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In the central control room monitoring all electronic activities at the Indigo Plateau, Gold and Crys gasp in shock when they see a warning message appearing on the computer screen. The machine continues to give off an ear-piercing siren, and a yellow bar showing the status of the safety lock on the magnet train system gradually changes to red. Gold wonders why the Indigo Plateau is involved with the magnet train which is supposed to travel between Saffron of Kanto and Goldenrod of Johto, and Crys rationalizes that it must be referring to the security system guarding the plateau’s railway which the specially departed train that brought in the sixteen gymleaders for the opening ceremony earlier ran on.

Crys begins hammering away on the keyboard and tries to terminate the lock release process, but the program has been completely hacked and refuses to respond to new commands. Gold takes a look at the fainted Shum and Cart, and grunts at their wicked minds. He decides to head back down to the stadium to seek help, but to his shock, the entrance door has been closed and bolted. He and Aitro quickly attempt to turn the giant knob, unfortunately to no avail. Crys remarks that it must be under the electronic control of the computer as well, and Gold says their only option right now is to open it by force.

Gold and Crys send out Typhlo and Arcanon, and the two fire Pokémon deliver a combined flamewheel on the door. However, its strong metal surface barely gets scorched, and Gold realizes that it is fire proof. Crys then calls out her Hitmonchan, Chanon, to try cracking the windows with a mach punch, but the highly strengthened material too, refuses to bulge. Knowing that something disastrous will happen if they don’t hurry, Gold thinks hard for a solution, and suddenly remembers that the communication systems between the different rooms in the building must be interconnected. He quickly rushes over to the visual phone machine and tries the various numbers, while Crys says she shall try to come up with a way to break through the door.

Meanwhile, in the announcer’s room, Mary is about to introduce the next part of the league tournament when Gold’s face all of a sudden appears on the multiple TV screens behind her. Gold hollers for everyone’s attention, and the technicians in the room exclaim that the boy has projected his image to the giant overhead screen in the stadium as well, much to the radio station director’s shock and fury. With his voice booming to everyone corner of the Indigo Plateau, Gold warns that the place is about to be raided by Team Rocket, and urges everyone to leave immediately since the security system guarding the magnet train safety lock has been hacked and released.

The whole stadium of audience gasp in horror and disbelief upon hearing the news, and begin to go frantic. Suddenly, the transmission signal on the various overhead and TV screens gets interrupted, and a recording of Mask of Ice’s battle with Ho-Oh on top of the Tin Tower comes on, causing everyone to exclaim even more.

Back in the central control room, Gold discovers that he has lost connection through the visual phone system, and throws the receiver down with frustration. He returns to the bolted door to ask Crys about her progress in finding a way to open it, and the girl happily informs him that Paron’s special spore blend has just completed. Gold wonders what she is talking about, and Crys explains that her Parasect can generate and mix spores with different abilities inside its body, and says apart from the basic stunspore, poisonpowder, sleeppowder and healing spores, it is also able to create ones that are corrosive to metals. Paron then fires the spores towards the door in the form of a sludgebomb, and instantly creates a big hole. Gold and Crys quickly climb through it, and begin their descend down the stairs. Just as the two leave the control room, the computer beeps another warning message that the safety lock of the magnet train has been completely released, and begins the process of opening its gates.

Down at the stadium, the crowd is frantically pushing their way to the exits. Rushing down from the VIP room, the Pokémon Association Chairman, together with Bill and Daisy, could no nothing but stare at the chaos around them. Then, to everyone’s horror, the stage starts sliding apart, and before anyone could react, the magnet train speeds into the room and screeches to a halt in the middle of the room, narrowly missing some of the gymleaders who are still at their respective sitting areas. The Chairman quickly yells for the techicians to repair the system, but Falkner knows better. Remembering what Gold said about Team Rocket raiding the plateau, Falkner hollers for the other gymleaders to get ready, and the magnet train doors all of a sudden bolt open to reveal a whole cabin of TR members all wearing half masks on their faces.

Brock grunts that they couldn’t let the evil organization take over Indigo Plateau, and begins holding them back together with the other gymleaders. Blaine returns from the warehouses just in time, and quickly jumps in to join the battle. Calling forward their Pokémon or simply using their own brutal forces, Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Janine, Sabrina, Blaine, Green, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Jasmine, Chuck, and Clair struggle to keep the TR members from leaving the train, and soon hop into the train themselves to fight their enemies down. However, once the gymleaders have embarked the train, the doors suddenly slam shut again, and the magnet train begins speeding backwards away from Indigo Plateau.

Meanwhile, Gold and Crys have returned to the stadium and are horrified to see the chaotic scene in front of them. Unable to move through the crowd, Crys lifts herself into the air with her Natu, Naton, while Gold secures himself on his Mantine, Mantro, with the help of his billiard cue and the gang of Remoraids to hover above the people. The whole stadium is now filled with a dense smoke, and the two young trainers fly up to the giant glass window of the announcer’s room where Mary and the radio station director are. Gold bangs on the window, and wants to know if his message got through to everyone earlier. The director says it did, but sighs that it was already too late to act. Mary explains that the magnet train which carried a cabin-full of TR members entered the stadium right away after Gold alerted them, and said the gymleaders have climbed onto the train to fight them before the the train somehow mysteriously sped away again.

Crys gasps upon hearing that, and Gold wonders what is wrong. Crys explains that the gymleaders are the few trainers across the land who are strong and skillful enough offer protection to the public against evil, and it seems odd that the enemy would go through all the trouble to hack into the magnet train security system just to cause a moment’s scare to everyone in the stadium before departing again. Gold gets what Crys implies, and can’t believe that the enemy has actually schemed to cast away the gymleaders before commencing their planned evil works at the Indigo Plateau.

Just then, a familiar voice giggles that it’s too late to realize that, and Gold and Crys turn around to see a shadow materializing out of the smoke. The silhouette slowly reveals itself to be no other than Mask of Ice, and the evil man states that it is perhaps time for him to get rid of them for good as well. Raising his arm, Mask of Ice calls forward his two new companions, and everyone in the stadium immediately exclaims in horror and disbelief, for standing next to the masked men are the two legendary flying Pokémon: the rainbow wing that soars high in the sky, Ho-Oh, and the silver wing that dives deep in the sea, Lugia…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

165: VS. Lugia & Ho-Oh (Part 1)!

Volume 13