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In the annnouncer’s room at the Indigo Plateau stadium, the radio station director winces in pain as he frees his leg from toppled machines, and stares in disbelief at the sight outside the glass window. Most of the stadium’s roof top has crumbled and fallen, while walls and pillars supporting the place are close to being totally demolished. The director gasps that he hasn’t encountered such a tragedy ever since the Goldenrod Radio Station started business, and wonders if they are still people buried under the rubbles. He quickly leaves the announcer’s room through the door, and almost immediately spots Bill and Daisy laying among broken steel bars and heavy cement blocks.

He hurries over to shake them awake, and is relieved when they both gradually regain consciousness. Just then, he hears the fax machine beeping inside the announcer’s room, and heads back in with Bill and Daisy to find the device intact from damage and still capable of receiving transmissions. He picks up the sheet of paper coming out from the outlet, and reads to find a message from a radio fan living Violet City who’s extremely worried after hearing the havoc at the league tournament through the radio. More faxes begin to come in, and they all appear to be concerns or words of support from listeners across the land. Seeing yet another message from a Saffron resident that he wishes to be there at the tournament at once to assist the gymleaders, the director is deeply moved by their powerful sentiments, and his eyes slowly well up with tears.

As the director reads the messages out loud, the words tug at the hearts of Bill and Diasy as well but the two know there isn’t much they can do. Daisy ties a bandage around Bill’s injured arm just when several more faxes arrive, and talk about how they wish the Pokémon Transfer System is working so they would be able to send their Pokémon over to help. Bill’s face darkens with remorse upon hearing that, and recalls how the system fails to resume its normal function no matter how many times he’s attempted to fix it. Suddenly, he realizes that the cause of the dysfunctioning might not be intrinsic, and suddenly bolts for the door, causing Daisy to jump in surprise and chase after him.

Running up several flights of stairs to the central control room, Bill sees that the place is a complete mess as well with two TR personnel with half masks lying unconsciously on the floor, and quickly heads over to the computer. He tells his Vulpix to reconnect some of the broken metal wires by melting them with its flames, and slips under the machine to fix some of the cables himself. Daisy and her Chansey catch up and arrive, and wonder what Bill is doing. Bill explains that the Indigo Plateau is also connected to the Pokémon Transfer System, and says he’s trying to access it via its computers here in the central control room. He then attempts to lift a toppled monitor screen away from the keyboards, but Daisy tells him not to force himself to prevent worsening his injuries.

Bill sighs that it is all he can do, and says he wouldn’t sit back and watch while the gymleaders and everyone else is fighting hard out there. Realizing the determination of Bill, Daisy decides to help and calls her Chansey over to give them a hand. After removing the monitor screen, Bill remarks that the transfer system has been malfunctioning for more than a year, and says he just thought of the possibility that someone else might be tampering with it, although it is supposed to be hightly unlikely due to the complex security design of the system. Daisy states that she has actually heard about it from her grandfather, Prof. Oak, but neither the professor has an idea of what might be the reason.

Accessing the directories which show the energy status of different devices, Bill gasps in shock when he sees that the power for driving the Pokémon Transfer System has been totally depleted. He realizes that the program has indeed been hacked into by someone, who apparently has been stealing the energy supply of the transfer system all this time. He turns around to glare at the two TR personnel wearing half masks, and grunts that the evil organization is to blame again this time.

Daisy wonders if it is possible to transfer power from other devices, and Bill quickly searches for the energy status of the plateau’s other systems invovled in Pokémon HP recovery, stadium lights and even those monitoring the sliding of the stage. However, to his dismay, his discovers that they have all been depleted as well, and feels all lost and helpless. The words written in the fax messages from trainers across the land continue to ring in his head, and Bill rams his fist angrily on the keyboards, cursing science for being completely useless when people are in need.

His frantic banging on the buttons accidentally switches the screen to show the energy status of the posterior half of the magnet train which has returned earlier, and Daisy suddenly notices that its power storage is up to 317%. Bill quickly looks up in surprise, and wonders where the huge sum of energy came from. It turns out that when Lt. Surge reversed the course of the train to travel back to the Indigo Plateau, the energy Raikou transferred to the train far exceeded the amount it required, and thus left such an abundant storage in its motors.

Back in the announcer’s room, the director hears the phone ringing, and picks up to find Bill calling from the central control room. Bill wonders if the radio broadcast machines are still working, and the director remarks that they seem to be. Bill then urges him to make an announcement to everyone Kanto and Johto that the Pokémon Transfer System has resumed its service, and to request help from all trainers across the land.

The director quickly sets up his microphone and signal transmitters, and makes an urgent appeal through the broadcast system about the need to seek the assitance and combined efforts of everyone, and hopes trainers could send as many Pokémon as possible to the PokémonCenter of Azalea, which is closest to the current battleground, the Ilex Forest. As the director’s voice is heard through every radio, the President of the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermillion decides to help spread the word out, and uses his influence to urge all his club members as well as Pokémon lovers across the land to lend a hand.

And so an unprecedented collaboration between all the residents of Kanto and Johto begins. With the intention to safeguard their homelands in mind, people living in every single town and city hurry off to their nearest PokémonCenters to send off their Pokémon. The monks in Violet City, old Mr. Fuji in Lavendar Town, the villagers in Ecruteak City, the farmers working on the Moomoo Farm, and even the thiefs and smugglers who have been locked up behind bars, all make an effort to contribute, and direct their combined forces to the final battleground.

As the resuscitated Pokémon Transfer System collects and transmits the signals through its extensive branches, countless Pokéballs arrive at the transfer machine at the Azalea PokémonCenter, and the Pokémon inside immediately pop out all together and head towards the Ilex Forest.

Meanwhile, up in the skies above the Ilex Forest, Blue soon lacks the strength to hold on, and loses her grip on the tail of Moltres. Red yells out for her in horror, but fortunately, Green steers Zapdos over to catch her and Snubbull just in time. Blue quickly composes herself after the fright and thanks Green, but the boy simply mutters something under his breath and turns away. Red has Articuno hover near to make sure that Blue is alright, and remarks that if they can maintain a distance between themselves and Lugia and Ho-Oh, they technically have an advantage since the ice and thunder attacks of Articuno and Zapdos are supposed to be effective.

Just then, Lugia fires another aeroblast which narrowly misses them, and Green hollers that the problem is they cannot maintain the needed distance. He states that the two giant legendary flyers are mythical creatures which are original free of a trainer’s command, but the enemy has somehow imposed evil constraints on them and turned them violent. Red knows that they need to find a way to free Lugia and Ho-Oh from the constraints, but neither of them could figure out a way to do so.

Suddenly, Red notices an odd dark cloud expanding over from Azalea Town. As it moves closer, the three trainers gasp in surprise as they realize that it is in fact a gigantic group of various Pokémon. Lugia and Ho-Oh appear stunned as the hundreds and thousands of Pokémon sprawl over their bodies, all holding with them the sentiments to call for the cessation of the battle. One by one they gather up the strong emotions bestowed upon them by their trainers, and the powerful forces turn into a glow to surround the two legendary flyers.

In a flash of light, Red, Green and Blue experience a warm sensation capable of melting the coldest heart filling the area, and notice that the ferocious expressions on the faces of Lugia and Ho-Oh have subsided. The two calmed creatures slowly land on a cliff with the numerous Pokémon still on their bodies, and Red remarks that they should perhaps descend on Articuno and Zapdos as well. After all the Pokémon hop off Lugia and Ho-Oh and gather as a group, the two legendary flyers take a final glance at them, and give a nod to each other before taking off into the air again.

Looking up into the sky, Green remarks that the strong emotions carried by the many Pokémon seem to have freed Lugia and Ho-Oh from their evil constraints, and Red says there’s nothing more powerful than the force generated when all Pokémon work together. Blue notices that Karen and Will appear to have gone, and Red tells her to retrieve Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. Red then returns the Pokéballs of Charizard and Blastoise to Green and Blue, and grins that it is time to depend on their three starters again. Sending out Saur, Charizard and Turtley, Red, Green and Blue dash off and quickly head towards the sacred shrine of the forest.

From the north, three beams of light shoot across the sky, and Crys continues to hurry on her way with Suicune, Entei and Raikou to Ilex.

In another part of the forest, Will sees that Lugia and Ho-Oh have been liberated from Mask of Ice’s constraints, and further believes that he should leave as soon as possible. But then a voice barks in anger and something materiliazes right in front of him. Will sees that it is Pryce sitting on his wheelchair which is supported by an ice body, and is surprised to see the old man without his usual Mask of Ice disguise. Pryce grunts that he thought he told Will not to let anyone near the Ilex Shrine, and hollers in frustration that the boy with the Pichu who suddenly appeared in the voids of time to chase after him completely caught him off guard. Accusing Will of not doing his assigned duty right, Pryce stomps on the young man with the foot of his ice body.

Just then, the old man senses a presence in the bushes behind, and Silver jumps out with Feraligatr to announce his arrival. Almost immediately, Blue dashes out from the trees with Red and Green, and states that they have already freed Lugia and Ho-Oh, taking away Pryce’s main fighting forces. Crys then jumps down from the sky as well with Suicune, Entei and Raikou, and right after that, Yellow comes out from the bushes to join them, much to Red and Crys’s pleasant surprise, followed closely by Pika and Chuchu’s arrival on the back of Gold’s Typhlo.

Standing alongside with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Crys, the six fully evolved starter Pokémon, Pika, Chuchu, and the legendary Burnt Tower Trio, Silver declares that the time has come for the evil schemes of Pryce to come to an end, and calls for everyone to unleash their Pokémon’ strongest attacks. As the combined forces of grass, fire, water and electricity charge towards Pryce, Crys suddenly notices that Gold is missing, and wonders where the boy is...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

179: The Last Battle XIII!

Volume 14