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After spending a considerable amount of time dashing across the lands, the legendary Suicune arrives at the Tohjo Falls which separates Kanto and Johto. Time is slowly running out for it to search for what it must, a partner to fight with, an appropriate trainer who would combat alongside with it against the big evil.

Meanwhile, Erika, Brock and Misty have also reached the Tohjo Falls as they hurry on their way to Goldenrod City of Johto. Walking through the steep and perilous cliffs, Brock gasps at the magnificence and power of the giant waterfall, and carefully makes his every step. It is not until they reach the wooden bridge which connects the two cliff edges that they realize the bridge has been severely damaged in the middle. Knowing that there aren’t any other alternative routes nearby, Erika remarks that they have to find a way to cross it, and after a moment of thought, Brock decides to seek help from his Onix. Sending out the giant rock serpent to fill the gap, the three Kanto gymleaders slowly make their way across.

Brock wonders why they didn’t take the circulating S.S. Aqua instead, and Erika explains that the liner seems to be having quite an irregular schedule these days, and the Pokémon Association’s order to assemble all gymleaders sounds quite urgent. Just then, Erika trips on her long robe and Brock quickly steadies her. He remarks that travelling between the two lands would be much easier once the Magnet Train System is complete, and wonders what is the urgent reason behind their assembly.

All this time, Misty has kept silent and lost in thought, and Brock snaps her out of her trance to ask what is wrong. Misty embarrassedly laughs that she’s just pondering on something, and Brock offers to hold her hand as the winds blowing onto the bridge is unusually strong. Just then, a whole colony of Zubats, Golbats and Crobats emerge from nowhere and start attacking them. Brock hurriedly sends out his Kabutops and Geodudes to fight back, but the vigorous movements on Onix causes its tail to lose grip on the cliff edge, and the temporary bridge it forms instantly collapses. While Brock, Erika and their Pokémon manage to cling onto the rock serpent, Misty plummets into the waterfall as the two other gymleaders frantically try to grab her.

Reaching for her Pokéballs, Misty quickly sends out Starmie to support herself against the strong downward current. Stating that such water pressure means nothing to a water expert like her, she orders Starmie to surf up. But then she spots a small Krabby clinging onto a rock and struggling to prevent itself from being washed down, and decides to save it. Suddenly, the current becomes too strong for her to handle, and she gets sucked into the tumbling waterfall.

In the Chairman’s office at the Pokémon Association Headquarters in Goldenrod, Bill demands to know why the Chairman is calling all gymleaders of Kanto and Johto to gather. Before the Chairman could respond, a greatball equipped with ninja-star blades strikes on the table, and the two men look up to see the Fuchsia gymleader Janine and her Ariados suspending themselves upside down on the ceiling. Janine apologizes for her rude way to announce her arrival, and says she’s intrigued to know as well why they are all told to assemble.

Clearing his throat, the Chairman explains that there are two reasons for the congregation. First of all, the association has decided to implement a new system pertaining to the gym badges. Gym badges have always been given out to worthy trainers in the gymleaders’ discretion to signify their strength. After much discussion among the association board, they have agreed to grant trainers who have earned all eight badges in their respective land the special privilege to enter the final round of the Pokémon League Tournament without the requirement to go through the individual block challenges. Bill gets all excited upon hearing the idea, and remarks that it will certainly give the motivation to trainers to make gym challenges.

The Chairman agrees that it is exactly what they’re trying to do, and says after all the previous unfortunate events in which the gym badges were put to evil uses, he hopes the implement of the new system to reestablish the role of gym badges as being the symbols of strength. Therefore, all gymleaders are gathered to be informed of such a change. The Chairman then starts playing a tape which shows of an obscure figure wearing a long black robe, and says there exists a second and more important reason for the gymleaders to gather.

Outside, the new Viridian gymleader Green arrives, and wonders what this voyage out of Kanto will bring. Meanwhile, Lt. Surge is speeding towards Goldenrod on S.S. Aqua, while Sabrina is still healing her wounds at the medical hotsprings up on Mt. Silver.

Back at the Tohjo Falls, Misty wakes with a drop of cold water on her face, and finds herself in a cave behind the waterfall with Starmie. Spotting the little Krabby next to her, she remembers reaching out to the small Pokémon right before being knocked unconscious by the strong water current, and thanks Starmie for bringing them safely into the cave. She recalls having trained a Krabby before after trading it from Red for her Gyarados, and her mind starts to wonder again once she thinks of the boy.

On the day before Red was to sit for the gymleader selection test, Brock and Misty went over to provide help by lending him the tape recordings of their own tests. After she and Brock parted ways that day, she actually went back and hoped to talk to Red. However, as she got back to the house, through Red’s window, she saw the boy happily chatting with Yellow on his computer visual phone system. A surge of sadness overwhelmed her, and she immediately turned around to leave.

Remembering how Red’s wrists were badly injured by Lorelei’s ice cuffs, Pokémon-generated devices that would cause adverse side effects if used on humans, Misty wonders if the boy has fully recovered yet. She then straightens herself up as she puts the thoughts behind, and decides to find Brock and Erika and inform them about her safety. Suddenly, a shadow comes charging through the waterfall and into the cave, and lands in front of her. Misty quickly calls out Chinchou to light up the room, and gasps in shock when she sees a crystal-like four-legged creature crouching before her…

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150: VS. Chinchou!

Volume 12