-legged creature slowly materializes, and he quickly snaps open his eyes to command a psywave from Misdreavus. The mist ahead of him gets dispersed, and as he expected, right there crouches the legendary Suicune.

Suicune gets into a combative stance, and unleashes an aurorabeam, but Misdreavus dodges the attack and retaliates with another psywave, which Suicune manages to evade as well. The crystal-like Pokémon then starts charging through the woods, and Morty quickly gives chase. He soon finds himself back at the small village where people are screaming at Suicune's sudden appearance, and the mythical beast all of a sudden comes to a halt. Electric sparks flitter around its body, and Morty grins that Suicune has underestimated his skills. He reveals that Gastly has charged the whole forest with a thunderbolt during its patrol, and says Suicune must be suffering from paralyzation now after having unknowingly picked up so much electric charges.

Morty attempts a capture, and proceeds to toss out a greatball. To his surprise, it shoots right through Suicune, and everything around him starts to vanish. Instead of the small village, multiple images of himself appear around him, and he reaches out to discover that he is being trapped within giant mirrors. The glass shatters all at once upon his touch, and Morty looks around to see that he is still in the mountainous area. Next to him, Misdreavus cringes in paralyzation, and Morty realizes that Suicune has apparently noticed the electricity filled paths, and secretly reflected the thunderbolts back at them with a mirrorcoat.

He closes his eyes and tries to catch another vision of Suicune, but the mythical beast has left his scope of detection again and is nowhere to be found. Thinking how easy it was for Suicune to fool him with illusions, Morty knows that his hope to see the rainbow Pokémon is just wishful thinking. After retrieving his Gastly, he remembers Eusine's desperation in tracking down Suicune, and decides to give him a call to inform him about his encounter with the legendary creature…

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125: VS. Misdreavus!

Volume 10