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In the magnet train’s engine room, Green frantically fiddles around with the control buttons, but doesn’t seem to be able to slow down the train. Brock and Erika rush in and wonder what is wrong, and Green hollers that the posterior half of the train has been dislocated, causing the anterior half to accelerate to three times its original speed. The three think hard to come up with a solution, and Erika suddenly suggests using Pokémon powers. Brock agrees that by directly generating a quake on the ground, they may create enough energy to stop the train. He quickly calls out his six Geodudes, and orders a combind magnitude from them. However, the force merely has any effect, and the train continues to speed away.

Green gets frustrated, and tries the command buttons again, but discovers that the program has been hacked and would not respond to new inputs. Just then, Erika notices from the monitor screen that the magnet train is heading towards a dead end. Green gasps in shock that with the velocity they’re travelling on, there wouldn’t be enough distance for the brake to work, and the three gymleaders realize that the train will crash if they don’t figure out a way quickly.

Meanwhile, in the cabins of the posterior half of the train, Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney and Morty continue to fight down the TR members. Seeing the exhaustion of their Pokémon, Whitney orders her Cleffa and Igglubuff to stall the foe temporarily with attract, and tells the others to replenish their Pokémon’ strength by Miltank’s Moomoo milk. Suddenly, the train rumbles a little, and Bugsy senses that something seems to be wrong. Falkner also notices that the number of TR members charging in from the front compartments seem to have decreased as well, and Lt. Surge enters the cabin to inform them about the train’s dislocation.

Whitney wonders what he is talking about, and Lt. Surge explains that he has split off the posterior half of the train from the other cabins, and reversed its course so that it is heading back to the Indigo Plateau, much to the four gymleaders’ surprise. Whitney doesn’t understand how that is possible, and Lt. Surge grins that the train runs on magnetic energy created by electricity, and he himself is an expert in electric types. Bugsy is curious to know where Lt. Surge obtained such an enormous force to reverse the train’s motion, and the Vermillion gymleader puts on a smirk, and holds up a greatball sizzling with electric sparks.

Misty gasps in shock upon seeing it, and turns to Blaine who nods that the last of the three legendary beasts, Raikou, has apparently chosen Lt. Surge as its companion. Misty wonders why Raikou would pick someone who has had an evil past, and Blaine explains that it probably saw the man’s determination in revenging against Mask of Ice for controlling the remnants of Team Rocket, and thus decided to seek his help.

Lt. Surge then throws off his jacket, and announces that he shall return to the Indigo Plateau first. Blaine and Misty quickly intercept him, and say they ought to come up with a plan. Lt. Surge gets annoyed and wonders what the two are talking about, but then gets surprised when he sees the greatballs in their hands which contain the two other legendary beasts. Seeing that they’ve all found their chosen companions, Entei, Raikou and Suicune give each other a grin through the transparent surface of the greatballs, and together lift Blaine, Lt. Surge and Misty away from the train and dash towards the plateau in a beam of light.

Back at the severely damaged stadium at the Indigo Plateau, the Chairman of the Pokémon Association climb out from the rubbles and gets disheartened that his plan to lend the forces of the gymleaders to fight down the enemy has failed. Taking a look at the rampaging Ho-Oh and Lugia, he sighs that no matter how talented Prof. Oak’s trainers are, it doesn’t seem possible that they could beat the legendary creatures. But then, a voice comes on to say that all hope isn’t lost yet, and the Chairman turns around to see three silhouettes standing among the crumbled cement with the legendary beasts, Suicune, Raikou and Entei...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

169: The Last Battle III!

Volume 14