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In the Distortion World, in response to Dia's question, Cyrus leads the boy to the place where the two deities of time and space were immobilized and trapped, and gestures towards the mighty dragons. Dia gasps that Dialga and Palkia are being held captive in what appears to be stalactite-like materials, and Cyrus states that they have been imprisoned by Giratina, the absolute ruler and conqueror of this world.

The TG Boss states that if there is anything that could counter Giratina's powers, it will be these two, because the three dragons' powers exist in a trinity and balance each other out. For a start, he and Dia could attack and break the restraints that are trapping the two Pokemon to set them free, and they could work the rest from there.

Hearing Cyrus's words, Dia hesitates and little, and wonders if it is really the best way for Cyrus. He states that if Cyrus is ever going to give another try to his failed attempt to create a new universe, keeping Dialga and Palkia the way they are may be better. Cyrus pauses for a moment at the remark, and says he has been thinking a lot since he got sucked into this dimension.

He reveals to Dia that he was born and raised in Sunyshore, a warm shoreline city that is always bathed in sunlight. However, he was a kid who stayed in areas where sunlight could not reach, and spent all of his time on machines and mechanics. In the machines, he found and established their mechanism and his theories, which were nothing but pure beauty to him. To him, the clash of time and space resulting in the formation of a universe was a theory that always held true, why was why the clash between the deities of time and space leading to the creation of a new universe was the ultimate beauty in his mind.

Unfortunately, reality did not turn out that way. The only thing the clash managed to create was a portal that led to this chaotic world where up and down, left and right, and even time does not exist. The device which his underlings used at Veilstone City was an incidental by-product created during his experiments in universe creation. He named it the 'Antimatter World Generator', and sealed it away due to its flaws. Although he still does not know for sure, he probably realized already back then that the flawed antimatter world was in essence no different from what he was after. Yet, he chose to deny it, and this was an act of weakness. His weak spirit, his incomplete spirit, was overshadowed and suppressed by his theories.

However, thanks to Dia and his companions, he has now seen what a complete spirit is like. When knowledge, emotions and willpower complement and support each other, an incomplete spirit becomes complete. Perhaps, if he had someone like that beside him, he would have a different future waiting for him, and for that, he admits that his thoughts and actions were a mistake.

Dia: (ponders) Hmm… Although I could not be certain, but… (suddenly slaps Cyrus on the back) IT WILL BE DIFFERENT!!
Cyrus: (jumps and eyes widened in shock)
Dia: (grins) That would be a good butt-in line to say~

Cyrus remains a bit stunned at what Dia just did, and scratches the back of his head, stating that he is someone who does not hesitate to correct his mistakes. He decides to agree to Dia's request and assist him the best he could, and makes the boy beam with joy.

With that, Dia sends out his Lickilicky, Lee, while Cyrus calls out his Honchkrow. Honchkrow delivers a powerful Night Slash, and Lee complements it with a Me First. The combined attacks gradually demolish the stalactite-like substance that is imprisoning Dialga and Palkia, and as they get closer to freeing the deities, Cyrus wishes to know what exactly butt-in means. In response, Dia puts on a big grin, but before he could fully explain, the two legendary dragons finally get set free from their restraints, and both wake up with a thrash and roar.

Meanwhile, Pearl has successfully entered the Distortion World with the Pokemon Association Chairman and Dr. Footstep, and wears a look of disbelief on his face. He states that this is a completely irrational world where up and down, parallel and perpendicular are opposite to what they mean, and all of this fall under the mystifying category which he performs worst in. Yet, the most unfathomable thing is how his father could suddenly fall down from above.

The boy cries out in hysteria as Palmer lies on the ground in front of him, and the man nonchalantly reminds the boy to call him daddy instead of father. Pearl argues that Palmer is in no position to speak and questions how many years he has been away from home, but Palmer brushes off the matter as irrelevant at this moment, and says his teachings should have helped Pearl on his journey a lot. Pearl sweatdrops at the certainty of his father's tone, but admits that they indeed assisted him a lot. For instance, during the Oreburgh Gym challenge, he coached the Lady with Palmer's special training menu and enabled her to win.

Palmer seems glad that Pearl has put that menu to good use, and reminisces the good times when he trained alongside Crasher Wake, particularly that instant when his Cranidos defeated Wake's Lumineon with a Head Smash despite the water Pokemon's super effective Aqua Tail. Pearl is surprised to hear that his father is acquainted with Crasher Wake of the Pastoria Gym, who is his master, and Palmer is equally shocked that his son has become an apprentice of the burly man. He wonders how his old friend is doing these days, but Pearl puts on a solemn look upon hearing the question, and reveals that Wake, along with several other Gymleaders, were severely injured in a battle against Team Galactic and are now taking absolute rest in the hospital.

Pearl begins to get emotional as he speaks of the matter, but Palmer calms him down, and tells him to direct all his anger to their current fight. He gestures towards the Pokemon that has just attacked him, a shadow-like being with a white mane and a blood-red collar, and says they should team up as a father-and-son combo to defeat the creature.

With that, Palmer sends out his Milotic while Pearl calls forward his Diglett, Diglord. Pearl wants to know why the shadowy creature is targeting Palmer, and the man believes that it is because there is a Pokemon in his party that is holding a grudge against it, due to it being the culprit who caused all the nightmares on Fullmoon Island.

Pearl fails to understand what Palmer is talking about, and wants to know what the Fullmoon Island is, but Palmer tells him to cut the questions and focus on the battle now, and wonders if the boy could tell what the shadowy Pokemon is about to use. Pearl quickly fixes his eyes on the movement of the creature, and instantly recognizes that it is going to unleash a Dark Pulse. Indeed, the dark Pokemon sends a ripple of shadowy energy towards Milotic, but the sea serpent elegantly takes the hit, and even glows in a soft blue light afterwards. Pearl gasps that Milotic has recovered its health with the glow, and Palmer reveals that it is the move Aqua Ring.

The shadowy creature then dashes forward with its arms positioned in front of its eyes, and Pearl hollers that it is planning to use Hypnosis. Palmer quickly switches out Milotic to send in Cresselia, and the lunar swan is instantly put to sleep by the move, which causes Pearl to let out a cry of despair. However, Palmer tells him not to fret, and orders a Psycho Shift. Cresselia immediately sends out rings of psychic energy to envelop the dark creature, and Pearl is astonished to see the creature being inflicted with the sleep status instead.

Palmer remarks that Psycho Shift transfers any abnormal status to the opponent, and Pearl is bewildered by the skills of Palmer, being able to take on the dark Pokemon alone without really needing Diglord's help. The boy gets grumpy again, and states that with such marvelous fighting ability, his daddy should stop wandering around and get a proper job like a Gymleader. Palmer retaliates that Pearl should show more respect, and shows him a small metallic case with a pentagonal symbol on it, which Pearl quickly recognizes as the emblem of the Battle Frontier. Palmer explains that he is actually the Tower Tycoon, person in charge, of the Battle Frontier's Battle Tower, and Pearl gasps in both surprise and elation at the revelation.

Palmer then asks where Dia is, since the two boys are almost always together, and Pearl once again puts on a solemn look, finding himself speechless. The Pokemon Association's Chairman decides to step in and answer the difficult question, and states that Dia has unfortunately become one of those who could not come back safely from the battle against Giratina. The Tower Tycoon jumps in shock at the news, and Chairman, with tears forming in his eyes, voices out his sorrow that one of the children of the future has sacrificed himself in the fight.

Just then, a boy's voice comes to comment that 'children of the future' is a term the Chairman always used when they went for a Gym challenge, but he has always thought that the term sounded a little too rigid and a little too old-fashioned.

Voice: Maybe we should go for something more jolly~
Chairman: (ponders) Hmm, really... Umm, for example?
Voice: Yes yes~ For example~ Hey there! Champion of the future!! How's that?

At that moment, Dia appears in front of them on Dialga, and causes both Pearl and the Chairman to jump in bewilderment. Pearl stutters in his words, and demands to know how Dia managed to survive, how he ended up there, and most curious of all, how he winded up riding on Dialga. Dia grins and says he hasn't the slightest idea, but says he came right away when he heard Pearl's voice. The boy points behind Pearl to alert him that someone else has also come along, and Pearl spins around to see Cyrus riding on Palkia, which causes him to bolt and cry out with even bigger surprise.

Pearl's cry reaches the ears of Platinum who is on a platform not far away, and the girl tries calling out to the boy from where she is. Pearl hears that it is the voice of the Lady, and Dia shouts out loud that he is also present. He tells the Lady to wait where she is, and gets Pearl to climb on board Dialga as well. They then hover over to where Platinum is, and both boys gasp in shock when they see the two familiar men in black standing next to the girl, people whom they thought they would never see again.

Phool and Ignor hope that Dia and Pearl have been well since they parted, and the boys hurriedly jump off Dialga to run over and hug the two guys, both breaking into tears and feeling glad that they are alright after all. The bodyguards feel tears welling up in their eyes as well, and thank Dia and Pearl for taking up their roles in protecting their client, which they have done so well, even allowing them to be rescued from this strange world eventually.

Pearl grins with tears of joy and tells Dia to fetch the items, and Dia reaches into his pocket to take out the two pairs of sunglasses which the men left behind in Veilstone. He hands them back to their rightful owners, and the Phool and Ignor quickly put them on, returning to their signature looks.

Next to the group, the cloaked Team Galactic Grunt sees that the three people whom he has fought have gathered, and says it is time for him to do his part. Without warning, the three lake guardians, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie materialize out of thin air behind him…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

438: Alternate Dimension Battle VIII

Volume 40