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Having lost contact with Crys, Eusine knows that something must be wrong, and hurriedly speeds up on Jumpluff. After arriving in Ecruteak, he gasps in shock when he sees that the crystal wall sealed has been completed, and quickly looks around for Crys. He finds the walkie talkie doll of himself lying on the ground with a shard of shattered bone stabbed into it, and gets upset when he thinks of the metaphor that he himself is getting killed. He then notices Crys's Natu motioning him, and hurries over to find the battered girl lying unconscious in the rubbles. He tries everything to get her to wake up and tell him about where Suicune has gone to, but the girl remains motionless as her Pokémon look on worried.

Eusine decides to head up to Tin Tower for a check, and picks Crys up into his arms. He starts ascending the stairs with Megapon trailing along, and all of a sudden hits his face hard onto something on the seventh floor. He realizes that the crystal walls must have sealed off access from the inside of the pagoda as well, and quickly reaches into his pocket for the Clear Bell. To Megapon and his own surprise, the crystal barrier loses its power and their bodies slowly begin to seep across it. Eusine hurriedly climbs to the top floor, and immediately sees a giant bird statue standing in the middle of the room. He recalls that it must be the Ho-Oh sculpture that symbols the legendary Pokémon's connection to Ecruteak which Morty told him about. Looking around, he spots some dusty footprints near the statue, and rationalizes that they must belong to Suicune. He fervently calls out for the mythical beast to appear, but to his dismay, his voice echoes in silence and it's obvious that Suicune is no longer around.

Crys slowly awakes and jumps with surprise when she sees Eusine. Eusine explains that they have climbed to the very top of Tin Tower with the help of his Clear Bell, but sighs that Suicune has already left. Knowing that she has officially failed to capture the legendary Pokémon, Crys starts to get upset, but Eusine tells her not to despair and tries to cheer her up. He proceeds to ask her whether she has heard about the land subsidance that took place in Ecruteak a month ago, and Crys wonders what he's trying to say. Eusine points out that the Tin Tower was one of the many structures in the city that took a heavy toll from the disaster, but interestingly, it is the very first building to be reconstructed while everything else in the city is still lying in rubbles. He points towards the giant statue of Ho-Oh, and states that the rainbow Pokémon the sculpture depicts is the major reason behind it.

Crys wants to know where Eusine learnt about it, and the young man explains that he is good friends with the gymleader of Ecruteak, Morty, who told him the insider information that Team Rocket were the culprits behind the city's land subsidance. By destroying the tower, which is also viewed as the sacred place of Ho-Oh, the evil gang was trying to aggrevate the legendary phoenix and lure it back. In fear of the chaos that Ho-Oh might bring out of its fury of losing its own tower, Morty has called back to give orders and ensured that the nine-storey pagoda was given the highest priority in reconstruction even though he has been away on a personal trip all this time. However, Morty has also voiced his warnings that Ho-Oh seems to have been alerted already, and that rebuilding Tin Tower is simply the temporary means to pacify it.

Crys wonders how can they be sure that Ho-Oh is really coming back, and Eusine is about to explain when the statue in the room starts to glow. Eusine states that the glow is exactly what signifies the imminent return of the rainbow bird, as it has been long believed that the statue has the special ability to detect the presence of Ho-Oh, and whenever the legendary phoenix draws near, a mystic halo will be emanated. Crys suddenly gets a thought, and secretly wonders if Ho-Oh was the reason why Suicune came to the Tin Tower.

Eusine prepares to leave, and Crys wants to know where he is planning to go. The young man laughs that as the Suicune Hunter, he will never cease tracking down the legendary beast, and that it is the only thing he lives for. He thanks Crys for giving him an exiciting and interesting two days, and bends down to kiss her hand, which causes the girl to blush and jump back with surprise. Megapon glares angrily at Eusine for his indecent behaviour to its trainer, but the Eusine does his maniacal laugh again, and opens his cape to hop off the tower. He turns around to say that there will come a time when they meet again, and soon disappears into the horizon with his Jumpluff.

The sun is beginning to set. After the young man is out of sight, Crys plumps down on the floor with a sad look, and replays in her head the battle she just had with Suicune. Now that she has time to think through it, it is apparent that Suicune has gone to Tin Tower in hopes of meeting Ho-Oh, but she was too consumed in her own intention to capture it, and has actually interrupted what the mythical beast planned to do in Ecruteak. Tears start to roll down her cheeks as she blames herself for not having better awareness. She sobs that Suicune must have be disappointed in not being able to see Ho-Oh, and silently apologizes to the legendary Pokémon.

While both Eusine and Crys have convinced themselves that Suicune has departed from Ecruteak, the crystal-like Pokémon is actually still standing at the foot of Tin Tower. Wandering in the deformed city under the twilight sky, it spots the star-shaped earring of the girl lying in the rubbles, and bends down to pick it up in its mouth. It then decides to leave, and lifts the crystal wall seal it placed on the ancient pagoda.

Later, Crys collects herself again, and leaves the tower through the frontdoor. She knows she should probably resume her work in doing captures for Prof. Oak, and looks up to see a wild Psyduck walking by in front of her. Not having caught the specie yet, Crys reaches into her backpack for a Pokéball, and does her usual technique in kicking it out. To her surprise, the ball misses and lands on the floor instead…

Back at the TR headquarters, Cart and Shum kneel before Mask of Ice, and apologize for the failures of Ken, Ryu and Harry. They report that the mission in capturing Suicune was unsuccessful, and the Clear Bell has been lost as well. Mask of Ice wonders where the mythical beast has gone to, and Shum replies that they have lost track of it once again. The mysterious masked man remarks that Suicune will continue to challenge gymleaders across the land, and tells the two to keep an eye on every gym, as well as the Suicune Hunter Eusine…

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132: VS. Suicune! (Part Three)

Volume 11