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Edging close to Silver, Petrel says he knows the boy is the son of their leader, Giovanni, and grins that it is something that he alone knows among the Four Generals. Silver's eyes widen in shock at Petrel's words, and the man explains that back when Silver snatched the Plates from him, he was berated by Archer at their headquarters where he was nearly choked to death by Archer's Houndoom.

At that time, he made up the lie that he deliberately let Silver take the Plates because he knew the boy would seek to collect them all, and he planned to claim back altogether at once when the set was complete. Archer was apparently convinced and let him go, but it was enough to make Petrel irritated as he could have very well died from the man's reckless ways. After he returned to the prisoner's area, he fooled around to disguise himself as Silver, and made up his mind that he would really exploit the boy as he said. At that moment, Jagura who was kept behind bars by them made a big reaction when he saw Silver's face, and revealed to Petrel that the boy was Giovanni's son.

Petrel admits that he had his doubts about the claim, but seeing Silver's reaction to the mention of Giovanni's name, he is now sure that the two are certainly father and son. Without warning, he orders a Lick from his Golbat, who smears its saliva on Silver's face, blinding his eyes and burning his throat with the erosive content. Silver's hands shoot up immediately to cover his face, but apparently he has reacted too late, and all he could mutter was a barely audible cry from his tarnished voice.

Petrel steals a glance at Archer who is still whimpering for their leaders return, and spats that men who cry are stupid and useless, for they are fixated on one idea alone, in Archer's case, Giovanni's return, and become oblivious to important things like Silver's relationship to Giovanni. Wrapping his arm around Silver's neck, Petrel says the boy must feel distressed about not being able to see or speak, but he assures him that he will not cause his further harm, and hopes that they could be buddies from now on.

Speaking through a cracked voice, Silver demands to know what Petrel is scheming, and the man states that sooner or later, Giovanni will hear of their deeds and return to join them. However, should he see that his very own son is hurt, those currently in charge, being Archer, as well as Ariana and Proton, will lose his trust. On the other hand, he who has been protecting Silver all this time, will surely gain recognition for his efforts, which is why he hopes Silver still stay quiet for now and work with him.

Silver trembles with anger after hearing Petrel's words, and is curious as to why Petrel is so sure that he would play along. Petrel grins that he knew Silver would from the look in his eyes when he snatched the Plates from him at the Safari Zone, a look so condescending that Petrel is sure Silver's pride matches or not exceeds that of Giovanni's, and the boy is destined to become a great man who will rule over the world with evilness.

The look of rage instantly vanishes from Silver's face as Petrel states his mind, and the boy gradually puts on a bitter and ironic smile instead. He starts to giggle to himself, which confuses Petrel, and relents that it seems he could not escape from this kind of fate after all. Without warning, he sends out Honchkrow to go airborne, and mutters that things may be better this way. Petrel watches with an astonished look as Silver dives towards the four legendary Pokemon, and jumps in alarm when he realizes that the boy's words suggest he is planning to escape his fate by killing himself.

The purple-haired Team Rocket General rushes over to seek help from Ariana and Proton, and makes the faulty claim that Silver is trying to thwart them. The three quickly call forward their Pokemon to stop Silver, and before long, the boy is ganged up on by Vileplume, Raticate and a group of Koffings.

Crys bolts in horror at the sudden turn of events and attempts to help, but Gold stops her with his billiard cue and tells her not to fret. He states that Crys should know Silver isn't the type to be pessimistic about his own fate and give up his life. Rather, the boy has always managed to overcome defeat and despair, no matter how heavy they are.

In that instant, a Pokeball lands on the ground in front of Crys to bounce about, and she catches to find in surprise that it contains Silver's Feraligatr. Gold grins that Silver has apparently tossed this to them while diving towards the Mystri Stage, and it is clear what the boy has in mind. Crys wears a knowing smile as she takes out the Pokeball of her Meganium, Megapeon, and Gold gives her a nod as he takes out that of Explotaro.

Gold jokes that Silver is certainly thrifty in words, and says his message would probably not be understood by everyone simply by leaving one Pokeball behind. Crys agrees, but believes that this is Silver's way of re-con-dis to inform them about his plan to distract the enemy by himself, while she and Gold unleash the three-as-one ultimate attack combo.

Getting Megapeon, Explotaro and Feraligatr ready, Gold and Crys point towards the forming legendaries, and order Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon. Bundles of powerful beams shoot out from the collar petals of Megapeon, and strikes directly at the body of Palkia, disfiguring it. At the same time, a blinding blaze erupts from the collar of Explotaro, and disintegrates the body of Dialga. Meanwhile, a powerful jet of water explodes from the mouth of Feraligatr, and blasts Giratina's body into fragments.

Archer cries in horror as he watches the energy and particles that are creating Dialga, Palkia and Giratina get dispersed by the ultimate attacks. Before long, the particles all vanish back into the three circles on the stage, and the entire room falls silent. Everyone holds their breath as they keep their stare on Arceus, who slowly turns towards the Four Generals in the cloud of smoke that is clearing on the platform.

Without warming, it emanates a blinding flash from its body, and Archer, Ariana, Proton and Petrel are suddenly gone from sight, leaving behind the pouch of Plates on the ground. Arceus turns its gaze to the Plates, and soon, one by one, they float up into the air and start spiraling around the deity's body.

Gold and Crys rush towards Silver who has landed on the Mystri Stage, and the red-haired boy wonders what is happening now. Gold explains that the Plates are finally being returned to Arceus, and Silver reveals that he actually knew this would happen, which was why he handed over the Plates to the enemy, because he figured that if the Plates came close enough to Arceus, they would for sure go back to their rightful bearer. Gold giggles that he thought the same when he told Silver to surrender the Plates, and Crys sighs with a grin at the boy's eagerness to take credit.

On the Mystri Stage, Arceus spins the 16 Plates around its body, and gradually absorbs them all through the golden ring on its abdomen. Gold, Silver and Crys are relieved that Team Rocket's evil scheme is finally put to an end, and stand close to one another as Arceus rears its head up, proud just like its deity status suggests.

While Crys gets Parapeon to heal Silver's vision and voice with its spores, Gold grins at Arceus, and wonders how it feels now that it has returned to its complete state. However, in that instant, Crys suddenly catches the glimpse of a broken fragment, and soon sees more. She spins her head towards the Mystri Stage, and to her horror, discovers that particles are gushing out from the three circular patterns again. Gold and Silver become aware of that as well at that moment, and the three young trainers gasp in bewilderment as the fragments rapidly congregate to form the three dragons. Before Gold, Silver and Crys could do anything, the creation process completes, and Dialga, Palkia and Giratina fully materialize on the three circles surrounding Arceus on the Mystri Stage.

Just then, Archer's maniacal laugh is heard, and Gold turns around in shock to discover that the Four Generals have not actually vanished, but were simply thrown back. Archer calls the Dex Holders fools, and states that once the creation process begins, it cannot be stopped. He wears a psychotic look on his face, and giggles that the process only appeared to be stopped because Arceus was reabsorbing the Plates into its body. In fact, he claims that, the birth of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina is destined; Arceus reclaiming all the Plates to return to its perfect state is destined; the addition of the legendary Pokemon to their ensemble, turning everything in the world into Team Rocket's possession, their leader Giovanni's possession, and his possession, are all also destined.

Ariana feels slightly frightened by Archer's behavior, and Proton also gets uneasy. Petrel, who is taking shelter behind a pile of rubbles, believes that Archer has gone crazy, and thinks it is best that he finds a way to flee the scene. However, if his comrades or the brats try to stop him, he knows that will not be able to stand his ground. Taking out his make-up utilities, he decides to disguise as someone who could roam free among these people.

In front, Ariana and Proton continue to get bewildered by Archer's actions, and suddenly hear a loud bang from behind. They spin around to find that Petrel is gone, and see a man wearing a hat and a long black trench coat instead. Ariana wants to know who he is, and the man is surprised that they have already forgotten his face. With that, he takes off his hat, and reveals himself to be no other than the former Team Rocket leader, Giovanni.

Both Ariana and Proton gasp in surprise as they call out his name, and Silver, upon hearing it, jolts his head back to look over, and sees the man whom he has been trying to locate all this time. However, he quickly remembers that Petrel is expert in using disguises, and becomes hesitant. Fortunately, his doubt is cleared in the next moment.

He soon sees Petrel struggling to crawl up from the floor, covered in injuries and wearing only half what appears to be a mask of Giovanni on his face. Behind him, the Ursaring that he has bestowed upon the task to take care of his father towers over the purple-haired man. Petrel remarks with an embarrassed tone that Ursaring seems really powerful, and Giovanni coldly states that it isn't even a question, since the Pokemon was raised by his very own son.

Silver starts to tremble as he realizes that he is actually in the same room as his real father, and finds himself at a loss of words. However, it seems that they do not have the luxury to enjoy a reunion. Two more people enter the scene, and one who is standing comments that at the end, the three legendary Pokemon have been created. The other one, who is sitting on a wheelchair, states that they may have some reluctance, but this is the reason the three of them have come after all.

With that, the two silhouettes step into the light, and the standing one reveals himself to be Lance. Yet, more shockingly, the old man who is sitting on a wheelchair with a Swinub in hand turns out to be no other than Pryce, the Mahogany Gymleader who is believed to have vanished into the voids of time years ago.

Wearing determined looks on their faces, the three men direct their gaze towards the four legendary Pokemon standing on the Mystri Stage…

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456: VS Arceus V

Volume 42