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Next to the sacred shrine in the Ilex Forest, Pika, Chuchu and the six fully evolved starter Pokémon unleash a combined attack of grass, fire, water and electricity. However, Pryce sets up six ice shields to block off the energy blasts, and grins that he is not to be underestimated. To the shock of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Crys, the ice shields without warning reform into six ice humamoids and start charging towards them. The humanoids quickly knock Saur, Megapon, Turtley, Feraligatr, Charizard and Typhlosion down onto the ground, and each swoops towards one of the six trainers to constrain them from behind.

Watching the young ones struggling in agony, Pryce grins that he has no idea how he suddenly possesses such remarkable powers, and wonders if it is due to his completion of the mysterious time-travelling ball which capture net is weaved from the Rainbow and Silver Wings of the legendary Ho-Oh and Lugia. The old man then proceeds to open the tiny wooden doors of the glowing sacred shrine, and the fairy-like silhouette flittering inside reveals itself to be no other than the time cross Pokémon, Celebi.

Pryce rejoices that his dream is finally coming true, and tosses out the gold and silver ball which encases Celebi without effort. Blue and Silver gasp in disbelief that the masked man has eventually managed to succeed in the scheme he has been working on all these years, and Pryce urges Celebi to take him back in time where he can retrieve what he has lost.

Under Pryce’s wheelchair, the hands of the two meters begin to move. As Celebi glows with a mysterious light, the time displayed on the clock on the right hand side begins to reverse, and the temperature shown on the thermometer on the left drops to negative 273.15 degrees Celsius. Red, Green and Silver holler that it has reached the absolute zero at which everything will start to freeze, and Crys wonders out loud about where Gold has gone to.

Pryce puts on an evil grin upon hearing the name, and says Gold caused him quite some trouble in the voids of time earlier when the boy blinded him by some powerful electric flashes. Crys is surprised to hear that, and suddenly feels the arms constraining her letting go. She quickly turns around, and discovers that Entei has melted the ice humanoids of her and Silver. Silver then tells her to check her Pokédex, and Crys notices that the resonance light is flashing but no resonance sound is given off. Silver says it probably means that Gold is with them but in a paraller dimension, and Pryce giggles that he is sure proud of Silver’s intellect.

Pryce reveals that he has trapped Gold within the voids of time with the ice mirrors he used to seal away Entei, Raikou and Suicune in the Burnt Tower before, and the six trainers look into the doors of the sacred shrine, which is in fact leads to the opening of the voids of time, to see Gold struggling to free himself from a thin glass of mirror. Pryce then bids farewell to them, and disappears into the shrine, while Silver and Crys rush over and attempt to save Gold. Silver quickly reaches in to grab the ice mirror, but the fast currents of time instantly threatens to deform his arm and forces him to pull it back.

Gold grunts that the voids of time are spaces that are powerful enough to twist anything, and says to travel safely in that dimension, they will need the protection from the two special feathers, the Rainbow and Silver Wings, which Pryce used to construct his time-travelling ball with. His words make Yellow recall the day she freed Entei, Raikou and Suicune from the Burnt Tower, and the young trainer realizes that the vast space filled with spinning clouds and flashes back then was in fact the voids of time. She rationalizes that she must have possessed the two feathers in some way to enter that dimension, and after remembering how the TR members were after her straw hat, it suddenly dawns on her that the two feathers fastened on it are in fact the Rainbow and Silver Wings, causing her to let out a yelp of shock.

Her yelp draws Gold’s attention, and the boy only then notices the feathers on her hat. He yells at everyone for stalling his time when they have clearly possessed the materials needed to free him already, and Crys wonders what he is talking about. Gold hollers that she must be blind not to notice the Rainbow and Silver Wings on Yellow’s straw hat, and Yellow quickly reaches her hand up to pluck off the feathers. However, the feathers seem fastened quite tightly and wouldn’t come off, and Gold impatiently barks that it is easier to take off the whole hat.

Yellow gets hesitant and shoots a look at Red, but Gold has completely lost his patience by now and tells Typhlo to take it off instead. Yellow screams that she will do it on her own, and after another moment of reluctance, peels off the straw hat to reveal the pony tail she hides. Red’s eye widen in shock when he realizes that Yellow is really a girl in disguise, while Blue, who is in fact the one who started the idea, tries to laugh it off. Crys appears to be taken by surprise as well, as she takes the hat with an astonished look on her face, and mechanically rams it against the ice mirror trapping Gold, shattering it instantly.

Gold falls out from the shrine, and Raikou hurriedly leaps over to catch him. Also surprised that Yellow is actually a girl, Gold tells her that it doesn’t matter what her gender is, because she is nevertheless an important trainer in the battle. While Red continues to stare blankly at Yellow, and Green and Blue try not to show that they have known it for quite some time, Gold takes off the Rainbow and Silver Wings from the straw hat to fasten on his own cap, and says he shall go off and chase after Pryce in the voids of time. Crys and Silver decide to join him as they climb on Suicune and Entei, and the three of them together with the three legendary beasts charge through the tiny wooden doors of the sacred shrine.

Once inside the voids of time, various scenes of their past spin around them like a swirl. Protected within the power of the two mystical feathers, Gold, Silver and Crys gasp in awe and recognition as the countless time frames flash by in loops of distorted clouds. As they go back in time, Silver spots a time frame with a young man and two Laprases standing on vast ice land, and realizes that it is Pryce in his youth. As they watch on, the soon see cracks along the ice bed, while young Pryce and his Laprases remain oblivious to the happenings around them. Suddenly, the frozen ground crumbles into a deep pit, and takes the two Laprases along with it. Young Pryce watches in disbelief, and screams in horror as his two Pokémon tumble off and get burried under the huge chunks of falling ice boulders. After everything quites down, the egg in young Pryce’s arms begins to hatch, and the baby Lapras immediately starts looking around for its father and mother. Heart-broken by what has happened, young Pryce blames himself for being neglegant, and promises the baby Lapras that he will return it to its parents some day.

As the time frame moves along, Gold, Silver and Crys suddenly sense a presence behind them, and turn around to see Pryce. The old man remarks that what they saw was his past, and holds up a Pokéball containing a Lapras, introducing it as Hewger. He reveals that it is the baby Lapras of his two other Laprases, La.Pris and La.Prus, which he lost on the ice land during his youth, and says it is the reason why he needed to travel back in time. Crys cannot believe that all Pryce did was just for that, and her words immediately tick Pryce off. Without warning, the old man sends the frozen arm of his ice body forward to strike off the Rainbow and Silver Wings on Gold’s cap, and the three trainers instantly start to feel a powerful force threatening to twist up their bodies without the protection of the feathers.

Pryce states that he actually lied to them when he said he used Pokémon as tools, because the motivation behind all his actions is actually the love he has for his Pokémon. To return Hewger to its parents, he spent years investigating and experimenting about time-travelling, and now that he is only a step away from accomplishing his wish, nothing else matters to him anymore, even if the world shall freeze over by his turning back of time. He then holds up the special GS ball, and urges Celebi to take him back to the time before he lost La.Pris and La.Prus.

Meanwhile, the Ilex Forest is slowly freezing over from the effects of the absolute zero temperature induced by Pryce’s tampering with time. While the ice humanoids continue to constrain them, Red is still having trouble believing that Yellow is a girl, but Blue hollers that it’s not the time to bother about such things. Green orders a flamethrower from Charizard to melt the ice humanoid binding him, but just like many times before, it quickly generates itself to resume its grip on the boy. Green finally understands why Pryce is known as the eternal ice walls, and Yellow suddenly notices that while the ice humanoids keep coming back after being hit by the fire attacks of Charizard and Gold’s Typhlo, those of Crys and Silver didn’t seem to regenerate at all.

Green realizes that it is due to the special properties of Entei’s flames, which are capable of melting the ice made by Pryce permanently. Yellow points out that a small of ember of the legendary beast’s flames is still burning among the bushes, but Blue says it’s out of reach for them. Red then gets an idea and quickly tells Blue’s Blastoise to aim its cannons to the ember. He explains that he has refilled the water storage of Turtley in the healing springs on Mt. Silver, but Green, Blue and Yellow gasp that water puts out fire, and wonder if Red is out of his mind.

Red tells them just to trust him, and orders a hydropump from Turtley. Miraculously, the powerful jets of water catch on the flames of Entei to spread them out, and instantly melt the ice humanoids constraining the four trainers. Red grins that the healing springs of Mt. Silver are also known as the Fire Springs, and explains that steam of their waters is highly flammable. Having freed themselves, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow hurry over to the opening of the voids of time in the sacred shrine, and decide to provide assistance to Gold, Silver and Crys from outside.

Back within the voids of time, Gold winces against the compressing forces of the twisting dimension, and struggles to grab for the Rainbow and Silver Wings floating an arm’s distance next to them. Just then, a scene passes in front of him, and he recognizes it as the time frame in which he was accusing Silver of stealing his backpack back in New Bark Town. Recalling the incident, Gold and Silver remember that it was that misunderstanding which made them cross each other’s paths. After a moment of thought, Gold admits that he was mistaken, and apologizes to Silver, much to the red haired boy’s surprise. Silver remarks that Gold only set out on his journey at that time to chase after him, and wants to know if Gold is still holding that motivation in mind. Gold grins that he has actually debated with himself once on what he should fight for, and came to rationalize that he should be fighting for no one but himself, since he bears responsibility for his own actions, and he alone should take the consequences of the decisions he make.

Gold then thrusts his arm forward to retrieve the two feathers, and places them into the hands of Silver and Crys. He tells the two that he has experienced and learnt so much from travelling alonside with them, and is grateful that they have met each other. Yelling out a heartfelt thank you to his companions, Gold throws himself off Raikou without warning, and gives chase to Pryce while Silver and Crys holler in surprise after him.

Gold manages to cling onto the the ice body of Pryce, and tells the old man that he actually understands his feelings. Pryce barks that there is no way anyone else can realize the pain of losing his La.Pris and La.Prus, nor the pain of holding the two Laprases’ orphan child Hewger after it hatched on the crumbled ice land while he himself was not able to do anything but watch in despair. Flipping out his billiard cue and calling out Pichu, Gold grins that he truly can empathize and place himself into the situation, because he’s the Hatcher of Pokémon.

Pryce angrily commands a blizzard from Swinub, but Gold braces himself against the attack, and recalls what Oak wrote in the letter to him. Pointing out the boy’s special ability as Pokémon hatching, Oak stated that Gold might not even be aware of the skill, but everytime he holds an egg in his hands, he is able to evoke the greatest potential in the Pokémon being hatched. In fact, not only evoking the Pokémon’s greatest potential, but also passing down his determined mind and powerful sentiments to the Pokémon born. Having grown up with a whole family of Pokémon since birth, Gold has had this special ability of his well nurtured, this special ability that Gold alone possesses!

With Pichu standing on his head, Gold throws his billiard cue towards Pryce’s ice body, and commands a super raging thunder from the baby electric rat. A high-voltaged current courses through the body of Pryce, and Gold grins that Pichu sure stored up sufficient energy from Raikou’s electricity. Seeing the battle from afar, Silver and Crys, together with Red, Green, Blue and Yellow who are standing at the opening of the voids of time next to the Ilex Forest Shrine, decide to help and call upon the combined attacks of the six starter Pokémon as well as the three legendary beasts.

Grunting in pain, Pryce builds up an ice shield to fend off Pichu’s super raging thunder, but Gold grins that it won’t do much good, and the old man realizes that the billiard cue the boy stabbed through his ice body has served as a lightning rod to conduct the electric charges. Just then, his ice body can no longer stand the powerful currents, and shatters into pieces. The intensity of the force throws Pryce off his wheelchair, while the combined attacks sent off by Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Crys ward off the ice shards from hitting Gold.

Holding his grip on the sides of his wheelchair, Pryce states that Gold has forgoteen his ice body can regenerate as many times as he wishes. Exhausted from the attack earlier, Gold grins that he was aiming the assaults on something else, and Pryce gasps in horror when the time-travelling ball in his hands begin to crack. In a flash of light, Celebi frees itself from the exploding ball, and Pryce instantly feels the twisting compression of the dimension after losing the protection from the ball capture net weaved from the Rainbow and Silver Wings.

Watching Gold slip into unconsciousness, Pryce starts to choke himself. Suddenly, Celebi exudes a glow to shelter him and the boy, and another scene floats in front of them. Hewger quickly pops out from its Pokéball to swim towards the time frame, and Pryce realizes that it is the time when La.Pris and La.Prus are still alive on the ice land. Hewger throws itself into its parent’s embrace, and the three Laprases all break out into tears. Just then, a familiar song comes on, and Pryce gasps in recognition upon hearing it.

..."I wish to look back from that place again, look back from that place where I can have you back. The silent, silent ripple of waves will heal the sad and tired heart. I wish to start from that dream again, from that dream which calls back the courage. The forgotten passion will return the smile, and melt the heart"...

Back at the mountainous region where Gold disappeared into the voids of time earlier to chase after Pryce, Wilton finds it hard to believe that the mastermind behind the incident at the Indigo Plateau is actually an old acquaintance of Granny and Grampy. Granny remarks that she heard Gold mention the name when he was lifted into the sky, and Grampy pulls out that photo in wooden frame which Yellow asked him about in the Daycare Center. He shows it to Wilton, and explains that the people in the picture were Prof. Sammuel Oak, Agatha and Kurt in their youth, while he himself was the young man in the middle. Wilton refuses to acknowledge that the beautiful lady next to Grampy was Granny, and Granny instantly fumes with rage.

Grampy recalls that the six of them used to be best friends, and Wilton wonders why it is six when they are only 5 people on the photo. Grampy takes the photo out of its frame, and reveals that part of it is actually folded for being too big to fit in, showing another young man who was actually Pryce in his youth sitting next to Agatha. With two of them as researchers, one as a gymleader, one as a ball maker, and two as the Daycare Center propritors, Grampy explains that their gang of six shared the best moments together. However, everything changed one day when Pryce tragically lost his two Laprases on an ice land, and since then, Pryce has been constantly blaming himself and eventually even withdrawn himself from others. Hoping to cheer him up again, the rest of their gang worked together on a song written specifically for him, with Grampy himself and Kurt to write the lyrics, while Agatha and Sammuel played the melody.

Wilton wonders what role Granny played back then, and to his surprise, Granny says she was in charge of the vocals, and reveals that she was actually an idol singer at that time. Granny remarks that a new young female vocalist has covered this song of their recently, which is titled ‘The Boy On Lapras’. She adds that, unfortunately, at the end, they failed to melt the ice Pryce built around his heart.

..."That’s right, since that Friday I saw you riding on the back of Lapras, these thoughts have overflowed. That’s right, I wish to see you just like before, but shining anew, a shining you. That’s right, I wish to see you just like before, but smiling anew, a smiling you"...

Back in the voids of time, Pryce begins to shed tears of warmth as the lyrics touch upon his heart, finally melting away the ice and snow, and showering him with the sunrays of spring. Knowing that Celebi has intended to have him hear this song again, which failed to crack his solid heart before, Pryce thanks it for doing it despite all the sins he has committed. He takes a look at Gold who’s still unconscious, and tells the boy that he has plenty of time ahead to share with his Pokémon, time which will be the most precious moments in life. The old man then lets go of his grip on the wheelchair, and falls into the swirling clouds of time.

Meanwhile, at the sacred shrine in Ilex, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow watch intent at the opening of the voids of time, and wonder what was the powerful force channeling back to them earlier. Just then, they notice Silver and Crys tumbling back out with Entei, Raikou, Suicune and Pichu, and hurry over to help them up.

Pichu spots Pika and Chuchu, and quickly trots over to hug its parents. Yellow realizes it is the Pokémon hatched from the egg of the two Pikachus, and exclaims that she has never seen the specie before. She says the name Pichu would fit as it is the child of Pika and Chuchu, and wonders where is the person who hatched it. The faces of Silver and Crys instantly darken upon hearing that, and Silver mutters that the boy who did it has already vanished within the voids of time. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow gasp in surprise, and Silver continues to say that Gold sacrificed himself for the sake of stopping the evil schemes of Pryce. The red haired boy’s eyes begin to well up with tears, but Green suddenly walks over to grab him by the arm.

Thinking that Green is simply offering support, Blue is shocked when Green is actually planning to take Silver to the police for his theft of Totodile from Elm’s lab and one of the new Pokédexes from Oak’s place. Blue and Crys quickly try to explain for Silver, but Silver tells them not to bother, and says he deserves the consequences of his own doings. He remarks that he already holds no regrets after the battle today, and is fully prepared for any kind of punishment.

Green then prepares to take Silver away, but a familiar voice suddenly comes on to stop him, and throws him the police circular containing the montage of the Totodile thief, laughing that Silver doesn’t resemble the person in the picture at all. Everyone turns around immediately, and gasps in surprise when they see Gold sitting on top of the shrine with a wide grin on his face. Crys doesn’t understand how Gold ended up there, and Gold shoots her a hostile glare, demanding to know if she wishes him dead.

Gold then hops over to Yellow, and starts flirting with her, but Crys shows him Yellow’s information on her Pokégear, and Gold is astonished that the girl is senior to him. A moment later, Wilton, Grampy and Granny arrive with the rest of Gold’s Pokémon, and Gold is overjoyed to see his partners again. Blue pets the head of Sunflo, who is now a Sunflora, and comments that the strong sunlight in the mountainous regions probably provided it with the same kind of energy from the sun stone for evolution. Her words draw Gold’s attention, and the boy wants to know who she is while patting his hand on her rear. This ticks Silver off immediately, and the two boys instantly engage in a fight as everyone else sweatdrops, and Crys wipes off a tear of joy from knowing that Gold is safe and alive.

Up on a cliff overlooking the Ilex Forest, Karen carries a weak Will in her arms and tells her two Murkrows to lower them. It turns out that she has taken off from Moltres when the large amount of Pokémon started to swarm over from Azalea, and later found Will lying battered in the bushes. She asks Will what they should do now as Pryce is no longer there, and two men suddenly appear behind and wonder if they wish to join them. Karen wants to know who the men are, and they introduces themselves as Koga, a departed member of the former Team Rocket three years ago, and Bruno, a departed member of the Elite 4 one year ago. Karen grins that she and Will are the departed members of the Mask of Ice’s organization, and says they all seem to be departed members of something. She turns to look at Will, and when Will seems to like the idea as well, the four of them decide to form a team, and train alongside with each other from now on.

Back at the Indigo Plateau stadium, Misty is relieved that everything is finally over. She notices that the flower brooch Erika gave her is broken, and decides to give a call to the Celadon gymleader. However, once she makes contact, she is shocked that the one answering is Red, who has borrowed Erika’s Pokégear. Misty’s eyes begin to tear up, and she inquires if the boy is doing alright. In Ilex, Yellow gets uncomfortable when she realizes that Red is talking to Misty, and wonders what their conversation is about. Blue watches the scene with a smirk, and laughs out loud that they should simply all live together if they find themselves confused, causing Red, Yellow and Misty to blush immediately. Green throws Blue his usual comment of pesky girl, but Silver quickly gets ticked off by that and glares at him.

Seeing the embarrassed situation Red has placed himself in, Gold decides to help him out, and calls his mother via his Pokégear. Raising his voice up so that everyone hears him, he tells his mother that he won’t be returning home yet as he has met the champion of the previous Pokémon League Tournament, and plans to learn more about Pokémon battling from him. He then grabs Red by the arm and runs off with him while Yellow and Crys call out in surprise after them.

Later, with Red riding on his bike while he himself on his scooter, Gold wonders what Gold thinks about his rescue to him earlier. He asks Red where they should go for training, and Red is surprised that the boy is serious. Gold explains that he will need to improve himself so that he can defeat Silver some day, and Red remarks that Mt. Silver is a good place since lots of strong wild Pokémon inhabit there. Gold rejoices at Red’s idea, and the two begin heading off to Mt. Silver as the sun slowly sets on the horizon...

Due to the destruction of the Indigo Plateau stadium, the Pokémon Association has decided to cancel the Pokémon League Tournament, and made it the year without a champion.

Regarding the exhibition match between the Kanto and Johto gymleaders, although the seventh round between Clair and Blaine took place unofficially on the magnet train, the Blackthorn gymleader has personally admitted defeat, making Kanto the winning side.

Following the incident, the number of trainers aiming to collect all 8 badges in their own regions in order to gain an unconditional eligibility to enter the final round of the league tournament greatly increased, and all gymleaders found themselves busy with the duties back at their respective gyms.

After knowing that the intention of the masked man was to control time, Bill perfected the Pokémon Transfer System to prevent exploitation by anyone again, and gradually gained new helpers and colleagues in his research and system developments.

As for Raikou, Entei and Suicune, the three beasts have decided to trace the whereabouts of their life-giver, Ho-Oh, and vanished to some unknown places in the land. Lugia and Ho-Oh once again became mythical creatures heard in folk tales, and since the Rainbow and Silver Wings have been lost, no one can ever open the doors of the sacred Ilex Forest Shrine again.

And so the Mask of Ice incident which shook both Kanto and Johto to their core finally comes to a close. And then...

Zzz... Hm? Wha...?
You woke me up!
Will you check the clock for me?
What time is it?
Day 10 o’clock?
How many minutes?
Whoa! 35 min.?
Day 10:35!
I overslept!"

Prof. Oak bolts up in his bed with a start when he realizes that he has overslept, and rushes to get changed as he hollers that he will definitely be late for the live broadcast of his Pokemon Talkshow at the Goldenrod Radio Station. He wonders why his granddaughter Daisy still hasn’t returned, and knows that she would certainly wake him up on time if she was there. He hurries down the stairs to see Crys, who is now his assistant, and her Smoochum, Smoochon, and right away notices the unmistakable look of enthusiasm on her face. Without saying anything else, the girl puts on a bright smile, and announces that she has finally completed the Pokedex. She remarks that although she wasn’t able to capture any of the legendary pokemons, together with the data picked up by the devices of the senior trainers, she was able to compile adequate information for them.

Crys hands over her Pokédex to the stunned professor, and Oak stares in disbelief at the machine which displays the message 250 seen, and 250 owned. Stealing a glance at the photos on his desk behind, Oak decides that its best not to tell Crys about the more than 100 newly discovered species in fear that the girl might freak out on him. He then realizes that he has no more time to waste, and quickly climbs on his Stantler to speed away while his Ledyba flies along and carries his bag for him. Crys and Smoochon stand at the door of the science lab watching Oak hurry off, and wave goodbye to the professor with wide grins on their faces.

Later, at the Goldenrod Radio Station, Mary is starting to get worried that Prof. Oak still hasn’t arrived when the old man charges in through the door to join the broadcast. Introducing himself to the audience, Oak begins his usual speech.

"Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak. People call me the Pokémon Professor. This world is inhabited by creatures that we call Pokémon. People and Pokémon live together by supporting each other. Some people play with Pokémon, some battle with them. But we don’t know everything about Pokémon yet. There are still many mysteries to solve. That’s why I study Pokémon every day."

Just then, the radio station director shows Oak a message through the studio’s glass window about a boy who wishes to receive a Pokédex from him and start his own Pokémon adventure. Oak looks over to the corridor to see a young kid, and beckons him over with a Pokédex in hand.

"Now, what did you say your name was?"...

--End of GSC series--

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

180: The Last Battle XIIII!

Volume 15