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Out in the open seas of Route 40, the sun is starting to set, and Crys and Silver sail slowly on a ferry boat which is fashioned into the shape of a Lapras. On each side, Silver's Feraligatr and Gyarados surf to safeguard the steadiness of the boat, and Crys takes the time to contact Earl via her new Pokegear. She informs him that the children are all doing fine and having a good time at the Safari Zone, and the man thanks her for letting him know. Crys then contacts Prof. Oak, and reports that she is currently travelling with Silver on the water Route 40. Next, she calls up her Mom, and thanks her for her help in preparation the Safari fieldtrip.

Silver states that Crys seems exceptionally busy with the phone calls, and Crys grins that performing the re-con-dis is the basics to everything. Silver gets confused by the name, and the girl explains that it comes from report, contact, and discuss. By letting people whom you trust know what is happening to you, one can stay connected to the others and cultivate good mental support. She in fact has an extra new model of the boys-version Pokegear, and gets her Cubone, Bonpeon, to give it to him.

However, Silver rejects the offer, and says it will not be of use to him. His chase after Team Rocket is neither a mission nor a job, and it is therefore not necessary for Crys to get involved. Crys has expected such a response from Silver, and says he can think whatever he likes, but she has made up her mind to come along.

Just then, Silver feels an ache coming from his left arm, and winces in pain. Crys notices his change of expression, and believes that it must be the toxic effect of Koffing's smoke which can also cause generalized muscle pain. Turning to her Parasect, Parapeon, she acknowledges Silver's unwillingness to receive help, but still insists on doing something to make him feel better. Parapeon inflates the mushroom on its back, and subsequently blows out a puff of spores towards Silver, which instantly eases the pain.

Crys explains that Parapeon is capable of mixing different spores inside its body to create a medicine, which serves as both a painkiller and antitoxin. The red-haired boy sheepishly apologizes for his impoliteness to Crys, but the girl tells him not to mention it, as they are companions and fellow Dex Holders.

As night falls, the cities on the shore begin to light up. From a distance, Crys can see the beacon coming from Olivine's Glitter Lighthouse, and says they should arrive at Ecruteak by morning. Thanks to the introduction by Eusine, the Ecruteak Gymleader Morty has agreed to help Silver find the items he seeks with his distant vision ability. Silver's face twitches with a sweatdrop as he recalls the eccentric behavior of the Suicune Hunter, and Crys laughs that although the man often has a poor insight to his odd mannerism, he is a good person that can be depended on. In fact, Eusine is currently taking Crys's place in tour-guiding the Pokemon School children, whom she is positive will drive him crazy with their mischief.

Crys says she always believes that one shouldn't bail out midway through a job that he or she has taken up on, and it is a virtue that she always reminds herself to follow. However, this time, she has chosen to put on hold her work in leading the Safari fieldtrip and come with Silver, simply because what Silver told her will potentially put the children at stake. As long as an evil organization like Team Rocket exists, the children will not be able to play and learn in a safe environment, and there is no telling when danger may befall them. With that in mind, she cannot sit back and do nothing, and must try whatever she can to put an end to Team Rocket's evil schemes. As both Crys and Silver get lost in their own thoughts, the ferry boat continues its sail towards Ecruteak. Behind it, a silhouette lurks under the water surface, and silently follows the two young trainers.

The next morning, after getting off the boat, Crys and Silver find themselves on Route 38, and see that Ecruteak City is barely a mile away. Continuing on their journey, Crys wants to know what is about the items called Plates which Team Rocket is after, and Silver digs out the three pieces he keeps in his pocket to show her. He states that the guy named Morty is said to be able to help him find the other pieces which are scattered something out there, and Crys recalls Silver telling her that the Team Rocket General Petrel mentioned about the existence of a total of 16 Plates. Silver replies with a nod, and says each Plate apparently has a fixed named, for instance the Draco Plate, Flame Plate, Fist Plate, Earth Plate and Toxic Plate. He muses over the number 16, and wonders if it holds any significance.

Suddenly, the ground rumbles below them, and an Arbok comes charging out with a Dig attack. Crys gets knocked onto the ground while Silver is sent flying up into the air, and the giant cobra gleams its fangs, ready to chomp on the red-haired boy as he plummets into its mouth. Fortunately, Silver manages to send out Honchkrow and keep himself airborne just in time. But Arbok follows up with a Glare to paralyze Honchkrow, and causes it to fall towards a tree along with Silver. Before the boy could react, Arbok fires a barrage of tiny barbs to pin him against the tree trunk, and Crys recognizes it as the Poison Sting attack.

Reaching for her Pokeballs, Crys sends out Bonpeon, her Arcanine Arcapeon, and Hitmonchan Chanpeon to fight, but an energy blast strikes at the three from another direction to send them tumbling backwards, and the girl turns around to see a silhouette materializing out from the woods, which reveals itself to be a chubby red-haired woman holding a fan, standing next to a Gloom and a Murkrow.

The woman introduces herself as Ariana, one of the TR Four Generals, and says it truly hurts Team Rocket's pride to have children like them get in their way and thwart their plans repeatedly. Pointing her fan at Crys, she states that she will not allow the same to happen this time, and gets her Arbok, Gloom and Murkrow ready to fight.

Crys assesses their current situation, and sees that Ariana is standing right between herself and the tree which Silver is pinned against. With a whispering tone, she tells to her team to try their best in drawing the battle as far from the tree as possible, and proceeds to order a Flamethrower from Arcapeon and a Mach Punch from Chanpeon. Barely fazed by the attacks, Gloom and Murkrow retaliate with Acid and Shadow Ball, and force Crys's Pokemon to duct in evasion.

The girl warns her team to watch out for Arbok's Glare and Poison Sting, and continues to lead the combat further away from where Silver is. Silver sees what Crys is attempting to do, and knows that she is distracting the enemy to give him a chance to sling away and head to Ecruteak first. Indeed, Crys plans to handle Ariana on her own, and hopes that Silver could reach Morty as soon as possible to find out the locations of the Plates before Team Rocket does.

Crys orders a Bonemerang, and Bonpeon hurls out its Thick Bone to strike at the face of Arbok. However, the giant cobra promptly recovers, and snaps down on the little Cubone with its sharp fangs. At the same time, Murkrow delivers a Drill Peck to knock back Chanpeon, while Gloom delivers another Acid to scorch the body of Arcapeon.

Silver watches the battle from the tree with anguish, and steals a glance at the red-haired woman, who claims to be one of the TR Four Generals just like Petrel. Clearly, she possesses incredible power and skills, and one can easily tell by how her Arbok withstood ground-type attacks, and how her Gloom endured fire-type moves. Freeing himself from the barbs, he thinks it will be irresponsible for him to leave Crys alone to deal with such a strong enemy, and decides that he should be the one to fight while Crys heads to Ecruteak with the Plates.

At the moment, a radical suddenly occurs to him. Taking a look at Crys's Arcanine, Hitmonchan and Cubone, the names 'Flame', 'Fist' and 'Earth' overlap with their faces in his mind. He then turns to Arbok, and instantly thinks of the Toxic Plate. Finally, he has figured out the answer. 'Flame' corresponds to 'Fire', just like 'Fist' to 'Fighting', 'Earth' to 'Ground', and 'Toxic' to 'Poison'. The names of the Plates reflect Pokemon types, and if one disregards the Normal type, the others: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel and Psychic, make up a total of 16 types, which is equivalent to the number of Plates mentioned by Petrel, and it is obvious that each Plate corresponds to one Pokemon type.

Flipping out what Petrel named the Earth Plate from his pocket, Silver wonders what it would do to ground-type Pokemon when they hold it, and takes out a Pokeball. Back on the battlefield, Crys's three Pokemon are panting to catch their breaths, while Ariana's have hardly taken any damage. The woman remarks that the fight felt easier than she thought, and gets ready to deal her final blow. Just then, a Pokeball is tossed towards her, which pops to release a Rhyperior.

Silver hurls the Earth Plate towards Rhyperior from where he is, and the drill Pokemon catches it with its hand, which causes an aura to instantly surround it. With that, it unleashes a powerful quake across the ground, and sends Ariana and her Pokemon flying backwards. As the smoke clears, Crys sees that Silver is nowhere to be seen. Instead, between Ariana and herself, a giant hole lies where Rhyperior just stood, and the Team Rocket General gasps at the force of the Earth Power which she just got hit with…

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007: VS Arbok!