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While Blaine and Lt. Surge continue to fight Lugia and Ho-Oh with Entei and Raikou, Suicune powers up itself, and succeeds in clamping its crystal wall seal shut around the waist of Mask of Ice. Letting go of the man’s arm, Misty falls onto the ground, and sighs that they have finally won. She compliments on Suicune’s efforts, and says with the impregnable crystal wall seal, the masked man won’t be able to get anywhere now. Blaine is pleased that their plan to distract Lugia and Ho-Oh while Misty deals with Mask of Ice worked, and Lt. Surge grins that Blaine sure has good ideas.

The Vermillion gymleader then climbs off Raikou, and walks up to the trapped masked man to remove his mask. However, before he makes contact, Mask of Ice lets out a roar and his upper body breaks off from the crystal wall seal. As everyone gasps in shock, the evil man charges forward to pin Lt. Surge down while choking him, and Blaine hurriedly orders a flamethrower from Entei. To his horror, Mask of Ice remains unhurt even when the attack blasts through an opening in his body. The man then sends out a surge of ice and snow to throw back Entei and Raikou, and Blaine wonders how someone is still able to move with a hole in the stomach.

Misty sees the happenings outside the crystal wall seal, and tells Suicune that they have to help the others. However, to her surprise, the legendary beast turns a dark shade of colour, and its legs begin to buckle. Misty doesn’t understand what has happened, and a Gastly suddenly emerges from the broken lower body of the masked man which is still trapped inside the seal. Misty realizes with a start that the ghost Pokémon has used curse on Suicune, and blames herself for being so neglegant.

Outside, Mask of Ice laughs that the crystal wall seal can only be lifted by Suicune itself, and that once Suicune faints, the beast and Misty together will be trapped forever. Then, without warning, the lower half of the masked man’s body delivers a hard kick on Misty, and stikes her onto the ground, knocking off her forearm protector as well as the flower brooch Erika gave her. Mask of Ice lets out another maniacal laugh, and tells Gastly to take charge of the place before flying off on Delibird along with Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Crys hurries over to the crystal wall seal, and notices that Misty is running out of oxygen inside. She urges Misty to use the small oxygen pump inside her forearm protector, but the Cerulean gymleader is too weak to crawl over and retrieve it. Entei and Raikou begin ramming against the crystal walls, but Crys grimaces that it won’t do any good as she has experienced the seal before, and says it is no doubt the most powerful seal she has ever seen or heard of.

Knowing that only Suicune can elevate the seal, Crys bangs on the crystal walls, and encourages the legendary beast to get up. Just then, a clining sound fills the stadium, and Crys finds it familiar. A mysterious silhouette of a man who’s holding a bell with his gloved hand materializes inside the seal, and Blaine and Lt. Surge wonder who it is. The man remarks that he wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt his precious Suicune which he has sought after for so long, and sends out a Haunter to fight down the masked man’s Gastly. He then calls out an Electrode and places Suicune on it, while he picks Misty up in his arms and announces that he shall take them both out of the crystal walls.

Crys realizes with a start that the clinging sound they hear is made by the Clear Bell, which is capable of rendering the crystal wall seal powerless, and knows that the only person who possesses it, who has the ability to enter and leave the crystal walls at will, is the Suicune hunter, Eusine. Holding the Clear Bell in its mouth, Electrode exits the walls with Misty and Suicune on its back, and Blaine hurriedly tends to the Cerulean gymleader. Crys thanks Eusine for his help, and decides to check on Gold, but then she discovers that the boy is nowhere to be found, and gasps in shock when it dawns on her that Gold has gone after the masked man.

Meanwhile, the posterior half of the magnet train has returned to the Indigo Plateau, and Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney and Morty hurriedly rush into the stadium. They find the Chairman of the Pokémon Association near the rubbles, and request to know if the masked man they saw fighting Ho-Oh via the overhead screen earlier was responsible for everything. The Chairman, whose eyes are teared up with fear, admits but says the man isn’t even a human-being. He tells the four gymleaders about how the man was still capable of moving after a hole was blasted through his stomach, and Whitney immediately lets out a gasp. She grabs the Chairman by his collar, and demands to think carefully if it is true, and suddenly falls to her knees in disbelief as she realizes who the masked man really is.

Soaring high up in the air, Mask of Ice continues to speed away from the Indigo Plateau on Delibird in the company of Lugia and Ho-Oh, totally oblivious to the fact that Gold is trailing after him on Typhlo down below. Resuming his weaving of the special capture net with the Rainbow and Silver Wings, the masked man murmurs that it won’t be long before he meets his La.Pris and La.Prus again...

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171: The Last Battle V!

Volume 14