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Crys jumps in astonishment when she sees her own portrayal on the sketch Yellow pulled out, and is fairly surprised to learn that the young trainer has been looking for her. She frantically inquires about Yellow's identity, and wonders how Yellow knew that she will be at the Olivine seaport. Yellow, on the other hand, simply grins that she has guessed right about Crys's location, and turns around to share a giggle with Pika and Chuchu. However, she is apparently too thrilled to finally meet Prof. Oak's capture specialist, and forgets to explain herself. Keeping her jolly attitude, she remarks that they should get going, and interestingly, Crys's Pokémon start following her, leaving Crys to sweatdrop and gape in awe at the scene.

Crys hurriedly yells for Yellow to stop, and demands to know what is going on. But before Yellow could respond, four long slimy tongues suddenly charge out from nowhere to wrap around her and Megapon. Four Lickitungs emerge from around the corner, and start lifting the two up in the air while gathering close. Crys hollers in shock, and wonders what caused the wild Pokémon to attack. She then remembers that Bayleefs exude a spicy aroma from the leaves around their necks that attracts other Pokémon, and guesses that Megapon must still be having trouble controlling its body scent after the recent evolution. Noticing that Yellow doesn't seem to be moving within the Lickitungs's constraints, she gets worried and calls out to the young trainer, but she soon discovers that Yellow is sound asleep, and sweatdrops in disbelief that a person could slumber so peacefully during such critical moments.

Yellow slowly wakes up from her sleep, and lets out a big yawn. She pats Megapon on the head, and laughs that the nice scent from its leaves must have relaxed and soothed her. It is only then that she discovers she is being hoisted in mid air, and hollers in surprise that she is under an attack by wild Pokémon. Crys sweatdrops again at Yellow's bizarre behaviour, and prepares to command her Pokémon for a rescue. But Yellow tells her not to worry, and takes out her fishing rod to lower the Pokéball attached to its end towards the ground. Crys watches in amazement when the Raticate inside the ball starts running around, and soon entangles the fishline around the legs of the Lickitungs. Yellow then tugs hard on the fishing rod, and instantly knocks the four wild Pokémon off their balance. The Lickitungs loosen the grip with their tongues once they topple over, and accidentally throw Yellow and Megapon out towards the sea.

Crys cries in horror at the scene, but Yellow's Butterfree, Freesk, pops out from its Pokéball just in time to grab hold of them, and slowly carries the two back to shore. Returning the bewildered Megapon to Crys, Yellow remarks that they will have to travel by air for a while, and suggests her retrieve her Pokémon into their balls for the moment. Though not sure where Yellow has in mind, Crys does as she's told and leaves Naton out only to assist her flying. Yellow then grabs hold of her hand, and starts leading her out towards the sea route 40.

While the two hover across the waters on Freesk and Naton, Pika and Chuchu tag along by surfing. Yellow wonders how much of the Pokédex Crys has completed, and the girl replies that she has captured most of the relatively weaker species already, and is currently trying to track down those exceptionally stronger ones, in particular the legendary Suicune who is part of the Ecruteak Burnt Tower Trio. Yellow grins that she wishes she had the capturing skills of Crys at the time she encountered the legendary beasts, and Crys gasps in surprise that Yellow has met the mythical creatures. Just then, Yellow spots Wilton's sailing boat, and waves happily at the fisherman who's patiently waiting for them. Still curious to know what Yellow meant about Entei, Raikou and Suicune earlier, Crys urges the young trainer to tell her more about it. To her surprise, Yellow puts on a grin, and remarks that she was the one who awakened the three beasts in the Burnt Tower.

Meanwhile, Morty has arrived back at the Ecruteak Gym with his Misdreavus and Gastly. Just as he's about to enter through the door, he senses something from behind, and quickly spins around to demand whoever's lurking out there to come out. Something fast moving suddenly shoots out from the dense trees and bushes that surround the gym, and Morty immediately ducks away, but the creature still manages to pin his left wrist on the door, and Morty looks over to his immobolized hand to see that a Magnemite is trapping him with its static electricity. He scoffs that it is pointless to hide from him as he possesses the distant vision ability, and closes his eyes to scan the area with his powers. Almost immediately, he detects that the ambusher is lurking behind a tree, and quickly has Misdreavus deliver a meanlook to disable the person from running.

With his hiding place discovered, Lt. Surge comes out and grins that he was simply testing Morty's skills. Morty demands Lt. Surge to remove the Magmemite, and warns that he is standing on open ground without protection, and Misdreavus will take him out with a psybeam at any instant if he fails to cooperate. But Lt. Surge puts on a smirk, and tells Morty not to be too certain about his own safety. Morty quickly looks behind, and gasps in surprise when he sees that Lt. Surge's Raichu is pointing its sharp tail at his throat.

Regaining his calm composure, Morty comments on Lt. Surge's battered state, and remarks that Lt. Surge is in no condition for a direct confrontation. With a bitter grin, Lt. Surge admits that he was severely injured from his own Electrodes' self destruct, and says he would have returned to Kanto if it wasn't for what he found at the Lake of Rage. He reaches into his torn army shirt to pull out a Pokédex, and Morty wonders what he is trying to say. Lt. Surge explains about the two boys rumoured to be knocked towards the bottom of the lake, and says at least one of them is a Pokédex holder. From what he knows, all the young trainers who possess a Pokédex have powers even greater than most adults, and he is curious to know what has become of the two boys.

Still confused by what Lt. Surge is implying, Morty demands to know what the whole business has to do with him. Lt. Surge takes out the cap and boot he picked up at the lake, and states that he will need Morty's distant vision ability to help him uncover the whereabouts of the two boys who own the items…

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141: VS. Lickitung!

Volume 11