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Inside the misty Turnback Cave, Platinum, Palmer, Riley and the girls from the Battleground brace themselves as they follow the lead of the Team Galactic cloaked grunt towards the entrance to the Distortion World.

Marley steals a glance at Mira and Cheryl, and grins that she is shocked about their presence. Mira argues that they should be the ones saying that, and Marley explains that she has simply gone to confirm what Prof. Oak wrote in his letter to her. Cheryl wonders what was it that the professor said, and Mira postulates that it must have something to do with the cute hedgehog-like creature Marley is carrying in her arms.

Before Marley could reply, the cloaked grunt comes to a halt and gestures the group to a large dark void ahead of them. Everyone gasps in shock at the appearance of the portal, and Platinum exclaims that it does resemble the one which appeared at the Spear Pillar. The cloaked grunt then prepares to excuse himself as he has done his part, but Platinum stops him and refuses to let him go. She states that there is still no guarantee that the portal will lead them to the Distortion World, and she obviously has trouble fully trusting him in view of their past. She declares that until she rescues her bodyguards, Phool and Ignor, from the other world, the grunt shall come along with them. In exchange, they shall protect him from Team Galactic.

The cloaked grunt wears a look of hesitation at first, but after having Platinum's word that he will be safe from the organization's pursuit, he agrees to come along. He warns that the world on the other side is a dimension where there is no up, down, left or right, and wants everyone to bear in mind that even if they hold hands and try to stay together, it is still likely that they will get separated as they pass through the portal.

Platinum turns around to make sure that everyone is ready, and the group separates themselves into three teams to lock hands with each other: Platinum with Palmer and the cloaked grunt, Marley with Mira and Cheryl, and finally Riley with Lucario and Riolu. Platinum then takes the lead to enter the portal, and throws herself into the dark void that seems to swallow everything.

Soon enough, the group find themselves tumbling from height into a place where platforms are oriented at different angles, each serving like a land on its own with trees and bushes grown at directions that defy gravity. Platinum lets out a gasp at what she sees, and Mira exclaims that the waterfalls are running backwards from bottom to top. Suddenly, a platform that is at 90 degrees catches Riley, making him land, and Palmer's group sets foot on a normally angled one while the Battleground girls touches ground on one that is upside-down.

Marley sees that they have separated from everyone else, and wonders where they are. Mira believes that she sees something ahead and is about to go off and search, but Cheryl suggests they stay together and not break up their group further.

Just then, the three hear a voice nearby, and soon spot a purple-haired old man floating in a vessel with a Slowking on top. The girls take shelter behind a tree to spy on the man, but the man seems oblivious to the girls' presence, and keeps mumbling to himself, sounding upset that Rotom and Regigigas are siding with his opponents and making his work difficult. He takes out a Pokeball to check on the Pokemon inside, and says he shall tend to its injuries with a Super Potion and Ice Heal. The Battleground girls overhear the man addressing the Pokemon as Heatran, and bolt with realization that he was the one responsible for hurting Buck. Feeling the rage all over again, the three step out from their hiding place and get ready to seek revenge for their companion.

On another platform, Phool and Ignor look around and wonder what all the rattling is about. Phool is certain that he heard human voices nearby, and soon enough, the they spot on an adjacent platform a teenage girl with long dark blue hair with a white cap and bright pink jacket. Almost instantly, the bodyguards recognize her as their client, Lady Platinum Berlitz, and share the same pleasant astonishment as the girl, who gradually breaks into a grin and requests to know the names or codenames of the men.

Phool and Ignor officially state their names and their job in protecting Platinum as bodyguards, a task bestowed upon them by her father, and each fall on one knee as they catch Platinum, who has hopped over to their platform with glee. The girl is thankful that she has finally found the two men, but their moment of joy is interrupted by a deafening shriek that echoes through the entire area.

Platinum wonders what it is, and Phool quickly tells her to stay low, explaining that it is the lord of this world that is making the sound. Platinum realizes that it must be Giratina, and Palmer soon spots the creature thrashing near a platform below them. Yet, Giratina isn't alone. As it lets out another shriek, it furiously jabs its tentacle-like wings around, trying to slash at the two men who are fighting him with an Electivire and a Magmortar.

Platinum bolts in recognition that one of the men is the Sunyshore Gymleader, Volkner, and Palmer states that the other red-haired guy is one of the Elite 4, Flint. The cloaked grunt explains that the two men entered the Turnback Cave shortly before their group arrived, and Platinum wonders if they have come to help. However, Palmer puts on a solemn look, and says he is 100% sure that joining forces with them is not their intention, and says the two men are simply enjoying a fight with an extremely powerful opponent.

Indeed, Flint giggles that he is having a fun time, and Volkner agrees with a grin. Volkner wonders if they should escalate the excitement by using stronger attacks, and Flint knows he's talking about Magmortar's Lava Plume, but is a bit hesitant as it may turn Volkner and his Electivire into charcoal as well. However, Volkner says there is nothing to worry about, as he will be unleashing a Discharge at the same time. Agreeing on the double attack, the two men get their Pokemon ready, and simultaneously unleash a Lava Plume from Magmortar and Discharge from Electivire.

The combined storm of smoke and electricity rush towards Giratina with tremendous force, but the serpentine creature opens its mouth to spit out powerful blast of wind, which completely engulfs its opponents' attacks and sends them exploding backwards at Flint, Volkner and their Pokemon, causing the two men to gasp and tumble back in astonishment. Palmer exclaims that Giratina has used Dragon Breath to not only wall off the incoming blasts, but has even managed to reverse their flow to inflict massive damage on their users. Platinum watches as Electivire and Magmortar get swept off their feet, and is somewhat disheartened that not even this level of skills and power is capable of taking on Giratina.

Meanwhile, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are spying on the happenings from another platform. Saturn stays in his vessel while keeping Mars and Jupiter airborne with the magic hands. Mars marvels at the showdown between Volkner, Flint and Giratina, and is especially amazed by Volkner who uses an Electivire just like she does. She urges Saturn to kidnap him with the magic hands, so the two of them could fight alongside each other as a lovely young couple, but Saturn hollers that it is not the time to fool around, and the three are suddenly approached by Charon, who has spotted them on his vessel.

Saturn demands to know what Charon wants, and the old Scientist states that he of course wishes to rescue Boss Cyrus from this weird world. Saturn finds himself fuming with rage as the old man is clearly bluffing, but before he could say anything else, Charon volunteers that he is being chased down by some troublesome people, and requests help from the three Commanders who are experts in battling.

At that moment, Cheryl, Mira and Marley, the troublesome people whom Charon is referring to, manage to catch up, and the old man quickly gestures the three Commanders towards the girls before fleeing on his vessel. Mira attempts to give chase with her Alakazam, but Jupiter sends out her Tangrowth to block the way and knock her back. Saturn is shocked that Jupiter is really helping Charon out, but the purple-haired woman states that she will do anything if it could help find Boss Cyrus. Mars finds it interesting and decides to join in the fight as well, and Saturn sees that he has no choice but to follow suit.

Marley places Shaymin aside while sending out her Arcanine, and Cheryl also calls out Blissey while Mars and Saturn release their Yanmega and Toxicroak, the latter having evolved from Croagunk. With that, a 3 on 3 battle between the Team Galactic Commanders and the Battleground girls begins…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

436: Alternate Dimension Battle VI

Volume 40