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As Mantine gets propelled closer to Lugia like a glider, Gold orders the Remoraids to spin around and fire a combined watergun onto the rampaging sea monster. Stunned by the sudden assault, Lugia shrieks in pain and glares at Gold in a fury. It then thrusts its head forward to ram into Mantine, and sends the whole party crashing down onto the beach of one of the islands. Crys hollers in shock and gets disheartened that Gold’s attempt has fell through as well, but then Silver notices the billiard cue of Gold being stuck in the mouth of Lugia, and exclaims that Gold has actually succeeded in impeding the legendary Pokémon’s aero attacks by preventing it from opening and closing its jaws. Lugia thrashes about in the air in frustration as it fails to get rid of the cue, and flaps its wings about frantically.

Silver orders Crocronaw to push their sail boat over to the beach, and hurriedly runs up with Crys to check on Gold. Struggling to get up from the ground, Gold retreives Mantine into its Pokéball and introduces it to Typhlo, and starts bragging to Silver about his wit in dealing with Lugia’s aeroblast by an alternative method. Just then, a shadow looms over them, and the three trainers holler in shock as Lugia lowers itself on top of them. Pressing down through its tail and two massive wings, the legendary sea monster attempts to crush Gold, Silver and Crys, but Typhlo, Crocronaw, and Megapon shield themselves over their trainers and fight with all their might to take on Lugia’s weight. Suddenly, the three starter Pokémon begin to glow, and in flash of light evolve into their final forms simultaneously, much to the three young trainers’ surprise.

Crys gasps in disbelief as Megapon has evolved into Bayleef not long ago, and Silver quickly recalls hearing about how different Pokémon species with similar growth pattern can affect each other’s evolution condition by having a unified determination towards the same goal. With his confidence boosted by Typhlo’s evolution, Gold decides to attempt a capture, and asks Silver for Lugia’s striking point which maximizes a Pokéball’s power if hit properly. Silver hollers that it is the sea monster’s forehead, and Gold quickly aims for the spot. However, without his billiard cue to assist him, he seems to have trouble hitting the target, and Crys hurriedly cuts in to help. Sliding over to the front of Lugia, the young capture specialist kicks a Pokéball up towards the forehead of Lugia, and the legendary Pokémon bursts into a blinding light just when the ball makes contact.

As the light gradually disappears, Gold’s billiard cue comes twirling down to the ground together with the Pokéball. Gold slaps Crys on the back and compliments on her work, but brags again that it was him who created the perfect chance for the capture. Silver picks up the Pokéball and suddenly puts on a look of shock on his face. Gold and Crys hurry over to see what is wrong, and are equally surprised to see that the Pokéball is empty as if it has never been used…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

148: VS. Lugia! (Part Three)

Volume 12