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Outside the Ecruteak Gym, Silver turns around and finds himself surrounded by Falkner, Bugsy and Chuck, who are the Violet, Azalea and Cianwood Gymleaders respectively. Falkner requests to know what Silver's purpose at the Gym is, and the boy replies that he has come to find the Gymleader Morty.

Falkner grunts that it is happening again, and Bugsy responds with a nod. Silver doesn't understand what they mean by again, and Chuck states that in the past few days, numerous people have visited to seek assistance from Morty's distant vision ability. However, these people broke into the Gym the improper way and essentially forced Morty to help, which is something completely unreasonable. Because of that, Morty has asked for support from them, and visitors must now get past the three of them first if they wish to consult the Ecruteak Gymleader.

With that, Falkner's Noctowl and Bugsy's Kakuna circle around Silver, who simply raises an eyebrow and sends out Weavile to strike. The dark weasel knocks out its two opponents with its sharp claws easily, and Chuck hurriedly calls forward his Hitmontop. Silver feels frustrated that although he is more than capable of handling the three Gymleaders, he doesn't really have the time for it, and surely doesn't want to waste his energy there. Then, to his shock, Hitmontop delivers a super effective Triple Kick on Weavile, and sends it crashing against the ground.

Silver grunts that Ecruteak City has not been a lucky place for them so far, but remains unfazed at his goal, and is determined to meet Morty no matter what it takes. Reaching into his pocket for a Pokeball, he sends out Rhyperior, who charges forward with jabs it drill on Hitmontop's horn on its head. Yet, as soon as they make contact, both Pokemon widen their eyes in surprise, and immediately stop attacking. They stare at each other with bewildered looks, and Chuck asks Hitmontop what is wrong with a furious tone.

Falkner tells Chuck to calm down and wait, and after reading Hitmontop's facial expression, wonders if Rhyperior is an opponent that it knows from before. Hitmontop replies with a nod, and Falkner queries where it could have fought such a huge Pokemon before. Silver states that Rhyperior is the evolved form of Rhydon, and it is Pokemon he received from the Viridian Gymleader Green.

Chuck bolts in surprise upon hearing Green's name, and both Falkner and Bugsy recall that when it was still a Rhydon, the Pokemon fought Hitmontop in the Gymleaders' Exhibition Match at the Pokemon League. Chuck formally introduces himself to Silver, and says Green is a student of his. He wishes to know who Silver is, and is curious as to what his relationship with Green is. The red-haired boy reveals his name to the Gymleaders, and explains that he once fought alongside Green, who is his senior.

About three years ago, after the battle tournament ended at Hoenn's Battle Frontier, Silver returned to his hidden home on Route 18 in Kanto, where his Ursaring brought his injured father, Giovanni, to stay and heal a further few months prior, following an incident that involved the Sevii Islands. However, when he returned to the little wooden house in the company of Green, his father and Ursaring were nowhere to be found. Silver had no idea where they could have gone, but Green rationalized that the man might have already recovered and left, since it was more than 3 months since he was taken to the place after all.

After Silver failed to find his father at the hidden home, he and Green shared a brief chat with each other. Silver revealed to Green that he has finally solved the problem Green gave him, and claimed to have figured out the way to evolve Green's Rhydon after reading through the book 'Mysteries of the Earth'. He found out that trading with an item called the Protector was required, and upon showing the item to Green which he has managed to get his hands on, the Viridian Gymleader agreed to do a trade with Silver to test out his hypothesis. With the aid of their Pokedexes, Green traded Rhydon to Silver after equipping the item to it, and as soon as the process was complete, Rhydon started to glow, and evolved into a Rhyperior.

To Silver's surprise, Green did not request to have the Pokemon back. Instead, he offered to let Silver keep Rhyperior, and said it would fill up the space on his team for his missing Ursaring, and probably help him in his quest to search for Giovanni.

Having heard Silver's tale, Chuck is convinced that the boy is telling the truth, and says there is no reason to make life difficult for someone whose talent Green recognizes. He decides to let Silver into the Gym, and Falkner says he shall escort him in, as the path to the Gymleader's chamber could be a little difficult to get through. The two step through the Ecruteak Gym's doors, and Silver finds himself walking on wooden bridge which is only dimly lit by a few lamps.

Falkner informs Silver that Morty is currently seeing another person who came to seek his help, and says Silver will get his turn once the man is done with the previous consultation. He leaves Silver to wait outside the doors to Morty's chamber, and makes his way back to join Bugsy and Chuck outside. Silver glances at the doors which separate him from the person who can help him find the remaining Plates, and decide to wait for a few moments before knocking.

Inside, Morty releases the torn cape from his hand, and states that it is a rather difficult read. Gold wants to know if he means Lance cannot be found, and Morty replies that it isn't exactly the case. However, it is hard to make a clear explanation, and the Ecruteak Gymleader decides to draw his vision on a paper.

Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door, and Morty wonders who it could be, since Chuck and the others should be keeping guard while he does his consultation. He walks over to the door to open it, and bolts in surprise when he sees a red-haired boy flashing a Pokedex in front of him. He realizes with a start that this is the boy whom Eusine really wanted him to meet, and finally sees that he has mistaken Gold for him all this time. Blushing in embarrassment, he welcomes Silver in, and Gold instantly widens his eyes in shock upon seeing the visitor. Referring to Silver as his good ol' pal, Gold expresses his most pleasant surprise in meeting him there.

Meanwhile, on Route 38, Crys is still battling Ariana. The TR General gets her Murkrow to use Fly, but Crys commands a Bullet Punch, and Chanpeon leaps high up into the skies to strikes at the dark crow. Ariana is impressed that Hitmonchan managed to score an accurate hit at such a distance, and says Crys seems to be picking up on the advantage her companion has left behind. However, she still thinks that the boy is heartless for fleeing the scene like that, and Crys snaps that Silver did not flee. Ariana challenges her that Silver did not leave behind any Plates to aide her, and finds it hardly a gentleman's gesture to leave a girl behind on a battle field while he heads off to collect the Plates.

Crys defends that Silver has his reasons for doing so, and orders a Flamethrower from Arcapeon, but Gloom retaliates with Acid, and easily cancels out the attack. Ariana remarks that it wouldn't really matter what Crys believes, as the Plates belong to Petrel's responsibility, and not hers. Crys demands to know what Ariana's responsibility is in that case, and the woman decides to show her by action.

Without warning, Arbok coils its body around Bonpeon, and hurls it down towards the hole created by Rhyperior's Earth Power. Murkrow then dives into Chanpeon with a Drill Peck, and sends it tumbling down into the crypt as well. Crys cries out in horror at the scene, and Ariana teases that things could possibly be different if Rhyperior is still here, but it is sadly not the case.

The woman states that it is expected that pesky kids like Silver and Crys would get in their way and scheme all sorts of plans, which is why they have given each person the job they most excelled at, and divided responsibilities among the Four General. For herself, her task is to remove any obstacles and intruders by any means, while Petrel infiltrates places with his expert ability of disguise to locate the Plates, and Proton uses his knowledge and analyzing skills to find out the location of the Sinjoh Ruins.

Ariana is just about to reveal Archer's task pertaining to Arceus as well when a voice tells her that she has spoken too much to her opponents. She turns around to see that Archer, Petrel and Proton have all come to join her, and after feeling stunned for a moment, laughs with her fan covering her mouth to hide her embarrassment.

Crys takes a glance at the three men who have appeared, and knows that they are the other members of the TR Four Generals. She notices how Archer, the man with turquoise hair, managed to stifle Ariana when he spoke, and rationalizes that he must be the current top leader of Team Rocket.

Ariana wants to know what her comrades are doing there, and asks if they have fulfilled their assigned duties. Petrel snickers that he has achieved something, through a somewhat shaky tone, and Proton states that he has completed his part. Petrel takes a glance at Crys, and says it seems that Ariana hasn't done so on the other hand. The woman chooses to ignore him, and turns to Archer to ask if he has managed to find Arceus. The turquoise-haired man smirks that he most certainly has, and that is the reason why he is there. Ariana doesn't understand what he means, and Archer explains by pointing behind where Crys is standing.

In that instant, the air in the area seems to freeze, and Crys spins around in surprise to see a giant white four-legged creature which has a golden ring around the central part of its body. The being arches its head backwards to stare down at her, and Crys starts to feel herself trembling out of control.

Archer states that in a far, far-away land, there is a long path which extends all the way up to the skies where this Pokemon exists. Nobody knows where this is or where it lies, and even tales that speak of it are hardly comprehensible. However, it is said that when all the Plates start to gather at one place, Arceus will descend to the ground.

Keeping her eyes on Arceus, Crys knows that she has never experienced a feeling quite like this before. Although she has encountered many Pokemon, some of them legendaries, she has never felt one exuding such kind of intense pressure. However, if what Archer says is true, this Pokemon must still be a wild one. Without another thought, Crys goes airborne on her Xatu, Tupeon, and declares that she shall capture Arceus as she kicks out a Level Ball while the astonished TR Four Generals watch on…

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009: VS Rhyperior!