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High up in the clouds over Route 120, Ruby stands atop Rayquaza as he locks eyes with Sapphire, who is hovering on her Tropius, Troppy. With a million thoughts going through his head, Ruby stutters as he struggles to find the words. Finally, he lets out a sigh, and expresses his relief that Sapphire is alright. For Sapphire, despite similarly having a lot on her mind that she wishes to ask and say, she fails to make a single sound no matter how hard she tries. Ruby realizes with a start that Sapphire has lost her voice, and wants to know how it happened. However, he quickly understands that he was the problem, and the secrecy thing he put her through must have caused her so much distress that she somehow became mute. Dropping his head in shame, Ruby voices out his apology, and Sapphire lets out a sigh as she turns her gaze away. She then picks up the writing board she has brought along with her, and starts to scribble her thoughts on it. She starts off by telling Ruby to forget about the secret keeping issue since it is their least concern for now. With the planet on its brink of destruction, she wants to know what it is that she should do to save it, and is convinced that there must be something that she can help with. She warns Ruby not to keep her out again or she will never forgive him no matter how he apologizes. Shocked by Sapphire's resolve, Ruby wears a look of bewilderment. However, before he could make a response, Rayquaza suddenly thrashes its body around, and lets out a low growl as it looks up into the sky. Soon, several meteoroids begin to fall, and Ruby urges Sapphire jump off Troppy and get onto Rayquaza quickly. He warns that it will be dangerous unless she gets on Rayquaza, but Sapphire seems hesitant. At that moment, one meteoroid plunges towards them, and Rayquaza catches it in its mouth, astonishing Sapphire. Ruby explains that Rayquaza sees them as food, and also reveals that with Rayquaza's Dragon Ascent attack, they will be able to save the planet. Reaching out his hand, he invites her to join him in taking down the giant asteroid, but Sapphire remains motionless. Ruby starts to get anxious, but then Sapphire hops onto Rayquaza by herself and points a finger at Ruby with a determined look. Using body gesture, she accepts his invite, and turns around to sit on Rayquaza's forehead as she gives it a friendly pat. Ruby sighs with a grin that Sapphire always stays true to her nature, and decides that it is time to practice on Dragon Ascent. Nearby, Aarune hovers on his Flygon as Wally does the same on his Magnezone. Aarune marvels at the youth and romance demonstrated by Ruby and Sapphire, and Wally agrees with a grin. The green-haired boy feels glad that Rayquaza seems to have finally connected with Ruby, and Aarune states that in his homeland, Unova, there is also a legend about a hero who connected with a giant dragon. Gazing over at Ruby and Sapphire, he thinks they certainly embody the aura of a hero. Suddenly, an explosive bang is heard from the cave below, and Wally gasps that something else is blasting out from his Secret Base again. In the next instant, Archie and Maxie emerge with Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, and the two ancient titans thrash and roar as they break out into the open. Meanwhile, Emerald is flying out from the Draconids' Village with Latios and Latias, and wants to know if the two are feeling alright. Latias, which Emerald is riding on, assures him that they have recovered enough to carry them around, and thinks they must try to catch up with Groudon and Kyogre quickly, since Rayquaza will apparently attack them even if the two are not in conflict with each other. Latios believes that Rayquaza must feel really unsettled about the two, and Emerald recalls how Groudon and Kyogre forced themselves out of Hoopa's ring from the Draconids' Village, causing Hoopa to faint from the shock. Resting on Latios's back, the little genie trembles with agony as a worried Diancie looks on and tends to it. Emerald wonders if Latios and Latias know where the titans have gone, and the psychic dragons reply that they could sense the energy emanating from them. Right now, they appear to be in the proximity of Fortree City, near a place known as the Scorched Slab. Back on Route 120, Maxie and Archie want Groudon and Kyogre to test their new moves, Precipice Blades and Origin Pulse, on Rayquaza, and causes Ruby and Sapphire to gasp in astonishment. However, the two ancient titans have their attention on something else, and at that moment, a blinding light appears in the sky. Everyone looks up to see that more meteoroids have arrived, but one of them is apparently much larger than any other that has landed so far. Maxie believes that instead of targeting Rayquaza, they should shift their focus to what's threatening the planet, and Archie agrees that it is time to demonstrate the power of nature, the planet's very own force of defense. With a holler, Archie demands Ruby and Sapphire to get out of the way, and Ruby finds it troubling that the two men never gave a thought to the fact that they could all work together. His words cause Sapphire to jump in bewilderment, and Ruby fully understands her shock. However, he explains that the two men are somehow different from the ones they have fought before, and it would appear that they are simply trying to save the planet with their own method. He suggests they do the same and focus on the asteroid, and Sapphire agrees with a grin. Calling out to Archie and Maxie, Ruby states that he will move side but shall help with attacking the meteoroids as well. Archie tells him to do whatever he likes, and shares as nod with Maxie as Ruby tells Sapphire to get ready. In the next instant, Primal Groudon unleashes its Precipice Blades by creating two giant blades of stone from the ground while Primal Kyogre fires its Origin Pulse by blasting out a barrage of blue beams. At the same time, Rayquaza coats itself with a green light, and charges into the meteoroid with its Dragon Ascent. Elsewhere, Red hears his name being called, and opens his eyes to find Blue crouching over him and trying to wake him up. He blushes a little as he straightens himself up, and Blue quickly alerts him that they have company. Across the room, Blaise and Amber sit on the edge of what appears to be the lining of an arena, and Red wants to know if they were the ones who helped them. The two men deny, stating that they were being rescued too, and point out that all of their Pokemon and belongings have been taken. Red soon learns that it is the same for Blue and him, and Amber remarks that it seems that are not on land but up in the air. At that moment, Red suddenly recognizes his surroundings, and informs Blue that they are actually inside Team Rocket's Battle Airship. Just then, a man enters the room, and it is no other than the TR leader, Giovanni. Red demands to know what the man is scheming this time, and asks for their Pokemon back. Giovanni thinks Red is acting quite rude to someone who just saved him, but relents that it is a natural response given their history. He states that he has no hidden agenda for taking their Pokemon but simply wishes to avoid unnecessary fights when they wake, and reveals that his only intention is to save the planet from its impending crisis… Countdown to the asteroid's impact: 3 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

017: VS Rayquaza IV