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Hearing Platinum's explanation on the Pokerus, Charon gets annoyed that the girl's team has been powered up by this mysterious virus, and sends Slowking forward to crush her team. Platinum gets Pachirisu to unleash a Captivate, which lowers Slowking's special attack, and follows up with a Last Resort, in which the little electric squirrel smacks the psychic hippo's face with its thick fluffy tail. Cherrim then delivers a Solar Beam, and faints Slowking with the super effective attack.

Charon grunts in frustration that his Pokemon got totally overwhelmed, and says ordinary Pokemon are really inept and weak. He decides to abandon Slowking, and flies over to where the legendaries are. To his dismay, Heatran is also being floored by Regigigas, which makes the Team Galactic Scientist even more upset.

While the legendary Pokemon of the Sinnoh region continue to battle it out, the trainers soon gather as a group on the same platform. Palmer leads Riley, Mira, Cheryl, Marley, Dr. Footstep and the Pokemon Association Chairman from a lower platform, and joins Dia, Pearl, Platinum, Cyrus, Phool and Ignor on theirs. Dia is pleasantly surprised to see Riley again, whom he received training from on Iron Island, and Platinum is glad to see that the Battleground girls are doing fine.

Mira complains that she could have won in the fight against Saturn if Giratina hasn't intruded, and Cheryl is bewildered by how big the battle has become. Platinum takes a look at the various legendary creatures who are furiously lashing out at each other, and wonders what they should do now. Using its colossal might, Regigigas hurls Heatran aside, and pulls hard on Giratina's tentacle, trying to drag it down. Giratina, on the other hand, continues its assault on Dialga and Palkia, and fires a powerful beam which the two dragons manage to evade. Meanwhile, Darkrai and Cresselia keep unleashing attacks at one another, neither really gaining the upperhand.

Platinum sighs that no good outcome could result from this kind of furious battle, and says the involved Pokemon would only all run out of strength eventually, and the world would end up falling apart following all the catastrophic destructions. All that is left will be rage, hatred and sorrow.

Palmer could see what Platinum means, and states that the selfish and egoistic competitions between humans have brought so much pain to the lives of Pokemon. However, Dia points out that Giratina seems to be at odds with Dialga and Palkia to begin with, which doesn't seem to have anything to do with humans. Pearl also observes that the same goes for Darkrai and Cresselia, as having read from his Pokedex, he realizes that although the dark Pokemon causes nightmares to the people and Pokemon around it, it is an innate property of itself which it could not prevent. It may have given nightmares to the Pokemon on Fullmoon Island, but it probably wasn't its intention, and yet Cresselia's anger on the matter is totally understandable as well.

Ignor remarks that a minor misstep can occasionally lead to something terribly wrong, but Platinum believes that humans and Pokemon can all make mistakes sometimes. The important thing is to recognize them, stop and correct them in time. That way, even if things cannot be returned to their original state, they will at least cease to get worse.

Dia and Pearl grin in agreement with Platinum, and behind them, Cyrus also seems moved by the girl's speech. Suddenly, something drops into Cyrus's arms, and he sees that it is Shaymin who has managed to escape from the legendaries' battle. The little grass hedgehog looks up at Cyrus with a gentle smile, and Marley exclaims that the flowers on Shaymin's body are blossoming. Pearl checks on his Pokedex to see that Shaymin's flowers blossom when being held by someone filled with a sentiment of gratitude, and Marley remembers what Prof. Oak wrote to her in his letter…

Marley… I read your letter to me with much pain in my heart, about the explosion of the Team Galactic Bomb, about the time and space distortion that wrecked the entire Sinnoh region, and on top of all, about all the Pokemon who perished because of these disasters, Pokemon whose lives and peaceful life were taken away.

You worry that this will lead to more Pokemon hating humans, and I understand how painful this must be to you, being someone who loves Pokemon so much, someone would essentially live for Pokemon. You said you wished for a world where fighting ceases to exist, and both humans and Pokemon could feel gratitude towards each other. However, you also said you are losing hope that this will ever come to pass, and for that, I feel deeply ashamed as an adult who could have made a difference in this world.

Yet, Marley, I urge that you do not give up hope. I would like to introduce to you a Pokemon named Shaymin. And yes, before you go to meet Shaymin, you should pay a visit to Floaroma Town and obtain a beautiful flower known as the Gracidea Flower. No matter what the situation is, please keep in your heart something that you are thankful for, and this grateful mind would lead you to hope…

As Marley muses on the words that Prof. Oak said, she gazes upon the scene of Cyrus holding Shaymin, and knows that the man must be feeling a sense of gratitude in his heart for the Pokemon's flowers to bloom. Suddenly, Regigigas, who is battling in close proximity to the group, loses its stance and starts to fall backwards. Riley pushes Marley out of the way just in time, and watches as the colossal Pokemon collapses to the ground, fast asleep.

Dia and Pearl gasp that Ghee has been hypnotized, and see that Cresselia Dialga, Palkia, the lake guardians, and even Heatran have also fallen to the sleep-inducing move, Dark Void, unleashed by Darkrai. Charon giggles maniacally, and hovers over Giratina, the only legendary in the close-up combat who remains awake. The old man compliments on Darkrai's good work, and says every legendary Pokemon will soon belong to him. He states that the intruders need to be wiped out first, however, and taps a few buttons on his radio-like controlling device, which causes Giratina to glare at the group with its wings spread wide and mouth open, ready to attack.

Pearl hollers that it is going to use Dragon Pulse, and Shaymin, hearing Pearl's words, jumps up from Cyrus's arms and shoots a barrage of seeds towards the hypnotized legendaries. One by one, they all bolt awake, and throw themselves towards Giratina just as it is about to fire its attack. While Dialga and Regigigas charge at the ghost dragon from the sides, Palkia yanks its head backwards by gripping on its wings, and Heatran, now siding with the others instead of Charon after snapping out of his control, stomps its weight onto the chest of Giratina, forcing its Dragon Pulse to aim at Charon instead.

The powerful dragon move destroys Charon's vessel instantly, and the old man starts tumbling downwards. He grits his teeth in anger that Shaymin has given everyone the Insomnia ability with its Worry Seed attack, and grunts that under such circumstances, he has no choice but to give it a shot. Adjusting the buttons on his control device, he states that although he has no idea how much strain it is going to put on the machine, he has nevertheless identified Giratina's unique numerical values, which means he could now attempt full control over the Lord of the Distortion World.

Indeed, as the control device emits its waves on Giratina, the serpentine creature breaks away from the other legendaries and flies towards Charon, catching him from his fall and starting to flee from the scene. Everyone gasps in shock as they stand and watch, and Marley, who is holding the Gracidea Flower she obtained at Floaroma, accidentally sprinkles some of its pollens on Shaymin. The little hedgehog immediately widens its eyes, and morphs into a reindeer-like appearance. It then goes airborne to pursue Giratina, much to the young trainers' surprise, and Dia exclaims that it has switched formes.

Pearl states that they should give chase as well, and asks his daddy to lend him Cresselia as he runs over to the lunar Pokemon with Dia and Platinum. However, Platinum is the only one who actually gets on Cresselia at the end, as Palkia scoops Pearl up to carry him in its hand while Dialga picks Dia up onto its back for a ride. The three Sinnoh Pokedex Holders begin their pursuit after Giratina, but even with the help of Dialga, Palkia and Cresselia, find it a daunting task as Giratina is moving so fast ahead and they have practically lost sight of it.

Pearl wonders where Charon and Giratina have gone, and Platinum suddenly feels Cherrim shaking in its Pokeball. She watches as it moves as if in a dance, and soon bolts with a start that they are returning to the surface, to the real world outside. Dia doesn't understand how the Lady reached that conclusion, and the girl calls Cherrim out to show them. She explains that Cherrim is a Pokemon who changes appearance depending on the presence of sunlight, and now, it is obviously detecting some powerful sunrays, which shall change it from its Overcast Forme to its Sunshine Forme. In the next instant, the purple flower-bud like Pokemon morphs into a bright pink and yellow appearance with petals blossoming on its head.

Platinum follows the direction where Cherrim senses sunlight, and the three eventually see Giratina, who is trying to exit through a portal. Next to it, Shaymin flies around in circles and unleashes a Seed Flare, trying to thwart its path, but the ghost dragon shakes off the attack and whips the flying reindeer away with its long spiky tail. Platinum quickly catches Shaymin, and Pearl cries that they will not make it in time to stop Giratina from breaking into the real world again.

Charon laughs that he should simply seal and imprison everyone inside the Distortion World, and orders Giratina to dive through the portal. However, upon entering the real world, Charon sees Cynthia awaiting their arrival, and without a word, the Sinnoh Champion orders her Garchomp to unleash an intense shower of meteors onto Giratina, which strikes hard and heavy on the Lord of the Distortion World and instantly brings it to the ground

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440: Alternate Dimension Battle X

Volume 40