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At the Sinjoh Ruins, Gold, Silver and Crys listen with astonishment as Pryce explains about his return. Following his battle with them years ago, he remained within the voids of time, drifting in the cauldron of the past and the future, just like a fallen leaf washed around in the tide. There, he saw many different eras, back during days when Pokeballs did not exist, times when the legendary and mirage Pokemon appeared in the world, as well as future periods that lie ahead of the current timeline. One may question how he managed to survive or even return without the Rainbow and Silver Wings or the GS Ball, but if he must really answer that, he could only say it was due to the willpower of Celebi, something which he could not fully comprehend either.

Perhaps, if he should put it simple, while there are Pokemon who have lost all hope in humans like Arceus, there are Pokemon who still have hope in mankind and are willing to lend a helping hand. At a time which he could not recognize, Celebi voluntarily joined the party of a trainer to help solve a crisis on a foreign land. He believes that the reason he was kept alive in the voids of time was probably for the sake of this current time and what is about to follow.

Pryce states that since he learnt of the events that are going to unfold from this point on, he attempted to call out for help from the voids of time, and the person who responded was Lance. However, for him to return to the real world, he could only do so on special nights when Celebi descends at its shrine in the Ilex Forest, for instance tonight. Before his return, Lance has been making all kinds of preparations, which included contacting Samuel Oak to inform him about Arceus, and ask for assistance in stopping the three dragons that it was going to create. Pryce believes that Gold, Silver and Crys should already know the events that followed, but Silver interrupts him, and wants to know how his father got involved into all this.

With a grin, Pryce explains that he was not the only person who was waiting for Celebi to descend at its shrine after all. Earlier tonight, when he finally left the voids of time during Celebi's return to the Ilex Forest, he found the former leader of Team Rocket waiting along with Silver's Ursaring right in front of the shrine. He later learnt that Giovanni was also seeking Celebi, because he was led by the tale that Celebi could bring ailment and cure to those even with a dying sickness.

Anyway, at the shrine, he and Giovanni recognized each other instantly, and without warning, Giovanni started attacking him with Ursaring. Probably out of anger for what he did to his son, Giovanni's hits were brutal and vicious, and it wasn't until Lance's arrival that their clash was interrupted. The dragon trainer acknowledged the complicated past Giovanni shared with Pryce and himself, but pleaded the man to temporarily put aside their difference, because a catastrophe was about to happen. The young man persuaded Giovanni to join forces with them to safeguard the lives of many Pokemon and people in this world, including that of his son, Silver, and Pryce promised to let Giovanni do whatever he wanted to him after the crisis was solved.

Though hesitant at first, the former Team Rocket leader eventually chose to trust and help Lance and Pryce. Before departing for Sinjoh, he called upon his TR Elite Trio, Ken, Al and Harry, who have been standing by in the bushes, and ordered them to keep guard at the Ilex Forest and ward off all shady intruders who tried to come near Celebi by all means. As the fight between Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and the three men who tried to stop them ensues, Ariana, Proton and Petrel take shelter behind a pile of rubbles next to the Mystri Stage and watch the on-going battle. Ariana feels extremely bothered by how things are unfolding, and points out that the odds are very bad for them. Proton agrees that everything they have done for Boss Giovanni ended up working the other way round, and the man is currently fighting something that they brought to fruition for him. Ariana scoffs that she will simply quit their plan now, and Proton opts to do the same.

However, Archer barks that he would not allow it, and states that he will not permit anyone to give up on their scheme at this point. His words shock Ariana, and she wonders what he is talking about. Archer giggles that the Giovanni who has come back is not that Giovanni they expected, and says the man they see now is definitely not the leader of Team Rocket. Wearing a maniacal grin, he declares that he shall lead Team Rocket from now on, and dominate the world with Arceus who has returned to its perfect state after reclaiming all of the its Plates. The man trots towards Arceus, and calls for Ariana, Proton and Petrel to assist him in capturing the deity Pokemon. Yet, as he attempts to get onto the Mystri Stage, Arceus delivers a swing with its foreleg and sweeps him off his feet. Archer crashes hard onto Petrel, and Ariana lets out a squeal as she and Proton narrowly evade the collision.

Lance points out the foolishness of the Four Generals, and says they must be under the belief that they subdued Arceus with their own powers and forced it to create the three dragons. However, the truth is, everything actually occurred according to Arceus's own will, and it created the three dragons because it was betting on whether humans could stop the destruction of this world. Gold is bewildered to hear what Lance just said, and wonders if his words are true. Lance states that when Archer lured Arceus to descend from its dimension, it was believed to have given up on mankind already. However, at the same time, part of it wished to trust humans again. Perhaps, if they manage show it how humans and Pokemon can overcome the conflict of interest, build genuine trust in each other, and act from their hearts, Arceus may just restore its hope in mankind again. Once they manage to pacify Arceus's rage, the three dragons will return to the respective places they belong, but judging from the furious look in the deity Pokemon's eyes, they still have much to do.

Back on the three dragons' side, Swinub, Dragonite and Ursaring continue to tactfully hold them down without causing a big clash. Dialga fires a beam at Swinub, and the little snow piglet adeptly glides out of the way. Giovanni comments that although they seem to be doing a good job so far interfering with the dragons, there is too little room inside the chamber. Lance suggests luring them outside, and Crys and Silver decide to help. She sends out her Xatu, Tupeon, while Silver calls out Honchkrow, and she tells Gold to come along with them. However, Gold refuses, and says his mission there is to release Arceus from its grudge and rage. He tells Crys not to worry to go without him, and Silver pats Crys on the shoulder, gesturing her to play along with Gold's decision.

Just as Crys turns to leave, Gold stops her, and says he has forgotten one thing. He starts to comment about how her new clothes fit her, but before he could finish, Crys orders Tupeon to hit him with a Tailwind, sweeping him off his feet without warning. Gold lets out a holler, and demands to know what she is doing, and Crys blushes as she blurts out that she has no idea what Gold wants to say, but whatever it is, she will hear it after the whole crisis is over. She then goes airborne along with Silver, and Gold shouts that she should be careful and keep herself alive in that case.

As Dialga, Palkia and Giratina are lured outside the ruins chamber, Gold remains on the Mystri Stage to face Arceus while the Four Generals stay in their rubble pile. Gold says he understands from Arceus's point of view that they are all humans whom it wants to annihilate. However, back when Crys captured it inside a Pokeball, despite just for a moment, he believes that the thought of trusting Crys did temporarily crossed its mind. He wonders if it is possible for it to base its view on Crys to restore hope in mankind, and reconsider its decision to turn them into extinction. He states that Pryce used to claim that Pokemon other than his own party are nothing but tools, but even such kind of man is now willing to take upon his shoulders the mission to save the world. He then gestures towards the Four Generals, who have quitted their scheme, and points out that even villainous people like that can change.

Speaking with his most sincere tone, Gold pleads Arceus to see that humans are not hopeless, and may perhaps deserve another chance…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

458: VS Arceus VII

Volume 43