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In a dark and narrow space, Sapphire uses her hands to feel around and wonders where exactly she is. Earlier, when she suddenly slipped off from the steam pipe and began to tumble, she thought she fell into the basement of Sea Mauville. However, it is clearly not the case since the scent and sounds of her current surroundings are completely different. Soon, she hears footsteps approaching, and listens carefully to pick up the voices of four men. The content of their conversation becomes audible as they draw near, and they are apparently talking about launching a rocket after a certain device arrives. Sapphire bolts upon hearing the term 'rocket', and starts to get an idea of where she is.

Outside, Prof. Cozmo gazes upon the rocket they have constructed and tells his three assistants that the only way to save their planet from destruction is to launch the vessel into the path of the incoming asteroid after gearing it with the Dimensional Shifter. Right now, the fate of the planet lies in the Mossdeep Space Center, and it is important that the launching is successful.

Prof Cozmo and his assistants' words confirm Sapphire's suspicion that she is at the Mossdeep Space Center, and she is baffled as to how she suddenly ended up so far. She figures that she must be inside the rocket they are talking about, and thinks back on what happened at Sea Mauville. At that time, she sensed a Pokemon of relatively small size approach her from behind, and she subsequently felt that she was falling through some kind of ring-like structure. She couldn't really see how the Pokemon look like, but it seems to be the reason she ended up where she is.

The anxious assistant wonders when the Dimensional Shifter is going to arrive, and Prof. Cozmo says President Stone has promised to deliver it today after it is fully charged with the bioenergy of Pokemon. Sapphire realizes that they are referring to the mysterious device she has at hand, and perks up her ears when the jolly assistant asks what exactly the Infinity Energy is and how the Dimensional Shifter really works. The angry assistant finds it absurd that he still doesn't know by now, and Prof. Cozmo decides to explain it again. He reveals that both humans and Pokemon possess bioenergy, which is essentially the combination of their physical and mental powers. In other words, it is equivalent to a being's life force. To convert this kind of energy into a usable form, a machine called the Absorber is needed, and when bioenergy is artificially converted by the Absorber, it becomes the Infinity Energy.

Cozmo states that the Infinity Energy is omnipotent and its uses are limitless. Not only was it used to complete the rocket but it is also required to activate the Dimensional Shifter in order to create a warp hole. The jolly assistant acknowledges that a warp hole can instantly move something to another location, which is why it can send the incoming asteroid away, but wants to know where exactly the asteroid will be sent to. Cozmo admits that he has no idea, and says the only thing they know is that Dimensional Shifter creates two warp holes, an entrance and an exit, which functions essentially like a device called the Link Cable. He remarks that as long as they warp the asteroid away from its current course, they can save the planet from total destruction. However, time is running out, and if they do not launch the rocket soon, the asteroid is going to collide with the planet.

Inside the rocket, Sapphire realizes that everything said by the woman named Zinnia is true. Although it seemed like Ruby deliberately made the others keep a secret from her, she is nevertheless the only one who doesn't know about the incoming asteroid and their planet's impending destruction. She slaps herself on the head, and feels foolish for getting so absorbed into the idea of achieving something together with Ruby that she fails to sense that something much bigger is going on.

Earlier, when they assembled at Dewford Town at Steven's request, she was thrilled to see Ruby because they haven't met each other for a quite some time. The boy surprised her by giving her a set of new clothes he made, and also left her Rara and Mumu for training since he had to handle something somewhere else first. Ruby didn't tell her where he was going, and only promised to return soon, which made her a bit upset. However, before he left, he gave her another surprise by inviting her to the Litleonid Meteor Show when everything is over, and handed her the extremely hard-to-get tickets. At that time, she was too stunned to respond, and nearly made Ruby misunderstand that she didn't want to go. Fortunately, she managed to speak her mind in time, and Ruby told her to greet Steven for him as he headed off on Lorry which she lent him.

Sapphire extends her neck and tries to clear her throat, but as she feared, she still fails to make a sound. She takes out the Pokeball of her recently evolved Gallade, Kirry, and sighs that she must be getting her punishment for feeling upset instead of elated when it evolved, simply because it didn't become a Gardevoir and made her unable to have matching Pokemon with Ruby. She apologizes to Kirry, but the Gallade obviously doesn't mind and is more concerned about its trainer. Sapphire relents that she has no idea how many days they have left before the asteroid collides, and wonders if Ruby kept things a secret from her because he didn't want her to be troubled by such thoughts. She really wishes to know what Ruby himself thinks, and yearns to find out in particular the thought that went through the boy's head when he invited her to the meteor show.

Sapphire then makes up her mind, and decides that there are tasks that she can do on her own as well, a task that is right before her eyes. She searches around for a door, and eventually manages to exit from the rocket. Her unexpected presence alarms Prof. Cozmo and his assistants, and they exclaim that the people who threatened Devon must have come to attack them. However, on a closer look, Cozmo discovers that he actually knows the girl, and the angry assistant cries that she is holding the Dimensional Shifter. Unable to speak, Sapphire walks up to Cozmo and hands him the device, and the astonished professor discovers that it is fully charged.

Back at Sea Mauville, Ruby orders a Hammer Arm from Mumu, and the Mega Swampert delivers a hard blow onto Goodra, knocking Zinnia off from its back. Zinnia grunts in frustration, and Ultima gasps at that overwhelming vibe that the boy exudes. Ruby thinks to himself that the dispute between Zinnia and Devon cannot be resolved simply by suppressing them in battle, and decides that his best strategy is to get Sapphire and Emerald out and away from Sea Mauville. However, Sapphire is nowhere to be found, and he steals a look around every now and then while he continues to fight. Zinnia notices his distraction, and mocks that he must be extremely confident in his own strength. She gets Goodra to unleash a spray of goo from its body, and Mr. Briney hurriedly counters with Peeko's Water Sport to dampen it. Ruby thanks Briney, addressing him as the 'honorary captain', and the old seaman grins that it has been quite a while since they met.

Nearby, Steven fights the Aqua and Magma Grunts, and Mega Metagross thrashes its four arms around to knock back Carvanha and Numel. Suddenly, it cringes in pain, and reverts to its usual from as it crashes onto the ground. Steven checks on it with a worried look, and Drake can tell that something is not quite right about Metagross. He looks at Steven inquisitively, and Steven sighs that some truths cannot be kept hidden after all. It turns out that Metagross has also given up its bioenergy a few months ago, since not only the Dimensional Shifter but also the rocket requires the Infinity Energy to construct. Drake is shocked that it has already been months, and wonders why it hasn't recovered. Steven replies that he has already tried various medicines and Berries, and even brought it to the Pokemon Center. However, nothing seems to help and its powers remain depleted, making it no longer able to use some of its moves. He states that it actually barely manages to undergo Mega Evolution, and Drake finds himself aghast by how bioenergy harnessing fundamentally damages a Pokemon.

At that moment, the Aqua and Magma Grunts report back to Zinnia, and the woman is shocked to learn that Sapphire has disappeared along with the Dimensional Shifter. Ruby overhears their conversation, and exclaims in astonishment himself. He quickly turns to ask Emerald, who confirms that it is true. The blonde boy gestures to a floating genie-like creature next to him who is holding a golden ring, and believes that it is the cause of her disappearance. Ruby questions if it is a wild Pokemon, and Emerald wagers that it must be. He reveals that he has battled it on deck the night before, but says it has now become clear that it simply wants to play since it has been pestering him non-stop. Emerald points to the golden ring it holds, which apparently has some vacuum effect and is drawing in his hair as he speaks. He postulates that Sapphire must have been sucked into the ring since the Pokemon materialized about the same time she vanished.

Hearing that, Ruby quickly reaches out and attempts to grab the ring, hoping he can get Sapphire back out from it. However, the Pokemon flees from its grasp, and ends up yanking on Emerald's hair as it drags its ring away. Zinnia laughs that things cannot get more ironic, and thinks it is karma that a machine that can create a hole leading to somewhere unknown is being sucked into a hole that connects to somewhere unknown. She tells the Grunts that the fine thread that controls destiny has set things back onto the right course, and thinks it is time they retreat. Before that, she shall take what she came for, and turns her gaze to Steven. At that moment, Steven finds himself unable to move, and discovers in shock that his legs are immobilized by sludge. Drake and the others quickly notice that the same has happened to them, and Steven bolts with realization that the gooey liquid Goodra unleashed from its body has solidified the sludge left behind by the Sludge Wave attack.

Zinnia compliments Steven's sharp senses, and thinks he lives up to his name as Hoenn's Champion, or rather, former Champion. She feels sorry that he is too late to do anything about it, and orders Goodra to snatch away the Mega Stickpin from his pocket. With Zinnia on its back, the gooey dragon lashes out an antenna, but its attempt is thwarted by Ruby, who uses his own hand to block the strike. Zinnia is surprised that the boy is not affected by the dried sludge, and Ruby explains that he didn't get hit by Sludge Wave since he arrived later. Zinnia wants to know the reason behind his actions, and Ruby says she doesn't necessarily need to target Steven if all she wants are Keystones. Without warning, he slips the Mega Bracelet off his wrist, and takes a big leap to jump onto Goodra's back right behind Zinnia, astonishing both the woman and her Pokemon. He then reaches out both hands underneath her armpits, and offers her the Mega Bracelets that belong to him and Emerald.

Zinnia narrows her eyes as she demands to know what his intention is, and Ruby states that he simply wants them to stop the unnecessary battle. Zinnia wonders if Emerald, whom she calls 'the little guy', is also alright with giving up his Keystone, and Emeralds responds with an affirmative nod. Zinnia wears a grin, and in the next instant, Goodra curls its tail up to throw Ruby off his back while Zinnia snatches the Mega Bracelets from his hands. She then retrieves Goodra, and quickly goes airborne on her Salamence. Mumu reverts back to its usual state as soon as the Keystone is taken from Ruby, and everyone looks up into the skies as Zinnia slowly disappears into the horizon.

With the Draconid woman gone, Ruby breathes out a sigh of relief, and walks over to his Pokemon. He pats Mumu on the head, whom he feels has become stronger, and compliments its coolness as a Mega Swampert. He then turns to Rara, marveling at its newfound elegance, and wishes that he could videotape it. He grins that Sapphire must have worked hard to train them, and thinks he should thank her properly.

Mr. Briney wants to know if what Ruby did was really worth, and Ruby explains that such a shocking behavior was necessary to make Zinnia let down her guard. He reveals that he has managed to snatch some kind of scroll from the woman when he was offering up the Mega Bracelets, and says someone he met on the way has alerted him of its existence, which he believes to be of more importance to him right now. Ruby tells Emerald that they should go, and apologizes for giving him so much trouble with the secret keeping. Emerald laughs it off as nothing, but soon gets irritated when the genie-like Pokemon tries to suck in his hair with its golden ring again. He barks that it is enough, and Ruby sees that the Pokemon seems to have taken a liking to him. Emerald wears an annoyed look, and asks the Pokemon to bring them to Sapphire. He demands to know where exactly it brought her, but the Pokemon simply frowns and puts on a troubled expression. Ruby believes that it probably doesn't know where it has sent Sapphire, and Emerald, knowing the girl's personality and toughness, wagers that she should be fine.

Steven runs up to Ruby after freeing himself from the sludge, and wants to know where he plans to go. Ruby replies that he shall scout all the areas in Hoenn related to dragons, and Steven wonders why. Drake interrupts them at that moment to introduce himself, and Ruby says he knows that he is a member of the Elite 4. Drake thinks he should be aware that his expert type is dragon in that case, and Ruby realizes that the man has something in mind. Indeed, Drake decides to take the kids to the Meteor Falls, which is a place strongly associated with dragons.

On a rock on the water route nearby, Blaise and Amber spy on the group, and watch as Ruby beckons to Latios and Latias. Looking through a pair of binoculars, Amber focuses on the genie-like Pokemon, and tells Blaise that the mirage Pokemon who wield rings is present and seems to have bonded with one of the Pokedex Holders. Blaise thinks that things are better than he expected, and says it is a matter of time before they get their hands on those mysterious rings which can summon legendary Pokemon.

At Hoenn TV's Slateport branch, Gabby and Ty have rested and are preparing to set out for the Mossdeep Space Center. However, they are both stunned speechless when a special news report comes on television, which also draws the attention of everyone else in the room. Gabby wonders how it happened, and Ty, still with a toothbrush in his mouth, replies that he honestly has no idea. In the broadcast, Ty's recordings of the six meteor landings surrounding Sootopolis are shown in succession with vivid descriptions, and the news reporter states that it is an exclusive footage of Hoenn TV. Reactions from other reporters in the room range from jealousy to envy, but they all agree that whoever did this story could easily win the director's award. Gabby and Ty's face whiten with horror, and they realize that someone must have stolen their work while they were taking a nap. Behind them, hiding in a corner, the man with glasses who did it giggles to himself, and believes that this achievement will finally get him out of this rural TV station.

While Gabby and Ty are upset that their work has been hijacked, their concern is actually far greater than work theft. The news reporter states that Hoenn TV has attempted to contact the Mossdeep Space Center, but has so far been unable to get in touch with the person in charge, who is said to be away. Meanwhile, opinions have erupted among amateur astronomers and certain scholars, who deem the appearance of such meteors a forewarning of an even bigger asteroid, which size is speculated to be big enough to destroy the entire region. The news reporter's words draw bewilderment from everywhere the broadcast is played, and people all over the region, including the Pokemon Fan Club President, Captain Stern and Dock, Wally, the Trick Master, Jack the Swimmer, and Todd, exclaim in unity upon hearing the terrifying prediction. And so, on this one day, the news that fills everyone's heart with horror spreads like fire across the entirety of Hoenn…

Countdown to the asteroid's impact: 6 days!

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009: VS Mega Swampert!