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Clinging onto the side wall of a building, Heatran opens up its mouth and spews out a blast of fire, aiming right at the back of Regigigas. The colossal Pokemon senses the attack as it nears, and manages to jump out of the way before it lands. It then throws itself towards its assailant to deliver a solid punch with its right fist, but Heatran narrowly evades the hit, and Regigigas ends up smashing the concrete wall of the building into pieces instead.

The boys watch in bewilderment as Regigigas and Heatran battle it out, and Dia is still astonished that Ghee finally popped out of its Pokeball again. Pearl believes that it must have sensed that something catastrophic is about to happen, and his statement is echoed by Charon, who giggles that it certainly is a major incident for the lord of the inside world to return to the outside world again. Dia finds himself confused by what Charon is saying, and the Team Galactic Commander grins that the mighty basilisk-like creature standing in front of them now is another legendary dragon Pokemon, Giratina, who has been banished from this world long ago for its violence.

Flapping its pitch black wings which have pointed red spikes at their end, Giratina stomps its six legs hard on the ground, and Dia and Pearl are terrified to see that it is starting to make its way towards the inner part of Eterna City where the residential buildings are. As if the timing couldn't be worse, the citizens of Eterna have started to rise at this hour, and are getting prepared for a new day. One of them is the owner of the Cycle Shop, Rad Rickshaw. The man pushes up the metal gate to his store with his two Clefairies, ready to greet the morning sun, but all they see is a humongous creature rampaging across their street, demolishing rooftops and side walls as it advances. In no time, Rad's Bike Shop falls victim to Giratina's rampaging as well, and his Clefairies hurriedly drag him away from danger, along with the other people who have also started to run for their lives.

Pearl cries out in horror as a piece of falling cement nearly hits Rad, and Dia quickly calls for help from Ghee. However, the giant golem is engaged in a close-up combat with Heatran, and Charon laughs that Regigigas will be kept busy for quite some time. The old man marvels at Giratina's ruthless violence, and giggles that his chance shall come when it tires itself after a thorough rampaging.

Pearl wants to know if there are any hints in the memobook from the Elite 4 that could help them, and Dia tries hard to flip through the pages to find the right information. He eventually manages to get to the part of Heatran, which describes it as the lava dome Pokemon slumbering at Stark Mountain, whose awakening requires a special item within the volcanic mountain. The boys' little fuss catches Charon's attention, and upon hearing the wordings, he gasps in shock that it is his very own memo. He is astonished that his work has been decoded and deciphered, and reaffirms his belief that the boys are major threats to his big plan. For the sake of the world and the sake of himself, he must nip things in the bud and rid them while they're young, which would then guarantee his possession of Regigigas as well.

Nearby, taking shelter under the rubbles of the demolished buildings next to a flight of stone staircases, the Team Galactic Commanders, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn spy on the happenings outside. Mars wants to know if her two comrades are alright, and Saturn, who is sitting inside his vessel, keeps the falling boulders at bay with the extendable magic hands, and grits his teeth in anger that Charon is just doing whatever he wants now. Mars states that with the Boss gone, the old man is revealing his true nature, and Saturn feels enraged that Charon is clearly just using Team Galactic as a means to get to the legendary and mirage Pokemon.

Saturn wonders what they should do with Charon, but Mars isn't planning to deal with someone so annoying to handle. Saturn turns to Jupiter, but the taller woman apparently couldn't care less about the old Scientist either, for she and Mars currently have their full attention drawn to the portal high up in the sky. Mars remarks that the Pokemon called Giratina emerged from that opening, and Saturn hopes she is not planning to go in. However, Jupiter points out with her usual cold tone that it is where their boss, Cyrus, is, and after a moment of thought, the three Commanders mutually agree to enter the portal to seek their lost leader. With that, Saturn grabs Mars and Jupiter with the vessel's magic hands, and speeds their way into the dark opening while the battle ensues in the city.

Not far from where the portal is, the three lake pixies, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, have arrived in Eterna. They hover high up in the skies as they watch Giratina continue its rampaging, and share a look with each other as if they've telepathically agreed on something.

Meanwhile, Regigigas and Heatran are still battling it out. Charon orders a Magma Storm, and Heatran gets ready to unleash a blast of fire from its mouth again, but Dia quickly instructs Ghee to use Crush Grip, and the mighty golem literally grabs the face of the lava dome Pokemon to crush it hard, putting off its flames and temporarily immobilizing it, causing Charon to gasp in bewilderment. Dia then tells Pearl to tackle Giratina while he handles Heatran, and Pearl immediately goes airborne by clinging onto the feet of his Chatot, Chatlord. Dia promises to join Pearl really soon, and Pearl says he has his trust in Dia.

At the meantime, back at the Battle Frontier's meeting room at the Battle Tower, Thorton is on the verge of falling asleep. Holding a screw and a clipper in hand, he slumps back against the wall and fights to keep his eyes open as he announces that he has finally finished repairing the device. Palmer, Riley and Darach gather around, and the Factory Head explains that it is some kind of speaker-camera, which is capable of flying as well as returning to its original owner, functions which he has managed to fix and restore.

Palmer marvels that Thorton is a real genius, but he immediately hears a complaining voice from behind, requesting compliment for their hard work as well. He spins around to see Dahlia and Argenta, who throw themselves heavily onto the couch, both wearing exhausted looks on their faces just like Thorton. Dahlia points out that with Palmer, Thorton and Darach all suspending services at their facilities, all the visitors have crowded to the Battle Arcade and Battle Hall. Argenta pants that it is certainly tiring for a woman at her own age, and Palmer extends his gratitude to both the Arcade Star and Hall Matron for keeping their visitors busy while they are occupied.

Argenta wants to know what their next action is however, since if her guess is correct, even if they have restored the returning function of the speaker-camera, it would require signal transmissions for it to work. The fact that the entire Battle Zone is currently under the influence of heavy signal interference makes it essentially impossible for the device to be activated properly. Thorton, nearly sleep-talking now, mumbles that they could overcome the problem with the help of aura, and Riley quickly steps in to explain the situation. He states that by using aura, they may help the machine locate its return signal to its owner, and also work to suppress the interference signals to ensure its return route. Dahlia says it sounds just like a snow-plough in action, and Argenta wonders who should be going now that they have ascertained a method to get to their destination.

The Tower Tycoon pauses for a moment of thought, and says Riley is definitely on the team as they have to count on his aura-using abilities for routing as well as battling. Thorton, unfortunately, is definitely out of the question as he has just fallen asleep. As for Darach, the Castle Valet apologetically excuses himself from the expedition, since he must stay beside Lady Caitlin.

Just then, two voices interrupt the discussion from the doorway, requesting to come along, and Palmer turns around to see Cheryl and Mira, two girls who are from the Battleground. Mira states that their companion, Buck, has been injured by the enemy, and they couldn't just sit back and do nothing. Cheryl sincerely hopes that they could contribute their strength, and Palmer decides to add them to the team.

As the group leaves the room, Platinum and her full team of six Pokemon are already waiting for them at the stairway. Palmer is glad that he doesn't have to go find the young girl, and states that it is time to set off. He makes sure that Platinum is ready for the expedition, and quickly introduces Riley, Cheryl and Mira to her. He then hands the speaker-camera to Riley, and says the device should be able to guide them to their destination.

With that, Riley, his Lucario and Riolu all close their eyes and hold their palms out as the speaker-camera hovers in circles around them. The aura-user soon picks up a faint return signal towards the west, and starts blocking out the other signals that may interfere. Soon enough, the speaker-camera begins moving, and Riley remarks that he shall lead the way. Palmer calls out a swan-like Pokemon who carries glittering ethereal rings on its back, and gets everyone else to get on board. And so, the Tower Tycoon, a Pokedex Holder, an aura-user, and two Battleground trainers set out from the Battle Zone, and begin their journey to seek the Distortion World…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

432: Alternate Dimension Battle II

Volume 40