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At the headquarters of the Sinnoh Pokemon Association, three members of the Elite Four, Lucian, Bertha and Aaron, are busying themselves in the library of the data building. With the help of his Girafarig, who picks out relevant books from the shelves with its psychic powers, Lucian holds a small memobook in one hand while using the other to flip through the selected books with the speed of light. As soon as he finds a piece of useful information, he marks the page with a post-it, and hands it over to Aaron, who is sitting on his Drapion and using a laptop to compile all the data they have collected.

Lucian discovers that the Pokemon mentioned in this Charon's memobook: Heartens, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, Manaphy and Rotom, are all either legendary or mirage Pokemon in the Sinnoh region. Aaron feels genuinely shocked that there are so many of them, and Bertha, who is sitting on her Hippowdon, states that some of them only have their names passed on through generations, and some whose existence is told only as a folklore. There are also some that even her, being a trainer as old as she is, has not heard of before, and it is the first time that she comes across their names.

Bertha recalls how the appearance of Dialga and Palkia merely weeks ago nearly threatened to raise the entire region, and really couldn't start to fathom what could happen if all of these legendaries are gathered. Aaron wonders if she means if all of them are captured by this guy named Charon from Team Galactic, and Bertha responds with a nod. If such a situation is allowed to happen, all hope may just be lost from this world. There will be countless casualties and sacrifices, and not only the enemy, the comrades, but also oneself will eventually vanish.

In the hospital block just behind the data building, the six fallen Gymleaders, Candice, Gardenia, Fantina, Roark, Maylene and Crasher Wake remain unconscious as they lay bandaged on their beds. In Dia's company, Pearl stands next to Wake and watches over his teacher with a worried look. Dia believes that they should just let the Gymleaders rest, and Pearl agrees with a whisper. Dia then hands Pearl an item which the nurses found in Wake's possession and says it appears to be intended for Pearl.

Pearl sees that it is a tiny music player, and upon hearing the 'play' button, hears Wake's voice singing a song that speaks about his tough willpower and strength which he inherited from his father. He realizes that it is a theme song about himself, and realizes that Wake has made it for him after all. He has once told Wake how much he wanted a personal theme song, and his teacher has indeed fulfilled his wish and created one for him. Tears begin to well up in Pearl's eyes, and he silently whispers a few heartfelt thanks to the man.

Dia and Pearl proceed to leave the room, and Dia wonders if Pearl is alright. Pearl wipes off the tears from his eyes and says he must stay cheerful as his teacher and the other Gymleaders would not like to see him in such a state. Dia agrees with a grin, and says they should focus their mind on doing what they could now. Pearl says he heard that a famous doctor from a distant land has come to heal Lady Platinum's wounded Pokemon, and Dia says she is really a remarkable Pokemon doctor.

In the treatment room just down the corridor, Daisy Oak reviews the condition of three Pokemon resting in Great Balls within an energy tube, and tells Bebe that their recovery is progressing quite well on this 18th day. The door opens at that moment, and Dia and Pearl enter to say their greetings. They introduce themselves to Daisy and Bebe, and requests to know how the Pokemon are doing. Daisy explains that they are near full recovery now, and will need just a little more time to heal.

Dia feels relieved to hear that, and Daisy says the trainer who is waiting to use these Pokemon must be an extraordinary one as they were all entrusted to her by Gymleaders. Pearl replies the affirmative with an enthusiastic grin, and says the Lady has already conquered all the Gyms. Daisy is amazed by the revelation, and Bebe laughs that the companions of Daisy's younger brother will certainly be making a fuss about meeting her once they learn of her marvelous achievement.

Daisy wonders where this remarkable trainer is currently, and Pearl explains that she is on the borders of Sinnoh, the Battle Zone. Daisy decides that it's best to place the three Pokemon into the girl's PC once the healing is complete in that case, and Bebe ensures her that she will take care of it. The blonde girl who has her hair tied up into a ponytail on top formally introduces herself to Dia and Pearl, and explains that she is in charge of the Pokemon Storage System in Sinnoh. She states that the Battle Zone is also equipped with PCs, and Pokemon may be withdrawn there. Daisy tells Dia and Pearl not to worry as she shall contact Platinum once the recovery is full, and the boys bow to say their gratitude. Stealing a glance at Pachirisu, Cherrim and Froslass who are sleeping in their Pokeballs, Dia hopes that they will come around soon.

Later, out in the waiting lobby of the hospital block, Dia and Pearl look around the place, and believe it should be the agreed meeting place. Earlier, they have been asked to meet someone there at that hour, and wonder what kind of person it is. Just then, a voice calls out to them from behind, and the boys turn around to see a man in glasses who wears a trenchcoat and has his haired styled like an ice-cream cone. The man states that it has been since a while since they talked, and Pearl feels confused at the remark as he is certain that they have not met before.

The man is upset that they could not recognize his voice, and pulls out a dragon-like statue to speak behind it. Dia and Pearl bolt in realization that it is the voice who speaks to them through the statues during all their Gym challenges, and recalling what Fantina said, the man is the Chairman of the Sinnoh Pokemon Association. The man confirms their query, and feels grateful that they finally meet. He sincerely wants to thank Dia and Pearl for their effort in putting an end to the Dialga and Palkia incident, and without warning bows to the boys, his uncannily shaped hair causing them to lean back in evasion.

Dia remarks that things have not really been put to an end yet, and Pearl states that there are still people who they need to rescue. The Chairman says he has heard about it, which is why he feels the need to render help. The notebook which the boys snatched from the enemy during the Speak Pillar battle, which they nicknamed the Charon memobook, have been given to him for verification and interpretation by Prof. Rowan, and he is happy to tell them that the process is complete. Dia is surprised that the Chairman managed to do it on his own, and the Chairman laughs that he most certainly did not. Rather, he enlisted the help of the most powerful trainers in Sinnoh, the Elite Four, and in that moment, Dia and Pearl see three other people entering the lobby to join them, an old lady with silverfish hair named Bertha, a suited guy in purple hair named Lucian, and a young man with green hair named Aaron.

The Chairman turns to the three and wants to know what they got for him, and Bertha's Hippowdon opens up its mouth to reveal piles of books inside. Lucian explains that these are all the materials from the data building which contain relevant information, and says he has labeled every useful page with a post-it. With that, he gets Hippowdon to dump the myriad of books onto the Chairman, burying him under, and Aaron sweatdrops that not everyone reads as fast as Lucian does. He picks up Charon's memobook from the pile, which is now supplemented by information they have compiled, and hands it over to Dia and Pearl.

Dia is amazed at the extensive amount of notes added, and Pearl is completely at awe that they have been able to interpret all the ancient text as well as symbols in the original copy. Aaron grins that most of the interpretation was actually done by Lucian, but Lucian states that there are still many parts which he couldn't understand, which is why they have sought help from the famous scholar Prof. Oak from the Kanto region.

Bertha says they shall contact the boys once they get a reply from Prof. Oak, and Dia suddenly asks if he could raise a question. The three promise to try their best to answer, but Dia in fact is just curious to know why the Elite Four only consists of three people, and his query causes them to fall back and collapse. The Sinnoh Association Chairman sighs with a frown that just like the Gymleaders, there are also people in the Elite Four who don't always stick to the group, and thus it is hard to gather a full team.

The Chairman then reiterates his pleasure in finally meeting Dia and Pearl, and the boys decide that it is time to set out on their journey. While Dia pulls on his jacket, Pearl unfolds his sleeves, and both strap on the new Poketch models, which together with that of Lady Platinum's, were another specifically made set-of-three given to them as gifts from the President of the Poketch Company. Dia believes that Platinum must be working hard currently at the Battle Zone, and wills himself to give his best as well.

The two boys voice out their encouragement to one another as they start dashing out through the hospital's door, but before long, they realize that the Chairman is also tagging along. Pearl screeches to a halt and wonders why the Chairman is coming with them, and the man grins that he means it when he said he feels the need to render help. He hopes that the boys wouldn't mind him disrupting their perfect duo combo, and Pearl relents that it is alright because they have someone else joining anyway.

At that moment, a silhouette waves to them from down the road, and reveals himself to be Dr. Footstep, the professor specialized in studying Pokemon footprints. The chubby little man complains that the boys are terribly tardy, and says they should set out right away. With that, the Pokemon Association Chairman, Dr. Footstep, Dia and Pearl embark on their journey together, with Dia feeling gleeful about their interesting combination, and Pearl feeling awkward about it.

Meanwhile, at the Battle Arcade, Platinum drops to her knees as she catches her breath, and feels grateful that she has finally obtained a streak of 20 consecutive wins. Behind her, Looker cheers for her great achievement, and knows that she will face the Frontier Brain next. However, while this is something that they should be elated of, the international police officer actually finds his thoughts frequently distracted by the issue about Stark Mountain. Recalling the impish behavior of Buck, he wonders what the boy might be attempting to do at the volcanic mountain, and whether or not he is alright on his own.

The Arcade Star, Dahlia, proceeds to step onto the arena, still jiggling with her Pokemon, and Platinum rationalizes that the Togekiss, Medicham and Ludicolo will be the team she uses for the battle. The girl has no idea what moves these three Pokemon may carry, but believes that inflicting them with the paralyze status will certainly hinder their attacks and work to her advantage.

The roulette soon starts to run, and she focuses her gaze on the panel that has a lightning bolt symbol, determined to make no mistakes and land right on it. However, just as the moving lighted bracket falls on the panel and she is a split second away from snapping on the 'Stop' button, an earthquake suddenly shakes up the entire room, and nearly throws the girl off her feet.

Looker gasps in horror and confusion as to what is happening, and realizes that the rumble seems to have originated from the north where Stark Mountain is. He yells out in desperation to Platinum that something ominous seems to have occurred, but the girl is having her own trouble. Wearing a look of panic on her face, she keeps hitting the 'Stop' button which doesn't seem to do anything, and cries out that the roulette isn't halting at her command.

Looker quickly digs out his Frontier guidebook, and bolts in bewilderment when he reads that if the challenger fails to stop the roulette run within 30 seconds, he or she will lose the right to play the round. Dahlia giggles to confirm the fact, and says it is therefore the Brain's turn to stop the roulette. Flipping open a lid on the wall next to herself to reveal another 'Stop' button, she presses her beautifully manicured fingers on it, and the lighted bracket ends up landing on a panel that has two arrows facing opposite directions.

Platinum stares at this panel which she has never seen before, and wonders what it entails. The Arcade Star grins that the symbol should be self-explanatory, and states that it calls for a complete trade of party between the two opponents, which means she will use Platinum's Pokemon, and Platinum will use her Pokemon. Upon hearing the revelation, Platinum and her team could only gasp in horror and disbelief…

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423: VS Togekiss

Volume 39