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With Entei and Raikou weakened by their own attacks, Falkner attempts a capture and orders Skarmony to fly low. Reaching into his robe for two greatballs, he tosses them towards the legendary beasts, but suddenly feels a presence behind him. He and the birdkeeper quickly turn around, and gasp in shock when Suicune swoops by them and charges towards Entei and Raikou with a blue glow in its mouth. The crystal-like Pokémon proceeds to fire a bubblebeam, and immediately traps and halts the twirling greatballs aiming for its two companions. It then lands on the cliff nearby, and looks up at Falkner with expecting eyes.

Falkner grunts at Suicune's interference, and the birdkeeper sighs that Pokémon hunters should know their limits as well and not try the impossible. He remarks that while it is hard to give up on the chance to capture such valuable Pokémon, they are simply in no condition to fight all three beasts together, and suggests Falkner flee while they still can. However, Falkner's pride as a gymleader wouldn't let him flinch at the challenge of the legendary creatures, and he hollers that he will prove to the world he can do what other gymleaders has failed to, and capture Suicune with his very own hands.

The young Violet gymleader orders Skarmony to gear itself up, and the birdkeeper exclaims with surprise when the steel bird spreads its red wings and hardens them into glimmering metals. Falkner explains that while Skarmony's wings are usually light and hollow, it can toughen them up for the powerful steel wing attack. Once Suicune gets into striking distance, Skarmony rams its right wing hard onto the ornament on mythical beast's head, and the birdkeeper cheers that it was a direct hit. But then, cracks slowly appear on one of the layers of Skarmony's right wing, and the layer soon shatters into pieces.

Astonished by the strength of Suicune, Falkner decides to try another method and starts hurling out greatballs into the air. However, none of them seems to be aimed properly, and the birdkeeper wonders what the young man is doing. But then, to his surprise, the numerous greatballs all of a sudden twirl around and begin swarming towards Suicune. On a closer inspection, he discovers that each greatball is equipped with a transparent pair of gliders. Falkner explains that they are made of the shedded wings of Skarmony which lose their metallic colour after being detached from the Pokémon's body, and that with a special method that grafts them onto the greatballs, they can act as boomerangs and help the balls stay airbourne for a longer period of time.

Struggling to evade the vast number of spinning greatballs around it, Suicune gets frustrated after narrowly avoiding a few, and thinks hard for a way out. Suddenly, a combined electric and fire attack destroys all the balls in one hit, and Falkner gasps that Entei and Raikou have fully recharged themselves. Just then, Skarmony starts losing balance with its damaged wing, and plunges into the dense woods below. To Falkner's surprise, a bubble catches them before they land, and he realizes that Suicune has saved them with a bubblebeam.

Entei and Raikou hop onto the cliff to join Suicune, and the three legendary beasts unite for the vey first time since they parted ways at the Burnt Tower. The three of them close their eyes, and begin to share the memories of their recent encounters with their telepathic skills. Entei and Raikou learn of Suicune's failed attempt to meet Ho-Oh at the Tin Tower, and the three understand that they are running out of time to search for what they must seek. After taking a final glance at each other, Entei, Raikou and Suicune turn around and hop off the cliff, going their separate ways once again and resuming their quest.

Watching the three legendary beasts depart, the birdkeeper sighs that it's a pity he couldn't capture them as they would certainly earn him a big fortune. Falkner picks up one of his damaged greatballs, and remarks that he has far underestimated the power of the creatures, and that he would probably still have lost to Suicune even if Entei and Raikou didn't come to its assistance. Then, without warning, he tosses out the boomerang-equipped ball to pin the birdkeeper on a rock, and the astonished man demands to know what he is doing. He warns that he will call the police if Falkner tries to steal his captures, but Falkner grins that he is the police, and shows him his officer badge. He states that hunting Pokémon within the protection zone is against the law, and proceeds to pull out a pair of handcuffs to arrest the man. The birdkeeper begs Falkner to let him go, and pleads that he considers themselves companions now after having fought alongside each other against the legendary Pokémon, but the Violet gymleader ignores him and drags him onto Skarmony.

As he takes off on the steel bird and heads back to the city, Falkner couldn't help but wonder what the real intentions of the Burnt Tower Legendary Trio are. Dashing across the land and challenging all skilled trainers they come by, what is it that the three beasts really seek? An owner? A message? The legendary phoenix Ho-Oh? And what's the reason behind the search? With a million possibilities coursing through his mind, Falkner decides that perhaps only time will tell…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

138: VS. Raikou & Entei! (Part Two)

Volume 11