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Out on the raging seas surrounding the Whirl Islands, Yellow, Crys and fisherman Wilton gasp in horror as their small sail boat gets lifted off the waters by the giant flying creature that loomed out from the ocean earlier. Back on the small cliff edge on one of the islands, Gold, Silver and Lt. Surge watch in shock as an invisible force continues to suspend S.S. Aqua in mid-air. Silver quickly recognizes it as an energy field of psychic origin, and realizes with a start that the rampaging Pokémon is no other than the legendary Lugia.

Sucking in a huge breath of air, Lugia suddenly fires a powerful blast towards where they are standing, and throws them off the cliff. It then tosses S.S. Aqua and Wilton’s sail boat back into the sea, and the two crafts crash into the waters with a giant splash. Silver quickly lifts off on Murkrow, and flies in circles around Lugia while trying hard to evade its blasts from the mouth. Lt. Surge then suspends himself into the air as well by the electric pod created by his Magnetons, and is surprised to see Gold climbing in with him. He wonders why Gold isn’t out there to assist Silver, and Gold brushes him off by saying that he neither has means to fly or surf. Lt. Surge gets ticked off at the boy’s attitude again, but one of Lugia’s blasts narrowly misses the electric pod and nearly throws them off balance.

Pulling his goggles over his eyes, Gold remarks that perhaps it is time he tells Lt. Surge the information he seeks, and reveals that he has in fact had two showdowns with Mask of Ice. Lt. Surge lets out a gasp when he hears that the expertise of the masked man is ice, and finally understands why the red Gyarados as well as the boys’ items were frozen solid at the bottom of the lake. Recalling how the masked man only used Hounders in their encounter, the Vermillion gymleader realizes that he still has not experienced the real strength of the enemy, and shivers a little at the thought. Gold then points out that the most immediate thing they need to figure out at the moment, however, is a way to deal with the rampaging sea monster in front of them, otherwise they won’t even get a chance to revenge on Mask of Ice.

Meanwhile, on Wilton’s sail boat, Crys, Megapon, Yellow and Wilton are gripping tight onto the rim of the craft to avoid getting thrown into the raging seas. Yellow looks up at the furious flying creature above them, and recognizes it as the same giant bird on Cerise Island. Crys wonders what she is talking about, and Yellow explains that it is the mysterious Pokémon that disappeared into the west after her battle with Lance. Just then, Crys’s Pokédex begins to beep, and she gets worried that it might be dysfunctioning again. But Yellow remembers how the previous Pokédexes give off a resonance sound when the three devices are close to each other while being held by their authentic owners, and wonders if the new Pokédexes share the same feature.

Before Yellow could explain any further, one of Lugia’s blasts hits the sail boat directly and splits it into half, separating Crys and Megapon from Yellow and Wilton. Lying battered on one half of the damaged boat, Crys remembers Prof. Oak mentioning about two young boys who have taken his two other Pokédexes away, and slowly blacks out as Yellow calls out to her. Up in the air, Silver pants in exhaustion as he continues to duck from Lugia’s attacks, and wonders what could have caused such a powerful creature to go on a rampage. He then looks down to find someone unconsious drifting on the broken small sail boat thrown down by Lugia earlier, and quickly drops from Murkrow to surf over on Crocronaw.

Back on Lt. Surge’s electric pod, Gold spots Crys just at about the same time, and instantly puts on his usual heroic attitude again. Saying his thanks to Lt. Surge, he hops off the pod with Typhlo and lands on a floating wooden plank. He then windsurfs over to the sail boat, and is about to extend his hand when he discovers that Silver has arrived a split second earlier than him and is already holding Crys’s hand. This reminds him of the incident in the Tin Tower where Silver managed to save Jasmine before him, and he quickly gets into a tantrum about how Silver always steals his job.

Crys regains consciousness amid all the shouting, and lets out a yell of surprise when she sees Gold and Silver whom she immediately deems as bad boys. Gold gets taken aback at the accusation and is about to protest when the three Pokédexes start beeping again. Seeing the Pokédexes in Gold and Silver’s hands, Crys gasps in disbelief that the bad boys in front of her are the two other Pokédex holders…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

146: VS. Lugia! (Part One)

Volume 12