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In the Distortion World, the reverse side of the real world where the laws of space and time don't apply, an intense battle is going on between the Team Galactic Commanders Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, and the three girls from the Battleground, Mira, Cheryl and Marley. Facing each other on a one and one basis, the six trainers try their best to overcome their foe as they work to adapt to the abnormally oriented landscape of the place at the same time.

Saturn orders Toxicroak to jab its poisonous claws into Alakazam, but Mira gets the psychic Pokemon to use Power Trick before the attack hits, and defends itself with its two spoons. Saturn comments that Power Trick swaps the user's attack and defense stats, and at that moment, Mira follows up with a Guard Swap from Alakazam, which further attenuates its defense and special defense by switching the particular stats with Toxicroak, essentially sacrificing part of its own special defense for defense.

Saturn wonders just how much defense Mira is trying to build for a psychic type, and has Toxicroak deliver another Poison Jab, which although scoring a direct hit, deals much less damage than it usually does due to Alakazam's stat changes. Seeing the result of her actions, Mira decides to ignore Saturn's remarks, and continue with her strategy in optimizing her Pokemon's solid defenses in order to partake in a long-haul battle.

On another platform, Mars commands a Bug Buzz, and Yanmega strikes its tail hard on Blissey. Cheryl attempts to replenish Blissey's health by telling it to consume the Oran Berry it is holding, but Yanmega snatches the item with a Bug Bite, and devours it itself while leaving the pink egg Pokemon in despair.

Reacting quickly, Cheryl orders Sing, and Blissey's song instantly puts Yanmega to sleep, temporarily shutting down its assaults. However, Mars responds by swapping out Yanmega for Bronzor, and gets the bronze mirror to use Heal Block on Blissey. The red-haired TG Commander giggles that Blissey is now unable to use any of the recovery moves it is so fond of, and Cheryl has to think hard to figure out another way to win.

On Jupiter and Marley's side, the purple-haired woman commands a Natural Gift from Tangrowth, and a high voltage globe of energy is sent ramming into Arcanine, making Marley think that it is an electric type attack. Yet, when Jupiter hands a Durin Berry to Tangrowth to repeat the same move, Arcanine is blasted by a jet of water, which deals a great amount of damage due to its super effective typing.

Platinum watches the fight from another platform, and bolts with a start when she recognizes the same tricky move which Candice, Maylene and herself had so much trouble counteracting. She quickly flips through her items to locate a Battle Recorder, and tosses the item to Marley. Marley plays the recordings to see what Platinum has to show her, and soon realizes what kind of unique attack she is dealing with.

Jupiter gives Tangrowth a Hondew Berry to unleash another Natural Gift, and Marley, having spotted the type of Berry involved, orders Arcanine to dodge by jumping. Indeed, an earthquake ripples across the ground where Arcanine was standing, and would have hit hard if Arcanine evaded a split second later. Jupiter next tosses roundish pink Berry to Tangrowth for Natural Gift again, and Marley recognizes it as the Magost Berry. She gets Arcanine to hop backwards as a barrage of boulders rises to strike from the ground, and Jupiter could see that her opponent is now capable to see through her attack.

Palmer wonders what it was that Platinum gave Marley and how it helped, and Platinum explains she personally stood up against Jupiter before, and suffered defeat from her Natural Gift attack. While she was unable to crack the mystery of this unpredictable move back then, after much research and investigation, she has fully uncovered its secrets and recorded her findings in the Battle Recorder which she handed to Marley. For instance, when the user is holding a Rawst Berry, Natural Gift becomes a grass-type attack. On the other hand, a Lum Berry will result in a flying-type attack. To put it simple, the move changes its type depending on the kind of Berry being used for the attack.

Palmer muses on the fact that the hold item can directly affect and change an elemental type, and recalls how a similar quality is possessed by a giant four-legged white creature spoken of in myths. Suddenly, something fast moving ambushes the Tower Tycoon from behind, and knocks him off his feet. Platinum cries out in horror as Palmer tumbles into the air due to the lack of usual gravity, and the cloaked Team Galactic Grunt jumps with a start when he recognizes the shadowy creature that is pushing Palmer towards a platform further below.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the same dimension, Dia takes a good look at his surroundings, and remarks with a knowing tone that this must be the Distortion World. A voice comes on to ask how he figured it out, and Dia explains that it is because he has come into contact with it in the past, three times to be exact. The voice expresses confusion and interest, and Dia explains that the first instance happened when Lady Platinum's bodyguards, Phool and Ignor were hit by a mysterious beam. At that time, the light that surrounded the men before they vanished felt just like this, neither cold nor warm.

The second occasion occurred at the Spear Pillar, when the portal in the sky opened and he was about to dive through it on his Mamoswine, Moo. Finally, the third time was when he got hit by Giratina's Shadow Force attack, which gave him the exact same sensation as his two previous experiences.

The voice seems amused that the boy has touched upon the Distortion World so many times, and believes that his body must have therefore become easily connected to this world. Dia grins in agreement, and rationalizes that it must be how he ended up there. He then turns to look up, and addresses the guy standing upside down who has been talking with him, being no other than the Team Galactic Boss, Cyrus.

Back in the real world, Pearl has arrived at the entrance of the Turnback Cave. He sees that there is a spring, a flower field, and a cave filled with mist just like the Lady said, and knows that deep inside the cave lies the portal that will lead him to the Distortion World. Putting on a determined look, he charges into the cave to join the battle, while the Pokemon Association Chairman tries hard to drag Dr. Footstep along, telling him to leave the footprint collecting to a later time.

Inside the Distortion World, Dia requests help from Cyrus, and says his brief battle with Giratina made him realize that Giratina is genuinely powerful. On top of that, the dragon was furious. He wants to know if the Team Galactic Boss has any idea on how to counter such kind of furious rampaging of such a mighty Pokemon…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

437: Alternate Dimension Battle VII

Volume 40