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While Gold and Silver get confused over the beeping sound of the Pokédexes, Crys gasps in disbelief that the bad boys in front of her are the two other Pokédex holders. Megapon becomes exhilirated when it sees Typhlo and Crocronaw, and Gold realizes that the three new Pokédexes as well as the three starter Pokémon at Prof. Elm’s lab have gathered once again by a twist of fate. However, they all know that it is not time for touchy reunions, as another barrage of Lugia’s blasts come firing down from the sky. The attacks throw the boat off the waters momentarily, and Gold and Silver quickly get into a fight when they bump into each other. Crys watches with horror at the two boys’ behaviour, and can’t believe that they are Prof. Oak’s chosen trainers.

Fed up with Gold, Silver decides to fight on his own and turns to leave, but to his surprise, Crocronaw ignores his orders and stands side by side with Typhlo and Megapon instead. Gold grins that Pokémon share an innate ability to combat alongside with each other when faced with a common enemy, and says perhaps it is time that they join forces as well. Left with no choice, Silver stays behind with Gold and Crys as the three starter Pokémon unleash a razor leaf, flamewheel and hydropump combo to counter Lugia’s attacks. However, the combined assault barely derails the legendary Pokémon’s powerful blasts, and sends the deflected beam shooting even closer to the sail boat instead. Silver blames Gold for letting his poetic sense jeopardize their safety, and the two soon gets into an argument again. Crys hurriedly stops the two, and demands to know if they are really the chosen trainers of Prof. Oak. Gold gets ticked off by the comment, and instantly deems Crys as one of the overtly serious type of girls he has the most trouble getting along with.

Back on the Magneton-generated electric pod, Lt. Surge watches as Lugia fires another blast to destroy the remains of the broken sail boat and separate Yellow from fisherman Wilton. Noticing the explosive tidal waves caused by the attacks, Lt. Surge realizes with a start that the blasts are not energy-filled but are in fact made of air. Just then, Lugia fires yet another of its aeroblasts towards the pod, and manages to faint one of the Magnetons. With one side of the pod disabled, Lt. Surge has no choice but to stay low. As he thinks hard to come up with a way to deal with the situation, it dawns on him that tampering with the sea monster’s breathing is perhaps the only feasible method, and it is exactly what Silver was trying to do earlier.

Meanwhile, on the sail boat, Silver tells Gold and Crys that Lugia’s attacks are air dependent, and the only means to shut them down is to cut off its air supply by sending it into the waters. Gold wonders how they could achieve it, and Silver explains that Lugia’s agility in the air enables it to dodge attacks coming from far away. They would have to take advantage of the creature’s bulky body, and fly close to deliver their hits from close up. Gold realizes Silver has been attempting to do that right from the start, and is amazed by the boy’s quickness in figuring out battle strategies.

Stating that Gold is in no place to help as he lacks flying Pokémon, Silver tells him to stay behind and prepares to lift off on Murkrow. Crys shouts out that she wants to come along as well and sends out Naton, but then one of Lugia’s aeroblasts strikes directly at the sail boat and faints the two birds instantly. Gold gets thrown off into the sea by the clash, and Silver hurriedly tosses the rope used for docking on the boat out to him.

As Silver and Crys struggle to pull Gold back towards the craft, Gold’s Pokégear suddenly starts beeping, and the boy answers to find fisherman Wilton calling. Gold turns around to see Wilton keeping himself afloat on a broken wooden plank right behind him, and the fisherman hollers that he has something that might be helpful in their situation. However, before Wilton could explain any further, a giant tidal wave crashes into the two of them, and sends them sinking into the sea. The handful of Pokéballs containing Remoraids which Wilton wanted to give Gold scatter into the water, and Gold fights with all his might to cling onto the rope.

Knowing that Politro doesn’t have the ability to surf, Gold thinks hard to come up with a solution, and is determined not to be defeated just yet. He spots a wild Mantine struggling to dodge Lugia’s aeroblasts in the water, and quickly swims over to shelter it. But then another blast strikes right onto his back, and he slowly loses grip on the rope.

Back on the sail boat, Silver and Crys give a hard tug on the rope, and gasp in horror when they discover that Gold has let go of it. Just then, a rumbling sound is heard in the sea, and a Mantine all of a sudden shoots out from the water with Gold and a whole bunch of Remoraids clinging onto its wings. Two of the Remoraids fasten Gold’s billiard cue in their mouths to create a handle for the boy to hold onto, while the other Remoraids have their backs turned the otherway to propel Mantine forward like a glider by their powerful waterguns. Astonished by what they see, Crys quickly checks on her Pokédex and discovers that Mantine is of both water and flying type, and can be used for aviation and surfing at the same time.

Clinging tight onto his billiard cue, Gold yells out his thanks to Wilton for supplying him with the Remoraids, and is determined to shut down Lugia’s aeroblasts by an up-close assault…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

147: VS. Lugia! (Part Two)

Volume 12