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At the Sinjoh Ruins, Archer gestures to the Pokemon in charge of the chains restraining Arceus, and orders them to drag the alpha Pokemon onto the Mystri Stage. With their combined efforts, despite protest from Arceus, the Pokemon are gradually able to bring it to the triangular platform in the middle of the room, which has three circular patterns at the angles, overlaying a bigger one in the central part.

Crys cringes at the cruelty inflicted on Arceus, and Gold demands to know what they are doing. However, his query is met with a blast from Golbat, Zubat and Murkrow, and the three Dex Holders are nearly swept off their feet by the attack. Proton, Petrel and Ariana stand together, and state that Archer shall perform his ritual very soon. Anyone who attempts to advance further must defeat them first, although they have doubts if the three young trainers are capable of doing so.

With that, they order Golbat, Zubat and Murkrow to attack again, and Gold and Silver send out Sutaro and Weavile to fight while Crys places her trust in her Smoochum, Smoopeon. Smoopeon unleashes a blast of ice onto Murkrow, just as Sutaro delivers a Low Kick on Zubat. Weavile hops onto the back of Golbat, and grabs its jaw with its right claws before swiping down with its left ones.

On the Mystri Stage, Archer approaches Arceus, and states that it is pointless for it to resist. He shows it the Plates which he retrieved from Silver's pouch, and the deity-like Pokemon's eyes instantly widen with surprise. Archer grins that the 16 Plates which Arceus has been seeking for a long time are now all in his possession, and as soon as he says that, he could see a hint of hatred in the creature's eyes. However, he giggles that Arceus cannot attack him no matter how angry it is, for as long as he has the Plates, Arceus must follow his commands.

The Team Rocket General decides to let Arceus show everyone its mirage powers, and flashes a blue-coloured Plate to its body as he orders a Type Shift. The room brightens up with a burst of blue light, which catches the attention of Gold, Silver and Crys, who are in the middle of their battle with the Generals. To their shock, Arceus's body colour appears to have shifted to a different hue, and Proton states that such an azure glow signifies that it has changed to the water type from the effect of the Splash Plate.

Rearing its head up, Arceus unleashes a gigantic tidal wave to wash the Pokedex Holders off their feet, while the Generals go airborne just in time on their flyers. Archer next flashes the Zap Plate, and Arceus instantly turns into a yellow hue. It fires a barrage of lightning strikes from above, and once again sends Gold, Silver and Crys tumbling back and forth with its fury.

Archer subsequently uses the Stone Plate to turn Arceus into the rock type, Meadow Plate to change it into the grass type, and Mind Plate to shift it into the psychic type, each time delivering a powerful attack of that type on the Dex Holders. Soon, Gold, Silver and Crys kneel exhausted on the ground next to their fallen Pokemon, and Archer laughs that as long as one has the Plates, he can possess and freely control all of Arceus's marvelous powers at will.

The Team Rocket turns to Arceus, and says there was a time when it closely bonded and lived in harmony with humans. However, at some point, this relationship was tarnished for an unknown reason, and in order to obtain Arceus's tremendous powers, people have extracted from its body the energy sources which allow it to freely change its type into physical items known as the Plates. As its relationship with humans was severed and its powers were lost, Arceus has lost all hope and departed to go into a long slumber.

Archer remarks that the tale sounds almost too good to be true, but in reality, it is indeed that good. He grins that the reason why they awaited its second return to the land is to obtain its full power, and Silver realizes that his postulation earlier about Arceus and the Plates was correct. Crys couldn't understand why Silver so easily handed over the Plates to the enemy in that case, and turns her anger to Gold, who was the person who encouraged Silver to do so. Gold grunts as if he is going to give a good reason, but after a long pause, shrugs that he actually doesn't have one, which causes Crys to fume with rage.

Gold relents that they didn't really have a choice as the enemy is using Arceus as a hostage, and Crys, after a moment of thought, sees that he is probably right. Ariana agrees with a mocking tone that Gold has made a wise decision, and Proton says items should belong to those who could put them to effective use. Archer grins at the comment, and after stealing a glance at Gold, Silver and Crys, remarks that indeed, it will only be appropriate for the person who desires Arceus's powers to gain possession of the symbols of its ownership, the 16 Plates: Flame, Splash, Zap, Meadow, Icicle, Fist, Toxic, Earth, Sky, Mind, Insect, Stone, Spooky, Draco, Dread and Iron.

Archer then points to Crys, and says he must thank her for helping them, which causes Crys to jump in astonishment and confusion. Archer explains that the Sinjoh Ruins is said to be a place accessible only when one is accompanied by Arceus, and the reason they have now gained access to the ruins is thanks to Crys's tactless attempt in capturing the alpha Pokemon. Although it was only a short battle, Crys's fight with Arceus during the capture managed to deliver her pure intentions to the deity's heart, and ever so slightly dissolved the hatred residing in there. When Crys trapped it temporarily inside a Pokeball, it placed Arceus into a state that is almost equivalent to being captured, and thus established a bond with the Pokemon's heart.

Crys winces in regret at how her good intentions ended up hurting Arceus, and Archer states that not only her, but Silver has also given tremendous assistance to them by collecting all the Plates within such a short time. He giggles that the world is filled with young boys and girls who have marvelous skills, and he is happy that everything Gold, Silver and Crys have done for the sake of Arceus has ended up bringing Team Rocket's scheme towards fruition.

Gold grits his teeth in anger upon hearing Archer's words while Silver keeps a stern face and Crys sighs in despair. Nevertheless, it is too late to feel sorry for their stupidity now. Archer announces that it is time to bring the dream collaboration between Team Rocket and the young trainers of justice to its final stage, and faces Arceus who is now standing in the center of the Mystri Stage. Archer calls to it as its master who possesses its 16 Plates, and orders it to begin its moment of creation. The alpha Pokemon raises its head as it lets out a growl, and Unowns start to materialize out of thin air to surround its white body.

Gold gasps in astonishment and wonders what Archer means by creation, and Proton answers that it is as the term suggests. He explains that Arceus is known as the Pokemon who creates, and they are getting it to do just what it is capable of. Crys is confused as to what it shall create, and Archer giggles that they are creating legends.

With that, pillars of light shoot out from the three circular patterns on the Mystri stage, and particles start to congregate within each pillar. On the blue circular pattern that has a hexagonal center, a dark blue quadripedal dragon with metallic spikes on its body takes form, and slowly turns into a Dialga, the legend that is said to govern time. On the purple pattern with a round center, a pinkish bipedal dragon with wings takes shape, and gradually becomes a Palkia, the legend that is said to govern space. On the red pattern with a triangular center, particles pool together into a serpentine dragon with red stripes and black wings, and takes on the appearance of Giratina, the legend that is said to govern antimatter.

Gold, Silver and Crys gasp in horror as the three dragons start to become solid, while the Four Generals watch in amazement at their creation. Archer laughs that the three deities that are said to be created by Arceus have come to life become reality, and is convinced that with their free control on Arceus, who in turns commands Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, Team Rocket is now the strongest organization in the world that fears no one. He cackles that their great leader Giovanni will definitely agree with him, and Silver instantly bolts up upon hearing the name of his father.

Archer tells Arceus to speed up its creation, so that their voice will be heard across all regions and reach the ears of Giovanni wherever he is currently. The man starts to get maniacal and says they have made extensive preparations to await their leader's return, so much that any organization in any region will not be able to compete with Team Rocket. He falls to his knees and begs for the return of Giovanni, and once again reiterates that they now command the legendary Pokemon Arceus, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, making them the strongest bunch in the world. As Proton closes his eyes with a grin and Ariana wipes a tear of joy off her eye, Archer starts to thump the ground with his fists, and ruminates over and over again on his call for Giovanni to come back to Team Rocket. To Silver's surprise, tears start to fall from the man's eyes as well.

At that moment, Petrel sneaks up to Silver, and remarks that the boy seems startled. He wonders if he is simply astonished by the legendary Pokemon, or is it because he has heard of a certain name, that of Giovanni. Silver jumps up in defense at Petrel's sudden intrusion, and tries to keep a distance from the man. Petrel pulls out his disguise tools to change himself into the face of Jagura, and says he has heard something about the boy from this former Team Rocket agent, something which even Archer, Ariana and Proton don't know of.

Edging closer to Silver, Petrel yanks off his mask of Jagura, and wants to know if the boy is the son of their leader…

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455: VS Arceus IV

Volume 42