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Towering over Petrel on his Red Gyarados, Silver demands the TR General to hand over the two Plates he possesses, and answer him exactly how many Plates there are in total. The purple-haired man hesitates in his response, and steals a glance at the tools on his own belt. However, Weavile tightens its claws around his neck, and Silver warns him not to try anything stupid.

Seeing that the boy means serious business, Petrel grits his teeth in frustration, and curses at the sudden turn of events. He reaches into his pocket to dig out the Toxic and Earth Plates, the former purple in colour and the latter brown, and Gyarados swiftly snatches them away with its long whiskers to place them into Silver's hands.

Petrel reveals that there are a total of 16 Plates, and says Silver should be happy that he gets what he wants. However, Silver states that he needs to know more, and wants Petrel to tell him what exactly the Plates are for and what powers they hold. More importantly, why is Team Rocket collecting them and what will happen if the collection is complete.

In that instant, one of the Safari Zone staff passes by on his patrol car, and lets out a holler when he sees what is going on. He demands Silver to freeze in his motions through a loudspeaker, and cries that Pokemon battling is a forbidden and reportable offence within the park. Next to him, a Mecha-Hoothoot hovers around to repeat the man's words, and Silver feels annoyed that someone should interrupt at such a critical moment.

The patrol guy gets off his car and is even more shocked when he sees that the bridge has been destroyed. He demands Silver to come to the head-office with him and explain himself, and sends Mecha-Hoothoot over to grab the boy. Just then, the voice of an old man tells the patrol guy to calm down, and states that Silver is just an old friend whom he was battling light-heartedly to have some fun with.

Silver turns towards the source of the voice, and gasps in shock when he sees Baoba, the Safari warden, being seized by Weavile instead of Petrel. The dark weasel seems equally surprised at the sudden change of hostage under its claws, and releases its grip without resistance when the old man tries to wiggle free from its restraint. The patrol guy switches to a polite tone as soon as he sees that it is Baoba, and the Safari warden apologizes for making a fuss. He assures the man that everything is alright, that nothing needs to be reported, and sends the guy off again with Mecha-Hoothoot.

Silver remains in a state of shock at what has happened, and still couldn't understand how Petrel became Baoba all of a sudden. Making sure that the patrol guy is gone, the old man turns back to face Silver, and grins that their trouble seems to be solved. He says it is surely a cumbersome task to deal with gullible but annoying people, and believes that Silver will agree with him. Without warning, the man pulls at his face, and reveals that he is actually still Petrel, but wearing a mask that makes him look exactly like the Safari warden.

Silver gasps at what he sees, and the TR General proudly states that disguise is his special ability and expertise. With the make-up tools that he keeps at his belt, he can switch to any face at any time that he wants within seconds. As if to prove his point, Petrel quickly changes his face to that of Silver's, and subsequently swaps to that of Eusine's. He giggles that he can disguise as anyone as long as he has seen the person's face, and to Silver's shock, turns himself into Lance.

Seeing the red-haired boy's awe-stuck expression, Petrel lets out a laugh and reverts back to his own face. He gives Silver the friendly warning to stay alert from now on, and tells him to be careful of whoever he meets, since any friend or family of his that shows up might actually be him in disguise. Without another word, the TR General sends out his Golbat and goes airborne on it.

Silver hurriedly gets on Honchkrow to give chase, and Petrel giggles that he is surely unrelenting. The man states that he may have lost the Plates to Silver, but it is already rewarding for him to have seen the seriousness in the boy's eyes. Silver fails to understand what Petrel is saying, but believes that he must have seen Lance in person to be able to imitate him. He demands to know where Petrel has seen the dragon-trainer, and the TR General grins that they have battled each other. On top of that, he has defeated the man.

Petrel's claim causes Silver to bolt in horror, and before he could recover from his shock, Petrel fires an Air Cutter from his Golbat, which hits Honchkrow square-chest and knocks it off the air along with Silver. Gyarados quickly dives forward to catch its trainer and teammate, yet by the time Silver looks back up into the skies, Petrel is already nowhere to be seen.

Silver checks to make sure that Honchkrow and Weavile are both alright, and thanks Gyarados for its help. Eusine, who has been lying unconscious on the water serpent's head all this time, gradually comes around, and wonders what has happened. Silver mutters to himself that he has finally found out what the Plates are and even got his hands on a few. However, he also learnt of the shocking news that Lance, his nearly invincible teacher, has been defeated. With a million thoughts going through his head, the red-haired boy stands in silence and tries to figure out what to do next.

High up above the air, in a helicopter that is shaped like an Azumarill, Crystals' Mom switches the flight control to auto mode, and exclaims that they have arrived. Dressed in an outfit even more uncanny than her old one, complemented by bold accessories and her ever fashionable hairstyle, the woman clutches tight to her Marill doll, and jumps up and down in joy with her Azumarill.

She calls out to Crys in the next room, and the girl answers that she is almost done with the data compilation. However, the woman continues to buy her and says she always delays things because of her work. In fact, the sole reason why she has decided to come along is that Crys would most certainly arrive late for the assembly time if she is not there to usher her. She points out that the children at Earl's School will be looking forward to this fun day of touring at the Safari Zone, and it will not be right if their tour guide, Crys, keeps them waiting.

Annoyed by her mother's persistent knocking on the door, Crys sighs that there is still one whole hour before the agreed meeting time, but decides to wrap up her work anyway. She opens the door to greet her Mom, who instantly puts on a frown and drops her jaw when she sees her attire: her white lab-coat on top of her usual bright pink pullover and yellow skirt.

Crys's Mom wants to know what Crys is thinking wearing such kind of outfit, but Crys doesn't see any problem with it as it is the typical one she dons when she teaches the children at the Pokemon School. Feeling defeated, the woman screams they are having an outing today, and such clothes are completely inappropriate. She then gets into a one-woman-drama, demonstrating how someone leading a Safari tour should appear cute and energetic to catch the children's attention. After much role-playing with Azumarill and her Marill doll, she finally concludes that Crys's current outfit simply wouldn't work, not only because it will dampen the children's mood, but that Crys will not be able to have fun herself wearing such serious clothes.

She points out that one will only think of boring schoolwork when they see Crys's attire, and thus, as her Mom, she has decided to be the fashion coordinator, and help Crys pick an outfit that is both catchy and edgy. Oblivious to Crys's protest, the woman starts sorting through the fashion collection she has brought along, and before long, the young Capture Specialist could only accept her fate as her mother's newest dressing doll.

Later, down at the Safari Zone, Silver gets Red Gyarados to whip up the waters in the lake with a Twister, but sees nothing at the bottom. Kingdra strikes a row of bushes with Brine and Feraligatr splits apart a pile of rocks with Aqua Tail, but neither finds what the red-haired boy is looking for either.

Sitting next to a fire to dry himself, Eusine sees the frustration on the Silver's face and tries to tell him to take a break, but is interrupted by his own sneeze. According to what the boy said, they were ambushed earlier by a General of the resurrected evil organization, Team Rocket, who has their eyes on items known as the Plates. While the enemy has revealed that there are a total of 16 Plates, they do not know exactly what they are for. The only thing they can be certain is that Team Rocket will likely be using them for evil purposes.

Eusine understands that Silver hopes to stop Team Rocket's evil schemes, and the boy admits that it is what he set out to do. His teacher, Lance, mentioned both 'Safari Zone' and 'Plates' before he vanished, which is why he believes that there must be at least a few of them hidden in the park, although he has apparently underestimated the difficulty in finding them.

As Silver's Pokemon continue to scout the area, Eusine gets a thought, and wants to know where Silver's motivation comes from. He could understand Silver's detest for evil deeds, but his eagerness clearly goes beyond that of a normal trainer who sees injustice. If anything, the police should be the ones taking responsibility to deal with such organizations, and not a young trainer like him.

Hearing Eusine's words, Silver's face is momentarily shrouded with gloom, and he admits that his actions are not only for the sake of justice. The reason why he takes it so personally to fight Team Rocket is that, the man who assembled the organization, the team's Boss, Giovanni, was no other than his very own father.

Eusine gasps in shock at Silver's answer, and after a moment of thought, the boy decides to tell his story. When he was very little, he got kidnapped by an eccentric man called the Mask of Ice. Taken away from his home and family at such a young age, he grew up not knowing where his birthplace was or how his parents looked like. Three years ago, he had the chance to search the land for his own roots, and finally found Giovanni, his biological father. There and then, he learnt that he was actually part of the reason why Team Rocket was formed.

Silver's last few words brings sorrow to Eusine's face, and he now understands why the boy reacted with such a painful expression when he heard of Team Rocket's name. He tries to comfort Silver and says he doesn't have to push himself so hard even if it is the case, and Silver relents that perhaps Eusine is right. However, it doesn't really matter anymore, because what's important is that, he wants to redeem for his father's sins, and prevent others from suffering like he did.

Eusine starts to get teary-eyed and a running nose again, and Silver immediately bolts up with a start, thinking that the Koffings have returned. The Suicune Hunter yammers that he is simply touched, and blows his nose into a handkerchief. He thanks Silver for sharing his past with him, and states that one should not go through life alone. He believes that the boy should get people to help him, and for one, he shall stand by his side and give him all the assistance he needs should he ask for it.

Silver starts to protest at the man's sudden enthusiasm, but Eusine interrupts him, and claims to have an acquaintance who could help the boy find the Plates, a man who possesses a special ability called distant vision. He offers to introduce Silver to the man, but in exchange, hopes that Silver will let him know any information about Suicune he comes across in the future. Dragged along by the Suicune Hunter, Silver feels a little annoyed at his peculiar behaviour, but is at least convinced that he is not an enemy.

Suddenly, a barrage of bait and mud hits Eusine like a string of bullets, and the man cries out in horror and astonishment. Ahead of them, several young kids sulk that it is a human being but not a Pokemon, and their rudeness causes Eusine to fume with rage. A teenage girl hurriedly rushes over to the scene to offer her apologies, and gets the kids to do the same. In that instant, the girl jumps in recognition as she spots Silver, and Silver looks up in surprise to see that it is no other than his fellow Dex Holder, Crystal, who is accompanied by her Meganium.

Meanwhile, at the Cliff Cave, two Team Rocket Grunts report to Proton that their two Plates have been snatched away. However, the green-haired TR General doesn't seem to care, and tells the grunts to report to Ariana as that is none of his business. He turns back to his computer, and says his job is to find out the location of their target destination as soon as possible. Yet, his search has ended up futile so far, and wonders where in the world the Sinjoh Ruins are located…

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447: VS Feraligatr

Volume 41