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If one were to tell you that the planet that you currently live on is going to be completely destroyed 10 days later, whom would you spend these last 10 days with and what would you do…?

Where there are 'desolate ends', there are also 'primordial beginnings'. Life originates from the sea, and gradually moves onto land. When life ends, it becomes ash and returns to the earth again. The sea and land are always connected, just like a certain shore where this new tale begins… somewhere in time… in a certain region…

Deep inside the Granite Cave on the island of Dewford Town lays a chamber which has long been sealed behind rocks and left unnoticed until recently. On its wall, an ancient mural painting depicts a primal world, where the land titan erupts volcanoes and spews fire, and the sea titan creates floods and evokes rainstorms.

Sitting on his Metagross, Steven Stone studies the mural closely and finds himself intrigued, since he was previously unaware that such a large mural existed in the cave. Ultima is surprised that even Steven Stone, the great stone collector, is oblivious to the chamber's existence, and Steven explains that for some reason, the internal layout of the Granite Cave has changed since the big catastrophic event, which has caused this previously hidden chamber to surface. Steven addresses Ultima as 'Gran Ultima' as he speaks, but the old lady is upset about the name, which makes her feel senile. She protests that she is still a young soldier at heart, and Steven quickly apologizes with an embarrassed look. Ultima wants to know where the young ones are, and Steven explains that they are currently practicing along the shore since the little time they have left should be put to good use.

Outside, Sapphire raises her voice and gives her encouragement to the two Kirlias who are battling each other, Ruby's Rara and the Kirlia which she recently caught, nicknamed Kirry. She turns to Emerald, who is leaning against his Sudowoodo, and complains that he should help command Rara since Ruby isn't there. However, Emerald doesn't understand why she needs to make two Kirlias fight, and asks why she doesn't given them other opponents instead. Sapphire explains that she is trying to get them to evolve together, and thinks it will be enthralling to see a pair of powerful and smart Gardevoirs. Emerald decides that he will pass since it is not his style to interrupt two lovebirds, and Sapphire agrees with a blush, squealing that Emerald certainly has a point and she should evolve them herself. Her words cause Emerald to sweatdrop and tumble over, and the boy seriously wonders if he really Sapphire at all since he didn't recall her being so hysterical.

Suddenly, Kirry and Rara begin to shake and glow, and Sapphire exclaims that the time has finally come. At that moment, her foot accidentally kicks on a rock, and knocks off a turquoise coloured stone which is hidden underneath. The stone flies towards Kirry's leg and in the next instant, both Kirlias evolve in a flash of light. Yet, to Sapphire's shock, while Rara becomes a Gardevoir, Kirry turns into a Gallade.

Emerald immediately breaks into uncontrolled laughter, and feels sorry that Sapphire's wish to have an identical pair of Pokemon is crushed. He finds it amusing that the female trainer gets the valiant Gallade but the male trainer gets the elegant Gardevoir, and thinks it really suits the personalities of Sapphire and Ruby. His comment ticks off Sapphire, and she furiously picks up a boulder to slam on him. Emerald narrowly evades, and Sapphire starts chasing after him, demanding to know what he means. The boy cries out in horror as he runs, and thinks Sapphire's barbaric manner already speaks for itself.

Back inside the cave, Ultima gazes upon the mural painting herself, and Steven states that it clearly portrays Groudon and Kyogre. However, he notices some strange markings on their bodies, and points out that Kyogre's fin has what appears to be an 'alpha' sign while Groudon's claw is painted with a symbol that resembles an 'omega'. He believes that the mural is created by super-ancient people who lived thousands of years ago, and postulates that they must have witnessed this scene which undoubtedly boggled their minds and scarred their hearts. He wonders if the primal world depicted in the painting has a deeper meaning, and soon gets lost in thought.

Ultima notices that the silver-haired man has become engrossed in his own world, and clears her throat to get his attention. Steven snaps out of his trance and quickly apologizes, and Ultima thinks it is time that they discuss the true purpose he summoned her all the way from Kanto. Steven is confused since he has already explained it, and reiterates that her tuition of the ultimate attacks is what he wishes for. However, Ultima thinks he has something else on his mind, and glances over to the three Pokemon she is supposed to tutor, Ruby's Swampert Mumu, Sapphire's Blaziken Chic, and Emerald's Sceptile. The fact is, all three Pokemon have already inherited the ultimate moves, and from what she has heard, the three mastered the attacks quite well, and victoriously unleashed them to save Hoenn from the Battle Frontier incident.

Steven admits that Ultima is correct, and says Swampert, Blaziken and Sceptile have indeed learnt the ultimate attacks. Yet, they have only used them in their normal forms, and Ultima wants to know what Steven means. Steven states that he is talking about Mega Evolution, and says what he wishes is for the three to learn how to master the moves as Mega Blaziken, Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile. To wield Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Frenzy Plant in the Mega state, he can only imagine the profound skills required from not only the Pokemon but also the trainers, a notion that frankly terrifies him, which is why he has asked for Ultima's help.

Ultima ponders on Steven's words for a moment, and relents that although she has long carried the mission to pass down the 'skills', she honestly knows nothing about Mega Evolution. She wonders if she is really suited for the role, and Steven has no doubt that she is the right person, since she not only possesses the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, but above all, the virtue. He points out that Mega Evolution is a phenomenon that is still shrouded in a lot of mystery, and the only thing confirmed recently is that they really know nothing about it. Ultima wagers that their issue at hand must be imperative if Steven is willing to take the risk of depending on something they know little about, and almost feels like he has a gun pointing to his head for it. Steven jokes that he is ready to jump off a cliff for it, and Ultima laughs that she likes his candid answer. She thinks they should get started and give a good lecture to Swampert, Blaziken and Sceptile, and asks Steven to introduce the three Hoenn Pokedex Holders to her.

Meanwhile, Sapphire is still chasing after Emerald, and snaps down a tree trunk to swing at him. Emerald hollers that it is really dangerous, and calls Sapphire a colorblind caveman. Sapphire barks that Emerald should learn to watch that mouth of his, and at that moment, Steven steps out from the cave to put a stop to their drama. He wants to know what happened to their special training, and Sapphire replies that it went well. On second thought, she corrects herself that not everything went well and tells Steven about Rara and Kirry's split evolution. Steven kneels down next to Kirry to pick up the turquoise-coloured rock, which is in fact a Dawn Stone, and explains that it is the reason why her Kirlia evolved into a Gallade instead of a Gardevoir. He remarks that stones carrying mysterious powers like it are scattered everywhere, and recalls that some people believe they all came from space.

Steven then introduces Ultima to the young trainers, and notices that Ruby is missing. Sapphire explains that he will be joining them shortly since there is apparently something important he had to do, and mentions with a blush that he left her his Pokemon and some new clothes he made before he set off. Emerald is surprised that Ruby didn't tell Sapphire what he is up to, and sticks a finger into his nose as he reveals that he actually knows, which astonishes Sapphire. The boy opens up his PokeNav Plus, and says they should be able to see a live broadcast of the place he has gone to as they speak.

At Hoenn TV's Slateport branch station studio, a live broadcast is in progress. The host Lisia, who is also a Contest Idol, cheerfully greets her audience with her Altaria, Ali, and welcomes everyone to another week of 'Contest Live'. She states that their fun and exciting channel has brought in an astounding guest to the show, and proceeds to introduce Ruby, who has conquered all ranks of all Contest categories. Lisia squeals with excitement as she hooks her arm around Ruby's, and calls him her fateful person. She decides to call the title of this story 'A Heart-Pounding Contest Debut', and Sapphire, who is watching the scene from the PokeNav Plus, fumes with rage and calls Ruby an idiot.

Later, Ruby exits the building and is greeted by Gabby and Ty. Unbeknownst to them, the Absol which they have worked alongside with during the ancient titan incident stealthily enters the scene, and stands quietly atop the TV station's rooftop. Gabby grins that Ruby definitely outshines everyone when it comes to Contests, and is curious if he will keep walking down this path. Ruby says he would really have liked to, and Gabby picks up something uncanny in his tone. She wonders if he is implying something, and Ruby states that his dream is to pursue Contests, where he can seek the Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, Coolness and Toughness of Pokemon. However, it seems that a certain situation has come to deter that, and it is possible that this would be his last time setting foot in this place…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

000: VS Gardevoir & Gallade!